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– [Interviewer] Hey Maluma, we’re here to see your gym and fridge. – Hey, what’s up guys? (bell dinging) We’re here in Miami, I
hope you enjoy this place, Maluma baby, yeah. (Singing in foreign language) Hey hey, welcome, welcome. (Singing in foreign language) Hey, what’s up guys? We’re here in Miami,
I’m about to talk about the food that I used to eat. I have a great chef, he’s
from Columbia, from Hetegemen, and he’s always taking care of me, and I hope you guys enjoy it
as much as I enjoy my food, so come here. I love drinking water, first of fall, because I’m always traveling, and I need to be very hydrated, because I’m always doing
shows and everything, so that’s why I have
a bunch of water here. But, talking about food, I mean, seafood is my favorite, so
what we have here is sashimi, salmon sashimi, tuna sashimi. For me, it’s very important, I don’t know, since I was a little kid
I used to eat seafood, I don’t know, maybe my parents, they gave me a lot of seafood, that’s where I got used to it, right? I love vegetables, I love
it with all my heart, I love these little carrots. We have here hummus and broccoli. I’m not a carb fan, I mean,
I love sweet potatoes, I also eat brown rice, too. – [Interviewer] What
motivates you to stay fit? – I don’t know, I love eating good, it makes me feel good, you know? Like, my whole body,
my mind, and everything works better when I eat good, so, it’s the gas that you put in your body. And, very important, you know guys, when you have balance, right? You can’t just eat that
clean every single day. You need a beer, once
in awhile, a good beer, after eating your protein bar, of course, you need a beer to keep the balance. – [Interviewer] Do you work
out before a performance? – I do, but two hours before. – [Interviewer] What do you eat? – I like chicken, I just
did a crazy challenge, where I was working out two times per day, it was kind of hard to
me, I was eating chicken like eight or nine times per day, eating every two or three hours, and that’s why I don’t eat
chicken that much right now. – [Interviewer] Anything you’d never eat? – Yeah, oh my god, people in Columbia, they are gonna kill me,
they’re gonna kill me, but I have to say this, there’s
a typical dish in Columbia, they used to call mondongo, and it has a crazy
texture, I don’t know why I don’t like it that much,
but my dad, he loves it, my mom, she’s loves it too,
but maybe when I was a kid, they used to give me so
much of the mondongo, right? There, this typical food that, right now, I can’t eat it, yeah. – [Interviewer] You stay so
busy with music and fashion, do you ever have a cheat day? – I love cheat days, I love cheat days because I take care so much of myself that, when I have the chance
to have the cheat meal, I do it all my heart. The burgers are my cheat meal. (blows kiss) – [Interviewer] Do you
ever make protein shakes? – This is the protein shake that I love. Tastes good, doesn’t
have a lot of calories, has no sugar, and when I’m hungry, I just tell to the team to give me other protein shake, yeah. – [Interviewer] What’s the
one food you love the most? – Mom’s food, every time
she cooks it’s amazing, whatever she cooks is great, because she does it with
a lot of love, you know? You can feel it in the food, so. – [Interviewer] What’s the first thing you eat in the morning? – Scrambled egg whites (laughs), every single day, I’m already tired of it. My favorite, I mean,
we’re gonna talk about the things that I have to eat, and the other thing is that,
the ones that I like, right? The Benedict eggs are my favorite. Scrambled egg whites every single morning, with chicken and, on it a
tomato, coffee, double espresso, green juice, detox juice, every morning, that’s my day-to-day. (claps hands) Okay guys, I love talking to you. We’re gonna burn off this beer right now, we’re gonna do some
yoga, so much stretching, so come with me, Maluma,
baby, yeah (laughs). (hip-hop music) – [Interviewer] All right Maluma, what’s an intense workout for you? – Hmm, sweat and more sweat, that’s an intense workout, yeah. – [Interviewer] Do you work out every day? – I have to, because I had a knee surgery, to work out every single day, the knee. – [Interviewer] What’s your
most meaningful tattoo? – Well, this one is pretty new, this is the last that I got,
and it means freedom, so, that’s why I like it, yeah. – [Interviewer] Do you play sports? – Yeah, I used to play
