Married to Medicine: Lisa Nicole Hangs up on Dr. Heavenly (Season 4, Episode 12) | Bravo

>>Oh it’s raining
out here. Lord, where is Lisa? Jesus, this damn woman. [ringing] Where is this woman? >>Hello?>>Lisa, where are you? You know I’m at the
radio station, we’re supposed to
promote the thing. Where are you, you
on your way? >>No, I’m still stuck in
St. Louis. I can’t get on the flight,
the flight went negative. >>Oh shoot. >>I have a family
member that works for the airlines, which
means I fly standby. And Heavenly knows this.>>I don’t know
what to do so I’m just going to go in here
and promote an event by myself. Lisa Nicole swears she’s
a multimillionaire and all of this and she
flying on a buddy pass? A buddy pass is for
somebody who ain’t got shit to do! That can wait around for
the next flight. But if you’re
supposed to be at an event, how the hell you
riding on a buddy pass?! I just think that this
whole thing is unorganized. I just can’t work
like this. I just can’t. >>Don’t throw me
under the bus like that- >>But it’s the truth,
this is a whole mess. This is a mess; I
mean I ain’t lying!>>I sent you a
text, I called you early this morning. >>I just saw Lisa’s
text when I was on my way to the radio station. Every strong business
starts with a great promotional campaign. The marketing, this is
the most important part of it and her ass ain’t
even here to help me!>>Have you paid
your deposit? >>Why would I pay my
deposit on something I ain’t even seen
the contract yet! >>I emailed it to
you so why you haven’t seen it yet?>>When did you
email it, today? Did you email it
today or yesterday? >>I sent it to you
yesterday after Ebony said you wanted
to see it. >>Of course I
wanted to see it if we going to be- if we
partners of course I want to see the contract
but my problem is- No, ma’am. Lisa has been very
unprofessional. First of all, she
didn’t book the venue when she said she did. I have yet to see a
contract, and that twitch ain’t even here
for the radio interview. This is a mess, this
is a mess! This is a mess Lisa
I’m serious. No, no, no. I’m involved, I’m paying
people to be involved Lisa! All this should be
confirmed weeks ago Lisa! And you know it! And you know it! [hangs up] Oh this thing hung
up on me. Sh I got to push
through with this. You know what, I
don’t know what the hell I’m going to
say on the radio station. You know what, but
f Lisa! Excuse me, truck Lisa! Sh–. I’m just going to
go with my gut, I’m going to handle
this and we going to get it right.

42 thoughts on “Married to Medicine: Lisa Nicole Hangs up on Dr. Heavenly (Season 4, Episode 12) | Bravo

  1. I see where Darren gets his lying from Lisa, she is so messy and she comes off like she has so much and don't have nothing.

  2. lmaoooo Heavenly gets a thrill out of getting on Lisa…. I mean Lisa should have booked a flight but Heavenly is a naggy AF too! I would have beat Heavenly ass a long time ago if I was Lisa. .. smh lol

  3. I walked away from a business partner that acted like Lisa. When you partner with someone their name and reputation is on the line too and keeping your partner involved in key business decisions is not optional.

  4. I don't like Heavenly's behavior, and how she and Toya gang up and bully Lisa Nicole about her marriage. But in this instance, it looks like Heavenly is right. At the very least, Lisa Nicole should have just booked a flight so that she could make it back to Atlanta for their radio promotion.
    As far as the other things that went wrong with this conference, it looks like both ladies can take some blame. It seems like there were MAJOR communication issues. I believe Heavenly when she says that Lisa has acted unprofessionally regarding their event. I also believe Lisa Nicole when she says that Heavenly got sticker shock when the cost of the venue and food was added up.

  5. Heavenly may speak out of turn, but she has never lied! Lisa was wrong (and cheap) for this. How you gonna leave her hanging to do all the leg work and you stuck in St. Louis on a buddy pass because you don't want to pay for a damn ticket?! It was tacky and unprofessional.

  6. Now Dr Heavenly gets on my nerves, but she was right about this right here!! Lisa is kicking it to everybody like she's got millions and knows she is suppose to be doing this conference with Dr Heavenly!!

  7. Lisa I believe does not really want to business with heavenly anymore. The relationship is not working so how is the business going to work.

  8. 'I only seen her message on my way here' bitch bye. Lisa is wrong but if that's what she gotta do I'm not focusing attention on that. Heavenly enjoys this

  9. I️ flew on a buddy pass andddddd let me tell you, there is no way in hell I’d ever do that again. Lisa makes too much money to be on a buddy pass

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