Married To Medicine: Heavenly, Jackie and Simone On A Spiritual Journey Full Open (S6, Ep6) | Bravo

70 thoughts on “Married To Medicine: Heavenly, Jackie and Simone On A Spiritual Journey Full Open (S6, Ep6) | Bravo

  1. forever home didn't y'all (he) just pay off y'all debt🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️

  2. TOYA kills me she is the richest poorest muthafucka I know. Just be doing way to much always living beyond their means that's how they ended up in debt the first time.

  3. It doesn't cost a lot to build a mansion in Atlanta! It's one of the most affordable cities to buy a home and it actually looks like they're on the outskirts of the city, even more affordable.

  4. Talk about excessive living, he's an Atlanta physician not a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon 😄😆🤣 You work to buy what you want but fresh out of debt and buying a new house!? Not smart!

  5. I like Toya's thick pretty self, but she is a complete DING-BAT sometimes and I'm wondering if she is crushing on Contessa, usually that overconcern is from a different kind of feeling….I know.

  6. This may be excessive for most, but her husband is a Physician and they are getting a check from this show, but I can not wait to see this two-level closet. This seems like the new trend, and you may have seen it here first.

  7. I cannot stand greedy materialistic women …. ugggghhhh. And its always the NICE guys that unfortunately get stuck with them (which makes the guys jaded towards ALL women). Boobs & Booty aint everything guys …. think a little higher up before you choose a help mate/life partner! Be Blessed.

  8. I honestly don't see anything wrong with Toya and Eugene buying a new house when they just got OUT of debt.if anything happens in the future they can see this at 3X the price they used to build it,or even more.

  9. I dont believe Quad she realizes that he wants a Fam.and she dont want a child.i dont think it's about the affair .Toya ones again wants what she wants he gets a $100 Grill .

  10. Heavenly is fos not the Holy Ghost.If Quad cries again….Dr. Contessa is brave and strong these are the issues I want to see on this show.

  11. 2 floored closer, 2 shower heads, 2 dummies that just got back from being broke getting ready to go broke again! And they don’t even see it! But we all know who’s in charge of that! 👀

  12. I use to think negative about Toya & Eugene building this mansion. Then I start to 🤔 and stop hating. Congratulations to them. I’m sure that they know what they can afford. It’s a good thing & I love to see African Americans learn from their mistakes & live the good life.

  13. Now toy you need to go for her job her husband do everything as a woman help him out help somewhere she always have an opinion but don’t know nothing

  14. Heavenly or evily is always making a shit …… jealous as hell ….Jackie and Simone are good friends and grown up woman who can seat and discuss their issue ….. unlike you heavenly who scream about anything and lie about everything…girl bye

  15. I like Mariah out of all these old rude hags. I can't stand big bug eyes Toya tho. Isn't Toya the one with the least money out of all the woman? So why does she need that big of a walk in closet?

  16. Dr contests seems nice. But most ppl go w the mean girls out of fear. Dr heavenly is mean. Quad can b nice but she's n pain. Dr Jackie fake.

  17. Toya is so selfish . I think she’s caught up in loving material things than her marriage . Shes selfish because she want a big house to most likely impress people , but they always go broke from her picky . How she went this huge closet etc like girl calm down. Y’all ain’t Bill Gate . He’s a doctor trying to provide and I feel like she’s got too much pressure on him. He barely talks. He agrees with her . She’s a gorgeous girl but I don’t know . One day Eugene is going to be SNAP from being fed up and from resentment . He’s a good guy though but lord have mercy . 😂

  18. Toya and Eugene need to get in shape. Obesity kills. If they want to be there for their son for a very long time, they need to hit the gym and eat healthy.

  19. Eugene and Toya are not smart. Toya come from nothing and to her whatever Eugene makes, she thinks its a lot!.

    And all these years with both boys in school, why hasn’t she gone to school maybe for nursing, or start a business. Always walking around with a big butt for nothing.

  20. So what happened to this being the forever home because they literally just moved into a another previously used home from a rental home.

  21. Toya gets away with what most women only dream of. If the hubby has no problem with it, who are we to give unsolicited advice?

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