Married To Medicine: Quad Webb-Lunceford And Mariah Huq Come To Blows (Season 6, Episode 3) | Bravo

100 thoughts on “Married To Medicine: Quad Webb-Lunceford And Mariah Huq Come To Blows (Season 6, Episode 3) | Bravo

  1. Mariah don’t play 😂😂idk why they keep trying her knowing she ain’t got that boot on this season she wit the shits

  2. Mariah sees that Quad is in a bad place and her love for her once upon a time close friend pushes through ALL the BS n foolishness.

  3. Laawd i just want them to be friends again ! Fix it Jesus ! Mariah was acting like big sis with that slap😂 i still love em 😍😍

  4. Lord the way Mariah bit her lip and hit Quad made me think of the times my grandma did that to my siblings and I would watch and laugh just like I did watching this video😂😂😂

  5. Mariah is the first person to talk about how déclassé Heveanly makes the show and even yelled at the reunion that this show was not Love and Hip Hop, when Heavenly drew on her poster. I say all of that because this is twice now that she, Mariah, has reverted to physical violence. She and her mom first went after Toya and then she hit, no matter how small, Quad in the last episode. I like Married to Medicine but it gets harder and harder to defend why it’s a better show to watch when there are scenes like the one where Quad first walks up and the ladies start going in on her and scenes like the one just shown above between Mariah and Quad. Mariah was on WWHL last night with Andy and I was surprised to hear Mariah admit that she might have played it up a bit too much for the camera with the scene with Quad and let it get out of hand and when she realized what she did, she then tried to make up for it but Quad had gone into shutdown mode. The admission by Mariah broke the unspoken 4th wall in reality TV and you also got an honest reaction out of Andy, who makes no secret that Quad is his favorite on the show, regarding his feelings about Quad getting hit by Mariah. Nonetheless, these Married to Medicine ladies have got to do better or they’ll be lumped together with all the other shows coming out of Atlanta.

  6. “Comes to blows “ they exaggerated that part to the fullest 🙄😂! I thought they was actually throwing hands! Now the fight between Toya and Mariah?!?! Now that was blows 😂👏🏾

  7. Dr heavenly is such a comic relief
    Why is she asking for Dr Jackie?
    I don't like Mariah she took the bag to quad to be messy
    Quad is too emotional if someone comes to mess with you stay on your guard. Collecting a bag didn't have to lead to yelling shoving and nearly coming to blows.

  8. I Am A Fan Of Quad And Mariah💖 My Opinion Is Both Should Work Past Thier Diffrences (Moving Forward) So They Can Help Empower Each Other As Beautiful Black Sisters!…

  9. Mariah wants her friendship back with Quad like it was in season one! Her body language and under the surface little remarks and shade says so. I hope they can patch it up. They were so Lucy and Ethel!

  10. Stop letting people pay y'all to keep perpetuating the negative black female stereotypes. These types of women are actually rare in the culture. Shout-out to Heavenly though. She's real.

  11. Can't nobody come for marriah makeup always beat hair always beat clothes always beat and she's breautiful come through marriah fuck them haters

  12. Quad feels alone. She doesn't know who she can trust and she just wants to let it all go. It's too heavy. But in the back of her mind "be strong be confident don't let them see you sweat" is on repeat. Sweet child let your sister hold you

  13. Wow am I the only one to notice that Quad grabbed Mariah's hand and pulled her into the room?? Quad wanted to talk to Mariah without the presence of the cameras.

  14. I HAAAATTTTEEE that everyone is overlooking the fact that:
    1.When Mariah brought over the purse, it didn't come off as "A kind gesture", Simply because of how she said it…
    2. Quad was already doing something and SHE ACKNOWLEDGED HER AND ALSO SAID THANK YOU!!! But b/c Quad didn't rush over to get it that got to Mariah a little bit so she insisted she take her purse instead of following Quad's instructions to leave it on the table…

    I LOVE MARIAH but I gotta call a spade a spade

  15. I love mariah but I think she was wrong in this scene. So what she didn’t address you correctly when you brought her the purse clearly things were super tense at that moment.

  16. Just stop already. If it's over it's over. I have never seen a group of people go back and forth with the olive branches as much as these people. Usually it's just one side trying until they get the point but it's back and forth and never taken the right way. I guess she felt like she left her purse there for a reason but quad has a lot of old anger in too and every time someone hits her and she doesn't go in in that anger builds and until she let's it go or fight kill then let it go it will get worst. Its easier to let go and let God quad. No one will ever do things the way you think you need them to do it in order for you to go crazy on them the way you want. So stop it. You are only making yourself upset inside more. I bet the evil scenarios you come up with is probably crazy because you don't open your mouth. All you say is you want them to be there for you but you don't show and most times you say f them or you only care for you which you don't. You love them but you want people to them you more than you love you to make up a emptiness so you hold stuff they do against them as if now they owe you to love you more or they can kiss it until they figure that out. Girlfriend they never will unless you say it all. If it's kiss it then say that and stand by it. Don't use to get their attention to be like aaww quad is hurting. Girl no I say kiss it and that's what I mean. Jesus Christ saves Quad.

  17. I just dont like seeing our black lady act like this , some shade is okay .but this is going too far and went too deep. It seem like that they were about to throw blows putting hand contact on each other is a no no

  18. I usually can't stand Quad but she is hilarious in this scene "don't ever put your mf hands on me…you know better than that bullsh_t" & the way she dramatically re-slammed the door on the cameraman 💀😂

  19. I think Mariah wants to be friends with Quad again. I think Quad does too. Anyone see Quad pull Mariah into the room WITH her so they could have a private conversation? What was that about?

  20. So is Quad leaving M2M since she’ll no longer be a Dr’s wife? There’s Housewives that aren’t housewives and basketball wives that aren’t basketball wives! 😂🤷🏽‍♂️

  21. This is hard to watch….regardless of their history there are people who have hurt you and you still care…this group has some harsh bitter women.Simome gritting …I can't…Quad doesn't have to share shit
    unless she wants to who in tf do these women think they are…later for bs…if this is what the season is going to be about.I am glad Mariah is back.

  22. You can clearly hear Quad say “I wasn’t trying to be …” she was definitely trying to talk to Mariah privately off camera, I still have hope for their friendship, you can tell they miss each other 💕

  23. Two strong personalities. I don't like Mariah but quad you wrong… You got to break down those walls. Baby girl. Those walls you built to keep people out is the same walls that will suffocate you

  24. I wish these two would have a true sit down and talk and see what's the real issue after all these years! we've seen these two apologize and talk over and over but it still doesnt seem to nothing friendly about these two! it's a lot deeper than these two have been telling us

  25. I lowkey think these two are just keeping their beef up for ratings. But seriously, they’re both on some “I still care about you, sis” shit.

    Side note: I LIVE for the “goddamn it” exchange they had.

  26. Mariah is manipulative. She's trying to act like Quad's response set her off. She wasn't bringing Quad her purse 👜 in good faith in the first place 😏.

  27. And the more the ladies lash out at Quad, they push her away further, I really believe sister circle is more healthy for Quad….

  28. Should left that sh..on table Bish….. Mariah hilarious. Chile Mariah did that for a good scene lol. She thinkin bout Quad dusty a… She is a EP, but she for sure know how to make a good scene.

  29. Mariah tried. I used hate Mariah for spilling all the T between her and Quad, but now I see when you grow up together or you go to college together or you become friends when you're younger and whatever, you just don't know how people going to turn out once them damn cameras come on and once you turn them on to some money and some real s***.

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