Mental Health Crisis

Stand your punk a– up! How would you like to be on the subway with this man? Sit down dude. You stood up. That’s a threat. Or this person? Or how would you have liked to have been in Denver the day this man terrorized people swinging this pipe at them, hitting some. Later he said, I didn’t mean to hurt anyone. He only did this in self-defense, he said because he felt threatened. He was paranoid and he thought these people had been attacking him. DJ Jaffe gave up a successful advertising career to try to improve the way America deals with people like this man. In jail, later the man apologized. He said, Most of the disoriented and threatening people we see on the street are schizophrenics or people with bipolar disease who stopped taking their medication. They cycle in and out of hospital emergency rooms. And some are a danger to others. Russell Weston shot two guards at the Capitol because he knew there was a ruby red time reversal system in the basement and if he could get to that, he could save the world. Weston wasn’t taking his medication because he didn’t believe he was sick. Almost all these cases are individuals who are known to be seriously mentally ill and not treated. Russell Weston was one of them, so was John Hinckley who shot President Reagan. John Hinckley shot Reagan because he knew, not thought, knew that was the best way to get a date with Jodie Foster. Years ago, more mentally ill people were locked up in mental hospitals, asylums that protected us from people like these. But the asylums were horrible places. They were overcrowded, very shabby conditions, so we decided we would largely replace that system with a system in which people would receive mental health care in the community. Made sense. They’d be closer to their family perhaps, who could visit, be cheaper in the neighborhood, but that didn’t happen. Nope. The largest jail or prison is going to have a larger population of mentally ill people than the largest mental hospital. Today, thousands of mentally ill people are locked up in Los Angeles County Jail, Cook County Jail, and Rikers Island in New York City. You will find a much larger population of seriously mentally ill people in those facilities than you will find in any mental hospital. The guards are not trained in handling mentally ill people. A jail or a prison is no place for somebody with schizophrenia, however that’s where they’re going to remain. As hospitals went down, incarceration went up. And in fact, in the 1960’s and you compare it today, there’s virtually the same number of people institutionalized. Just in jail instead of asylums? Absolutely. And in jails, they barely get treatment and the mentally ill people in jails stay much longer. And they get abused, and they get victimized, and they get thrown in solitary, and they can’t visit their families. It’s a horrific place to be. There could be better alternatives. America has some high-quality mental hospitals. Bellevue in New York City is world-famous, but Bellevue doesn’t have enough money to give the extended treatment that most seriously ill people need. It has become harder to get into Bellevue than Harvard. If you’re well enough to walk into a hospital and ask for care, they’re gonna say you’re not sick enough to need it. If you are sick enough, as this man may be, hospitals often practice what Jaffe calls “treating and streeting.” They discharge you sicker and quicker. It’s basically treated and streeted is the new policy. The police call it catch and release. Of course there’d be more money for treatment of the repeat offenders if government didn’t promise something for everyone. There’s something for everyone. In New York, Mayor Bill de Blasio appointed his wife head of a program meant to address mental illness. Her program, Thrive, says 1 in 5 New Yorkers has a mental health condition. Thrive includes 54 initiatives backed up by almost a billion dollars. But most of that money goes to people who are not very sick, writes Jaffe and City Journal. They wrap anything that makes you sad, bad grades, poverty, coming from a single-family household, in a mental health narrative. 1 in 5 New Yorkers have a diagnosable mental health condition in any given year. Blurring the lines between various mild mental disorders such as anxiety or mild depression and schizophrenia is not a bug, it’s a feature of the program. The program is supposed to do that because it believes that the only way that New Yorkers will support improvements to mental illness policy is if they are convinced that everybody has a mental illness. They’re totally oblivious to the bigger problems. 20% fight mental health woe. If you have anxiety, you’re in that 20%. If we’re gonna spend all our money on people who are anxious or can’t sleep, what’s left for the seriously ill? Not much. Thrive spends 80% of its money on problems like anxiety and loneliness. Money that Jaffe says would provide housing and basic treatment to more than half the seriously, mentally ill and homeless. Mental health professionals want to help people. No, they’re focused on all the wrong things. If you ask any cop what we need he’s going to say, we need more hospitals, we need easier civil commitments, so that when they bring somebody, they’re admitted. We need to keep them on their medication so they don’t deteriorate. Now I go to a mental health conference and they go, well we have to educate the public, and we have to fight stigma. The ability to get care has become inversely related to need. Why? It’s a much easier population to serve, They don’t cost as much to help. Serving the seriously mentally ill is a really difficult task. But let’s say America did focus care on the sickest people. What happens if they then stop taking their meds? You can’t force them to take the medication forever. There are people who lack the maturity of their faculties, and as a kind and compassionate society we should be helping them get treatment, not helping them go further into psychosis. 46 states now allow officials to order dangerous people into assisted outpatient treatment, which forces them to accept treatment, including medication. I would fear my government having the right to forcibly drug me. What if some psychiatrist doesn’t like my politics? Maybe I’ll get locked up. Nobody can lock anybody up without extensive court review. But being psychotic is not a right to be protected It’s an illness to be treated. Making someone accept treatment can free them from the bastille of their psychosis. It’s a reasonable use of the police powers of the state to help people who can’t help themselves. Helping people who don’t help themselves before they hurt themselves, or others, and helping them without just locking them away, that would certainly be more compassionate than what we do now. We tend to think of ourselves as a very tolerant society, certainly a very compassionate society. But a century from now, when people look at the situation with the seriously mentally ill people, they’re going to look back on us and wonder how compassionate we really were.