soccer for a long time, almost eight years, that was my life, and I wanted to be a soccer player, professional soccer player, but, life. – [Interviewer] What’s your favorite team, other than Columbia? – I’m a fan of the soccer players, so, maybe Lionel Messi, I like Barcelona, because of him, I don’t know,
he’s my friend, so yeah. – [Interviewer] What’s your
favorite part of a work out? – Feelin’ that I’m doing something good for my body and my mind. – [Interviewer] What’s
your morning work out? – Morning work out, I do
10 minutes of the cycling, and then I do bunch of pushups, pull-ups, A little bit of weights, a
little bit of everything. – [Interviewer] What’s
the difference between your home workout, and
when you’re on the road? – The outfit (laughs),
because when I’m at home, I just put a little short,
and I just go to gym, and I love working out
like that, getting a tan, I’m very chill with that,
but when I’m at the hotels, I, of course, I have to
wear the right outfit to go to a gym. – [Interviewer] What’s
your support system? – My family, my family,
they’re everything to me, they keep me grounded. I try to be very balanced,
of course I’m a human being, and I have my mistakes and everything, but I just try to make everything from the bottom of my heart, I think that’s the most important thing. – [Interviewer] What do you
listen to when you work out? – Salsa, a lot of salsa,
but old salsa, like, classic salsa, Hector Lavoe, Frankie Ruiz, Celia Cruz, Willie Colon,
Ruben Blades, all these guys, they’re my masters, yeah. – [Interviewer] How do you
keep your voice healthy? – Drinking a lot of water, and sleeping. – [Interviewer] How do you
keep your mind healthy? – I love meditating, I love meditating, I think that’s a big part of my career, just being focused,
concentrated, and being grateful, for me, that’s the most
important thing, yeah. – [Interviewer] What
are you fitness goals? – Fitness goals, for me, is bein’ happy. If you have a right mentality, and you have a right way of thinking, everything is gonna go right. – [Interviewer] Do you have any scars? – I’m a little scarred. This is from the surgery,
also, my, the other knee, here, also here, when I used
to play soccer, here. My head, you see it here? Here, I have another
one, I’m full of scars. I’ve been a little bit,
just a little bit naughty, just a little bit, not too much. – [Interviewer] All right, it’s time for our rapid fire questions. Seven A.M. workout, or seven P.M.? – Seven A.M. workout, absolutely, yeah. – [Interviewer] Squat or deadlift? – Squat, I don’t like deadlift. – [Interviewer] Favorite
song on your playlist? – Wow, wow, that’s a great question, there’s a nice song that is called “Rey De La Puntualidad”,
Hector Lavoe, I love him. – [Interviewer] Crossfit, yay or nay? – I have my doubts. – [Interviewer] Pull-ups or chin-ups? – Pull-ups. – [Interviewer] Dumbbells or kettlebells? – Dumbbells. – [Interviewer] Run on the
treadmill, or the great outdoors? – No, outside, of course. – [Interviewer] Cardio or weights? – Both. – [Interviewer] Big legs or big arms? – Big legs, of course. – [Interviewer] Biggest compliments, jacked, ripped, swole, or cut? – Ripped (laughs), yeah. – [Interviewer] If you
could work out with anyone, dead or alive, who would it be? – Michael Jackson. Okay guys, thanks for your
love, for your support, this has been an amazing day, talking about exercise
and about lifestyle, thanks for all the things
that you guys do for me, but, you guys know that I need
my time, I need my moment, so we have this huge Buddha right now, I’m gonna do a little meditation, I’m gonna mediate, I’m gonna
do a little prays for you, so, I love you, thanks for all your love (blows kiss) Maluma, baby, yeah (laughs). (calm music)

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  1. You would think he would try and make an impression by thinking about his answers if hes going to go to the trouble of recording this video. Working out with Michael Jackson…really? The only thing I got from this video is that hes really into his appearance and is pretty generic looking.

  2. Just so you guys know he LIVES in Colombia, has a super nice house/gym from his IG stories. He doesn’t live in Miami he was just there for a couple of days doing a show, not sure why they chose to do it there 🤷🏽‍♂️

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