Medicine Ball Drills for Baseball

What’s happening guys? Today were going to
talk about medicine ball drills for baseball. I’m going to show a few exercises that are
great for baseball that you can do with the medicine ball. Now medicine ball is great
for rotational energy and baseball you use a lot of rotational energy. So I’m going to
show you two real quick; medicine ball drills for baseball that are great to work on your
swing, even pitching, even throwing. First one is going to be medicine ball is going
to be done by the side you can rock it back, stride, create some separation and torque
in your midsection and then you’re going to explode and throw them forward. So it’s going
to look a little something like this. Again were trying to be very explosive when we’re
doing these exercise and we also want to work both sides so no matter if where a righty
or a lefty we want to do it both ways. Lefty if you’re a righty lefty is going to fell
a little funky but you got to get it done you have to stay balanced.
The next a medicine ball drill for baseball or exercise is going to be up in the top.
So instead of down here were going to be at the shoulder, were going to have the back
shoulder help deliver the medicine ball. We’re going to take a stride just as we would in
swinging the bat and then were going to explode going forward with our back shoulder and extend
our arm. Now I know I’m grunting but there was actually a study shown that when you grunt
when you doing exercises or even swinging or pitching that you can get up to 17% more
power, more energy. So grunting is actually a good thing you ever see a karate people
when they break the wood they go “ahhh” that’s why they do it, it’s part of it to get more
power. So don’t be afraid to grunt when you’re hitting that ball or throw that ball alright.
Let’s get back to the medicine ball drills. Another great exercise for the medicine ball
is going to be squat throws. You’re going to squat down nice and deep touch the ball
to the ground and then explode up and jump get full extension through your knees, ankles
all the way jump as high as you can and throw the ball straight up in the air. Make sure
you watch it so it doesn’t hit you on the head when it comes back down.
Next exercise is going to be slams. You’re going to step forward and slam this ball down
in front. Now make sure when you’re doing this drill you don’t go straight down because
if you bring your head down the ball comes up I’ve seen guys bust open their nose before
okay so be careful of that. Where doing this drill also both sides, with both legs coming
forward. Really working on that. Another drill and there is many, many, more
but I’m going to share one more with you. It’s going to be throws backwards. So if I
have my wall behind me I’m going to get into a nice athletic position, I’m going to rock
it back this way and then I’m going to turn and then I’m going to throw it behind me like
this and then I also want to repeat the opposite way.
Those are just a few medicine ball drills for baseball. Some great exercises that are
going to help you with your rotational energy, your rotational power and just making you
a more powerful explosive baseball player. So try those out and guys if you like this
video share it with your friends hit that subscribe, click the link below I got some
more great stuff for you guys and I’ll see you in the next video.

12 thoughts on “Medicine Ball Drills for Baseball

  1. I got are entire travel baseball team doing these drills twice a week.. and I been seeing a difference. thanks for the tips.

  2. Just some questions about the ball itself. How much does it weigh and what brand is the one you are using specifically? This isn't for my training necessarily just wanted to know what ball you personally are using in this video.

  3. OK, the martial arts term for this "grunting" you speak of is "kiyap." At least that's the Korean term of tae kwon do, Japanese is "kiai." The root is "ki" obviously and that's essentially your life force (or "chi" aka "qi" in Chinese.) The audible sound is basically the process of you focusing and directing your internal force. Sometimes I kiyap when I sneeze… it really frightens people.

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