Match Day 2019 at Washington University School of Medicine

[Music plays] [Crowd laughs] Hello everyone. I’m Farah. I’ll be doing orthopedic surgery at Johns Hopkins. [Crowd cheers] So my first day of medical school I was interested in going either into emergency medicine or cardiology. And then got into my clinical rotations third year and just realized there was so much more out there that I was interested in. So I’m going to OB/GYN at Baylor in Houston. [Crowd cheers] One second. [Crowd laughs] University of Michigan! [Crowd cheers] So I was exposed to so many different career paths, so many different specialties. But ultimately I decided to apply for internal medicine and do primary care. I’m going into internal medicine at NYU. [Crowd cheers] I came in always saying I want to work with a sports team. Morning. [Crowd laughs] And then I kind of found a different path through some of the experiences I had here. And I’m applying to plastic surgery and I matched at UCLA. [Crowd cheers] I matched into Pediatrics here at St. Louis Children’s Hospital. [Crowd cheers] I was interested in something surgical. I didn’t know what exactly. This is where Dean Diemer and all of the Deans were great in terms of calming me down and telling me that it’s ok. I matched into Hopkins for prelim surgery and Barnes-Jewish for radiology. [Crowd cheers] Many students, when they come in to discuss their career choices are concerned because they haven’t made a final decision on their specialty choice. And I always tell them that’s ok. You’d be surprised how many students haven’t made a final decision. But that’s what we’re here for: To help them explore options, to make decisions. And we have so much support, whether it’s in the career counseling office or with our other faculty. Hi. I’ll be doing general surgery here at Barnes-Jewish Hospital! [Crowd cheers]

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  2. I plan on going into the nursing program at my college and I have an idea of what I'd love to do, but let's be honest..that usually changes once you experience other aspects of your career. I think that's what makes it exciting

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