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  1. I remember my mentality ill sister went crazy at a Cosco over what she felt was a stupid rule they have. Thankfully no one got hurt

  2. The problem with the "medications" is that they have incredibly horrible side effects like akathisia, tardive dyskinesia, diabetes (yes, look it up, they cause diabetes), and cardiovascular disease. I would not wish akathisia on my worst enemy. It feels so horrible. So, this is why they stop taking their meds.

  3. Sum wacko attacked my friends car cause I bumped his car with my door slightly leaving no damage, I tried to stop him but he beat the shit outta me these people r fucking dangerous from now on I will carry an auto stick 4 equalizer, next time I'll treat him with a crack 2 fuckin dome

  4. I think that as a species we somehow need both hard work and grand scale tragedy from time to time to regulate our attitudes. That's tragic, but without war and following poverty at least 20-30% of us start to get the whole value system dismantled and are looking for replacement problems, like gay rights, massive use of bicycles for transportation, drugs and alcohol, and so on. Those who are unable to find their new "cause" in life simply go crazy. The majority of the population is still normal and goes about their daily obligations, works hard and doesn't give a damn about how much CO2 their car puts into the atmosphere, but suffers more and more having to support all the aforementioned weaklings and their weird ideas.

  5. Mental Health people are in jail or living in the streets. How is that better than a Mental Hospital? I say we bring more back but make it better.

  6. Involuntary incarceration of people thought to be "mentally ill" is a horrible criminal act. The "mental health" industry (psychiatry) is a terrible and destructive sham. The DSM (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual) is merely a list of behaviors that psychiatrists don't like. Know how new "disorders" are "discovered"? The APA's DSM Committee VOTES on them !!! So-called mental illnesses have zero scientific or objective basis, it's all made up opinion. Masturbation and homosexuality were once DSM disorders — today they are not.

    And even worse are the barbaric "treatments" the APA uses on these made up "diseases." Remember lobotomy and electro-convulsive therapies? Today the "therapies" are simply pharma drugs, nearly all with terrible side effects and many with suicide as a common effect. Simply barbarous.

    Psychological treatments without the drugging can often be very helpful for people with problems in living. CCHR (Citizens Commission on Human Rights) is a wonderful organization which describes and supports the humane treatment of people with behavioral and emotional problems. "Psychiatric" treatments benefit no one but those who benefit from them financially, and will be of no help whatsoever in the "Mental Health Crisis."

    I love John Stossel, but he misses the boat on this one. Keep the shrinks and involuntary incarceration out of it.

