Med School 101: High school students sample Stanford Medicine

[MUSIC PLAYING] Right now we’re at
Stanford school of medicine for the Med school 101. It’s basically a program
for high schoolers like me to learn about
the field of medicine, and get firsthand experiences
from experts in the field. We go into these sessions
for about an hour and a half, two
hours, and we just learn about something
specific that we might be interested, or
maybe a new thing that we haven’t heard about. And each one is
different, and it’s got its own challenges
or its own interests. And it’s also just a nice
opportunity to see the campus, and see what having a
lecture is really about. I think that allowing
them to experience different things,
that everything from doing a procedure
on a mannequin that you would do in an
emergency medicine situation, to actually looking at cell
biology and microbiology in the same day, in
the same context. Allowing them to discover things
that they didn’t even think would be interesting. So it can be really an
eye opening experience. I’m really interested
in science, especially medical sciences. It just sounded like a
really cool opportunity just like brought in like my
general knowledge of anything that I already knew about. But then also maybe
learn something new, or gain a new interest. You never know when you’ve
changed somebody’s life with one of these interactions. It happened for me. It was the
interactions that I’ve had with professors,
with classrooms that brought me to where I am today. It’s a new experience for me. I’ve never done this before,
learning about medicine for a whole day,
and I was thinking about becoming an emergency
doctor when I grew up, and just seeing these
professionals break down their experiences
in the actual field has given me a lot
more insight as to what I have to do to become
one when I grow up. For more, please visit
us at

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