Mental Health Help at Wilkins Wellness Center

Hi, I’m Dr. Yolanda Barbier Gibson
your vice president for student success here at Shenandoah University. My
role is to ensure that you’re successful and supported, both inside the classroom
and outside. Many of you are living away from home for the very first time, away
from family, friends, and familiar environments. You also may be experiencing
some competing priorities, from going to class, schoolwork, assignments, practice,
rehearsals, and even commuting. Many of us have been there and know that you are not
alone. This nation, along with many students here on our campus, have been
experiencing an incredible amount of mental health struggles this academic
year. From coping with anxiety to managing your transition from semester
to semester, we want you to know that we have resources available to assist you.
You can simply visit the Wilkins Wellness Center, attend or participate in
one of our group therapy sessions ranging from various topics, you can join
a club or an organization, you can get involved with an activity, but we want
you to know that we care about you. Shortly you will hear from Lisa Darsch,
our interim director of our wellness center. She will provide you with some
instructions on how you can start your own self-care process, as well as
individuals who you can access that can help you the most.
We at Shenandoah University are a family. We want you to know that we accept you
just as you are and we are prepared to address any challenges or struggles that
you may be facing. Now, let’s hear from Lisa Darsch. Hi, I’m Lisa Darsch, the
director of the Wilkins Wellness Center. As you’ve just heard, we’ve got a bit of
a problem here on campus. Mental health concerns are rising and we want to help
you. Our students, our faculty and our staff are ready to assist you with
whatever your mental health issue may be, whether that’s anxiety, depression, or
other things, we want to see you. But we have to know who you are to be able to
help. The Wilkins Wellness Center is your start to the counseling process. We work
in conjunction with area facilities, doctors, psychiatrists, behavioralists, and
nurses, all to provide you the best care you need to handle whatever your unique
situation may be. We do medication management, we do disease as well as
follow-up management, and, if necessary, we’ll help you get to definitive care at
a hospital. We think your care is worth doing. We want you to know we care about
you and we need you to care about you. So please come in, let us do our simple
intake survey, find out how best we can serve your needs and make your mental
health as healthy as your physical health. Shortly, you’ll be seeing flyers
around campus for an offer for group therapy. Group therapy will be offered on
Sundays in the Brandt Student Center in Room 118, from 6 to 7 p.m.
Group therapy is open to everyone, whether you have an urgent need or not,
if you just need a safe space to come and talk, we’ll have a practitioner for
you as well as other students, peer coaches and counselors available to
assist you with whatever your need may be. If you’re one of our students on
campus that has medication management needs, we want you to know the Wilkins
Wellness Center is ready to assist you. Those medications are important to your
health and to your mental health. We want you to know that we have lab services
available as well as prescription services. We’ll dialogue with your
physician at home or your psychiatrist or behavioralist to make sure you
receive the care you have at home, here on campus. I know you may be asking
yourself, “What if I have concerns in the after hours or on the weekends?” Your
first line of defense if you live here on campus, is to talk with your RAs and
your ADs. They can get you to definitive care and treatment and they can contact
others on your behalf. If you’re alone and you don’t feel like you’re in a safe
place, make a call. Call a friend, call a family
member, call a crisis hotline, but get to the care you need. You know what you need
more than we do at that particular moment. Once you’ve passed that immediate
crisis, know that we have on-call physicians available 24/7 through
services on the internet from the privacy of your room, your car, your
apartment, wherever you are, you can access on a phone or a tablet
a physician and a psychiatrist. These individuals can help talk you through
whatever that crisis moment might be and get you to definitive treatment, which
might be with us, or it might be with others. Either way, know that you’re not
alone, that we’re here. We’re here to help you during the day, the night, and the
mornings, whatever it is you need, we want Wilkins Wellness Center to be the start
of that process for you. We want your experience here at Shenandoah University
to be happy, healthy, and address not only your physical needs, but also your mental
health needs. Please reach out to us, please go to groups, please ask us about
our counseling services and we’d be happy to assist you. Thank you.

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