  7. Demons, lack of values, pills and drugs everywhere. So many reasons. Peace and health starts in the mind.

  8. The problem is bigger there is no real treatment for this people meaning The "mental health profession" is in shambles.. There is no real science, commitment nor theories that work. Society is also sick at large and some of this people are a reflection of the huge cracks and failures of the system as a whole. If society improves this problem will improve as well but we are far from it specially with democrat run cities. Talk about mentally ill people. Sick society produces sick people.. Some believe in socialism. Another thing some times people are discarded by others by being label Mentally ill. This way they can do things to get them off and away.. Have you not had the misfortune of some one telling you you are crasy just because of a disagreement and clearly all they wanted was to get you away from them???

  9. My father had to get my uncle locked into a mental ward for the past 30 years for the simple fact the man was insane. Alcoholic, violent, drug addicts, in and out of prison and jail and was the cause of my grandmothers death. Maybe permanent stays at a asylum would help society and a lot of people

  10. Its seems like they have it reversed, people with depression anxiety and more are residences in places like Belview and the severely ill are homeless and have addiction issues and keep getting kicked out. depression anxiety ETC, Is an out patient type of treatment, and the homeless ones attacking people and breaking things, they are the ones that need forced 24/7 care in Belview like settings!!!

  11. What part do illicit drugs play in public mental health illness? Has the legalization of marijuana helped or hurt the population who suffers from mental health illness?

  12. Psychiatrists are evil and use Force commitment to make people worse and take away their human rights and abused their patients because they can't help them

  13. In the old days these people would be killed off. Now we have to coddle them and let them roam free shooting up the place. Why? Because it's PC. We have become a society of week people.

  14. Neither jails nor psych hospitals are a good option. A 3rd option is to create communities for people who need a support system. Most mental illness can improve when people are socialized as part of a group. Research has shown that psych drugs cause permanent brain damage within 6 mos and the patient goes downhill from there. Shock treatment does permanent brain damage immediately. Therefore, neither of these so-called "treatments" should be forced on ANYONE. Dr. Peter Breggin is a psychiatrist who has proposed HUMANE solutions that he has tried and which generally WORK to improve mental health. Those who are violent, may need to be locked up, but NOBODY should be drugged or shocked. They should be encouraged to calm down thru natural methods of rehab and/or reform.

  15. So under their conditions because i argue with loved ones, actually everyone I'm mentally ill. No I'm an asshole and admit it

  16. These court systems are all corrupt. Do not count on them to make proper decisions.
    According to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM) nearly everyone is mentally ill. It was written by drug companies with the aid of paid off doctors.

  17. If there are such high numbers of mentally ill violent people, how much would it cost to house these people forever?

    If the risk of them just ignoring medication results in innocent people being hurt or killed, how do you enforce it?

    If Asylums are deemed horrible and prisons are inhuman, what’s the choice for incurable violent, dangerous, mentally ill? Euthanasia?

  18. 3:00 if you can't hack it in society then you need to be locked up. Attack me on the street and I will drop you like a sack of potatoes.

  19. So it's ok for homeless drug addicts to assault people, steal and do whatever they want ?… bullshit, they should be held captive. Yeah, one in 5 is also a Democrat…

  20. I worked in the state prison for 24 years. I have been saying the same exact thing for years. Mr Stossel keep up the good work. You are highly underrated.

  21. America may be the only western nation on Earth that allows it's seriously mentally ill
    to walk the streets. I spent 6 months in former USSR republics and NEVER saw one whack
    job like that anywhere. I never even saw vagrants even one time in either Lviv, Ukraine or
    Kosice, Slovakia. They simply don't allow it. Budapest, Hungary has criminalized homeless-
    ness and panhandling altogether. America and other western nations are purposely enabling
    this epidemic. Los Angeles is by far the scariest and most repulsive city in the western
    hemisphere, by far. Once nice cities like Austin, Tx and Denver, Co WILL become 3rd world cess
    pools in 20 years time if they stay on their current track. This is definitely some Orwellian shit folks.

  22. Not surprised. That's what happens when you close state hospitals and dump them onto the streets. The bible does say this will happen in end days.

