Manager’s Update: Gilbert Wellness

Hi I’m Town Manager Patrick Banger In this week’s Manager’s Update I’m here with Benefits Manager Kristen Drew in our human resource department to talk about our wellness program Kristen, the holiday season is here and wellness something that’s a huge area of focus for our employees and their families Can you talk to us and tell us a little bit about our program? Sure, absolutely Gilbert Wellness is a program focused on employees and their families We give them a lot of information around our eight dimensions of wellness that we focus on And this helps them make better decisions throughout the year and especially at the holidays Alright and Kristen how about when we are in the throws of potluck dinners and turkeys and candy How about some tips for people to keep in the front of their mind Sure, absolutely I have three tips for you you can use them any time work, home, any kind of holiday season, or throughout the year Tip number one is drink that water We are really good about drinking water in the summer not as much so when the cooler months hit and it’s really important to stay hydrated Tip number two is have a plan So when you’re going to those potlucks and you know you might eat a couple of extra cookies have a healthy snack on hand so that can fill you up first The other is some people get a little stressed and sad during the holidays Have a plan to have someone that you can call to chat with if you need to And then the third is breathe Take some time to stop, walk like we’re doing, go to the gym do some yoga Something that will help you quiet your mind Focus on the joy of the season Alright, Kristen thank you so much You do a great job with our program and it’s greatly appreciated And for everyone, as always, thank you for watching

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