‘Married to Medicines’ Quad Webb Majored In Biology…But Can She Anatomy?

– Hi, my name is Miss Quad and I’m gonna play Can You Anatomy? (upbeat hip-hop music) – [Interviewer] Before we begin, I have a couple questions. When you were in grade school, how well did you do in science? – Science! I have my degree in science. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Biology and a minor in Chemistry, so I did exceptionally well in science. Are you gonna ask me science questions? I feel I won’t do good. – [Interviewer] Did you ever
dissect anything in biology? – I did dissect some things in biology. I was very interested
in how the body works and the anatomy of the body. I really wanted to dive into it and see what’s going on. I cut a pig open.
(pig squeals) – [Interviewer] Did you ever go to the ER when you were a kid? – No, I never went to
the ER when I was a kid. I’ve never been to the ER, actually, ’cause even when I had surgery for the removal of my fibroids, that wasn’t an emergency room. That was well planned. – [Interviewer] So nothing. – Nothing, I’ve never
been stung by a bee, ever. – [Interviewer] All right, are
you ready to play this game? – I thought we were playing already! – [Interviewer] No. That’s right. You are in the hot seat now. (record scratches) – Oh, shake it! I’m ready. – [Interviewer] We pulled these questions off grade school science tests. What is the name of the
substance that gives skin and hair its pigment? – Skin and hair. – [Interviewer] You know this. – Hold the line, skin
and hair its pigment. Let’s see. When we’re talking about
the eyes it’s keratin. But you’re asking about skin and hair. – [Interviewer] It’s not a dissimilar word in the it ends in I-N. (clock ticking) – Girl, you know, you
see it, it’s all melanin. – [Interviewer] Yes! (correct dinging)
(laughing) Ding. – One point for me.
– Exactly. The outer layer of skin on
the human body is called? – Epidermis. – Yes!
(correct dinging) See, now you’ve got it back. – It’s coming back. – [Interviewer] We’re in, we’re in. What does the orbital cavity contain? – Your iris, your eyes. – [Interviewer] Your eyes. – Your eyes.
(correct dinging) – [Interviewer] These muscles are located in the upper leg and
work to extend the knee. – You have more femur and that’s a bone. Okay, the muscle, and it extends the leg. The quads! (correct dinging)
The me, it’s me! Miss Quad, it’s the quads! (laughs) – [Interviewer] True or false, an adult human body has over 500 bones. – True or false, 500. So you have to count each little bone. I’m gonna say true. (incorrect buzzing)
No, don’t tell me it’s false. Now I feel bad about
all of my good answers. I got one wrong? – [Interviewer] Just one. – Why? So I have a 90? – [Interviewer] I can give
you one more question. – I want a 100. – [Interviewer] This is a
bonus question that will count for 20 points. – I get 120, then. – [Interviewer] What is the
longest bone in the body, the spine, femur, or humerus? – Let me think about this. It’s been a minute, I told you guys that. The femur. (correct dinging)
It’s the femur! Yes! See, I remember.
– Fine hummers. – I remember, I earned my
degree, honey, in biology. I’m just sayin’. – [Interviewer] And we’re done. – Yay, I had so much fun. – [Interviewer] Wasn’t that fun? (upbeat hip-hop music)

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