McLeod Tyler Wellness Center : One Year Later

[Music] [Virginia Ambler ’88] The McLeod Tyler Wellness Center is the
physical embodiment of our philosophy at William & Mary of integrated wellness.
We believe and recognize that wellness is multi-dimensional and we want
students to think about their well-being that way. [Kate Donati ’20] I think the whole idea of the
Wellness Center and how much it kind of works on this campus especially for me
is that it kind of symbolizes how important wellness is for the
administration and for the entire community here because if we’re not
taking care of ourselves in one aspect we cannot take care of each other as a
community. [Maddy Miller ’20] This is a place for learning and a place for healing whether or not
you know that’s happening so it’s really an interactive place to figure out what
wellness looks like for you and for you and for me and it’s because it’s
different for all of us. [Linda Knight] Well certainly we hear a lot of feedback from our
students that they love the facility they feel comfortable coming in and
using the facility whether it be to take a class whether it be to go see a
counselor or whether it be to go the doctor this is not the only place you
find wellness this is the place where we help educate you about wellness where
you find wellness is everywhere. [Katherine Rowe] The McLeod Tyler Wellness Center has
transformed the story of wellness at William & Mary. We’re one year out
and it’s so exciting to see not only has it fulfilled everything that we’d hoped
for but so much more. [Maddy Miller ’20] People talk about it everywhere students are so excited
about it but I think it really impacts people
in saying from William & Mary as an institution as a college saying like we
care about what you’re saying and this is a reflection that we care you know
and so I think it just adds this level of investment that the students feel
from William & Mary. [Virginia Ambler ’88] As a result of giving from the parents fund we’ve helped to
pilot this year free good wellness classes for all students who wanted to
participate we didn’t want finances to be a barrier for anyone. [Kate Donati ’20] So our
numbers of our classes have absolutely gone through the roof since we’ve had
the grant to do free fitness passes for our students it’s been absolutely
amazing to see that people who are really passionate about it can come and
now people who were a little nervous to try it or didn’t want to spend all the
money to do the passes they weren’t convinced they’d like it can come now
and it’s it’s absolutely wonderful. [Linda Knight] I’m starting to see a culture shift I’m
starting to see people wanting to take care of themselves and understanding the
more that they’re well the better they’re going to do [Katherine Rowe] At Commencement this year William & Mary alumni Glen Close said “To triumph on your own terms is the feat of a lifetime.” That’s what the Wellness Center is about. We are preparing students to flourish and to triumph on their own terms.

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