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Hey Marines, Cpl. Hodges here, and the
director of the Force Fitness division, Col. Stephen Armes, has a special
request to make of the entire Corps. Marines, my name is Col. Armes,
and I’m the director of the Marine Corps’ Force Fitness Division,
and I need your help. As we continue to expand the Marine Corps’ fitness program, we will continue to take a holistic approach at all things fitness. From nutrition, to sports
medicine injury prevention, to looking at higher level professional sports
teams and Olympic athletes. Your input though is absolutely
critical in this process. In March, we released a MARADMIN soliciting
your input to the Fitness Advisory Council. The Fitness Advisory Council is an opportunity for me to
speak with the senior leadership in the Marine Corps, present your ideas. Those
that we can execute now we will. Those that take higher resources will go to the
appropriate level to get those resources to make your plans, your ideas, into action. Ready, execute, and that’s your Marine Minute.

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