Master of Healthcare Administration (MHA)

There is rapid Transformation occurring we’re able to train students in the environment that they’ll actually be working in So it’s a great way to see healthcare on the front lines. You’re able to build lasting connections It’s a very tight-knit community. We all come from diverse backgrounds. Our students will read not only today but tomorrow We are a program that is theory driven and practice enabled The program integrates real life experience and course work starting from the first semester in one of our courses actually tour through local organizations Not just see the environment of care but speak to executives there About the work that they did and the challenges they faced I was right down the hall from the entire leadership team and I met with the CEO very frequently I had an all-access pass throughout the whole system So I had the chance to view surgeries to work with physicians to shadow nursing units We can connect theory to practice and start translating in your mind what we’re learning in class To how it actually applies in the real world The state of Minnesota is a leader in health care you’re in one of the most innovative healthcare environments in the entire country There’s a lot of forward-thinking systems that are years ahead of the rest of the country We need to be able to prepare our students as the environment is shifting from one focused on volume to one that is focused on value-based payment and Population health, I think it makes our students extremely marketable outside of Minnesota Something I’ve noticed is that our MHA program has Significantly smaller class sizes than a lot of other programs very quickly. You get to know people’s little quirks and their personalities Non-competitive overachieving environment, we are all incredibly supportive of each other I do call them my family and I think it really allowed for me to have a good experience with the Faculty after I graduate I’ll still be able to call up any one of my classmates and they’ll be willing to help me out Each year dozens of alumni Volunteer to mentor students when we needed help on projects I could reach out to anyone in that network and had overwhelming support from from folks who wanted to get back It’s an opportunity to connect and to learn from other people who are already doing what you want to do in the field each generation brings new perspectives new ways of thinking about things I had multiple alumni to use as both mentors and Advisors throughout the course of my career. And now today I engage with them again and students as a faculty advisor so everything that I know maybe 50% of its from the classroom and the other 50% is from interactions with people who are in the field I Know that I have been Trained and taught well enough that I can go into an organization and try to make a difference right away the amount that I’ve learned from my classmates and for my Instructors, it’s it’s humbling. I’m honored to be here I’ve made a lot of friends and these are friendships that I think will be lasting throughout my career. I Expect great things from our graduates They will be at the forefront of change in the US healthcare system Ensuring that we produce high value and great health outcomes for the population

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