  23. Mental health issues = when extreme violence can be excused. Fuck the victims. Why doesn't the so called, voices in their heads, tell them to do positive things. Drug abuse, massive issue too.

  24. Liberals feign inclusiveness to save face from the past decades of being selective elitists. But by pretending to care for “everyone” they’re actually isolating groups of people according to their race/gender/income/political preference, etc.. I still can’t tell if they do this intentionally or not, but either way I can’t understand why more people don’t see the liberal M.O..!

  25. You see? This is no excuse!! These people are selfish!! DON'T GO making your mental health issue an excuse because you failed to take care of yourself knowing damn well what the complications and impact would cause. But anyways, the enemy surely knows how to go around physically assaulting people man. I'm sorry but I'm not having it. The devil is getting his ass handed over to him through the power of God he's giving me through body strength physically or through the word!!!

    I suffer with major depression and severe anxiety (panic attacks) and I am going to take care of my mental health so that I won't out others in jeopardy. You don't see people that suffer with severe mental issues like tourettes syndrome going out shooting and murdering others as an excuse that their mental illness made them do it. These people knew the truth and they ignored it.

  26. This really hits close to home. My mother's on the streets after having a complete mental breakdown nine years ago. I don't know how long she can survive out there. We (my family) tried to get her committed and she was switched back and forth between two hospitals before walking out of one back in December 2011. She honestly should've been locked down in the psych ward. A lot of people with mental illness are actually homeless because they (like Stossel said) stopped taking their meds and lost touch with reality. That being said, there are plenty of people who have mental illness and have learned to cope with it. And because of that, they're living their lives like everyone else.

  27. What people don't realize is that these people are mentally unstable and you are not. Try not running away in defending yourself it might actually work.

  28. My sister who Evil and bi-polar tried to shoot up at work in 2012. She was in a mental health hospital for 1 month. In 2015 she tried to stab her co-workers with the Birthday cake knife. She was back in the mental hospital for 1 month. Texas too her guns away due to she insane. So she went to knives. Evil will find a way to Evil. She drinks on her meds and now has a heart issues. She 43. My family will not go around her due to she dangerous and refuses to stop drinking on her meds. Lost cause.

  29. Asylums were bad places? But living in their shit on the street is good? All these schizo nut cases are drawing public benefits, which is nearly $1,000 per month in addition to food stamps in California. Schizophrenia cannot be cured; and, it's just that simple. Maybe they should get three chances to seek treatment and take their meds; and then, after three "failing to comply"charges and convictions, they're locked up in the asylums so the rest of us don't have to put up with them. They don't have a right to lower our quality of life, degrade our communities, and threaten us on the streets.

  30. People need training on how to deal with negative frequencies purposely released into atmosphere. Prayer, going to church, reading th he Bible, love training, and thankful training make the scenarios you see impossible. I had one student who was always doing strange things and she visciously attacked me. I did not get angry and talked to her about her need to forgive her parents. She listened, began reading the Bible daily, refused to let bitterness lead her. Her outbursts disappeared as nd her dad came to school crying: "I dont know what you guys said to my daughter, but she is a totally different person now. Thank you."

    50 medicines did not work for her, simple Biblical principles changed her life.


  32. I want to thank you for telling me about this one God bless and help the mental illness United States of America turn their back on them and betrayal them mental illness is not always drug abuse many other things can cause mental illness

  33. Massive outbreak of 'mental illness' ? I dont think so. More like demonic possession and it is rampant these past few years!

  34. Thank you, this topic does need much more light shown upon it. Mental illness is not handled very well in this country. And questions of where does all the money go for treatment and who gets to decide that, also needs corrective measures!

  35. The US government breed this kind of person. No one has the RIGHT to defend themselves. They have to PAY a state government to survive it or wait to survive it in a Aroma court. It's been so out of control now they say FUKe you no gun for you , I'll protect you after you kiss my ass!!!! I'll kill you for protecting yourself and seen you mental. The gov power is not elected!!! Let people protect themselves and we will end this victimization. They want debt. Lock these people up that make mental illness / drug addiction look like a fat piggy bank.

  36. We have to ask! How does mental ill person become mentally ill. We cannot just lock them up in prison or asylum!

    Drugs, gangs, single mothers? What is the cause?

    Maybe it’s the Leftists plan to make the people somewhat mentally ill, so programs like Red Flag laws can confiscate guns and control people’s lives. The Left is sick and twisted!

    5:53 again, another reason to take women’s rights away! They want that money Because “they aren’t happy”

    Those people in the videos are NOT MENTALLY ILL! They are HAVING AN ARGUMENT and FIGHT! That is ALL!!

    The Government has NO RIGHT to lock people up who didn’t do anything wrong

  37. All of you. . . Why do you not look at this deeper. . Anti-Psychotic drugs are not the answer. . . Jesus dealt with this, they are "Spirits". . . Unclean Spirits that he would cast out. Get It.

  38. This concern is legitimate. As the nephiew of a schizophrenic uncle, there are some scary moments we have when he goes off his meds. Shows up at my house when my wife and kids are home alone and just comes right in. He's wrecked a few of his own trucks out of paranoia and and anger. Even stabbed his best friend "my neighbor " with a paring knife" due to paranoi. He keeps us in our toes because you don't always know which uncle you may be talking to.

  39. I am a therapist in the state of Arizona and I used to work with the seriously mentally ill in my private practice. I can tell you that everything this man was talking about is absolutely true. It's very difficult to treat this population for all of the reasons that he mentioned and the resources that they do have are substandard particularly given the gravity of their needs.

  40. Bring back the so-called funny Farms. I'm not joking. There used to be Farms that we're like hospitals for the mentally ill. People would live there and work on the farm. They were actually very successful in dealing with the mentally ill. I'm not exactly sure what happened but we do still have a few of them left.

  41. Church's don't really help either. They'll give them food and let them have a bed to sleep in but in the day they wonder the streets in populated areas massed around these shelters. Some places are a block away from highscools!

  42. The same amount of mentality ill people locked up as before asylums were closed but now they are locked up in prisons tells me considering the expansion of population, there are A LOT of crazies running loose

  43. And this is all thanks to the DemoRATs closing all the mental institutions back in the 1980's. Want to stop mass killings, lock these screwballs up & treat them like in the old days instead of sending them out to reek havoc on the general population.These Liberal Leftist assholes think nothing of Murdering 850,000 babies every year but wont deal with a few criminally insane people.

  44. Sadly the left have decided to label these people “neuro diverse” and you’re a racists if you think they need help; you know, because that makes sense.

  45. I think the Democrats will use this as a way to ban guns because they can just label you mentally ill and that's it. Plus De Blasio's wife is being investigated for fraud.

  46. At the start of the indutrial revolution Carbon Dioxide was 2,000 parts per million but in the 21st. Century its 135 parts per million. We need more Carbon Dioxide for mental health.

  47. All those mentally ill people also cranked out mentally ill kids and those grew up and cranked out even more mentally ill.
    Now this country is over run with mentally ill people…thanks to the government closing all those hospitals.

  48. Relying on the courts to decide who is mentally ill means relying on those same courts that puts 99% of them in jail. They are completely corrupt and require court proceedings and expensive lawyers and paid off experts etc. It is all a racket.

  49. Please don't advocate for state run hospitals. There was a reason they were shut down on a mass scale. The most horrible things you couldn't even imagine went on in them.

  50. The elephant in the room regarding active Shooters is the Mental Health crisis. Democrats refuse to acknowledge this. Every single active shooter in the last few years has been prescribed SSRI drugs and everyone wants to blame the stinking guns

  51. This is a major issues not enough Doctors who truly understand mental illness. It's so sad if you have a person like this in your family you understand this issue. It is a illness

  52. The shootings are done by mentally ill people, it got nothing to do with guns, President Trump is the only President in my lifetime to verbalized that but the Left want us to believe that Gun Control is the cure for mass shootings which is the most idiotic argument that you can have and I do not like guns and don’t use them but at the same time I am logical and rational and can see what their real agenda is…

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