Mental Wellbeing Impact Assessment – Greenway

Our goal with the wellbeing centre is
to be able to provide facilities or services to the elderly and handicapped
residents of Greenway so that they can come to one central point and gain
either information, help, advice for most things without having to travel to North
Sydney or Neutral Bay which for many of them it’s almost an impossibility.
I believe the major thing the assessment told us is it confirmed in most cases
the benefit of what a wellbeing centre would be. One, to the residents of
Greenway, but also to the social housing residents who live outside of Greenway
but in the same general geographical area. I think the wellbeing centre
should improve the quality of life of the people here, essentially because
they’ve got somebody they can talk to, somebody that cares. Because people in
public housing often have low self-image and they they need support in
that sort of sense to boost their own egos a bit. And I think if they’re talking to somebody who’s understanding, then that helps. Another thing that the people in Greenway have is this reclusiveness. Lots and lots
of people here just don’t ever come to the community centre, don’t ever come
into the place. Don’t go to the barbecues. It doesn’t matter what you organise, they
won’t go to that. And even if you send somebody a knock on their door, they
won’t let you in, they won’t answer the door. And we’ve got a few people even on my floor who you just don’t see. You know they just are totally
reclusive and don’t want anything to do with anybody. And that’s really sad
because loneliness and depression and all that sort of thing are real issues
here, and so they need that sort of help. The residents need to feel that somebody
cares for them. Residents need to feel that they’re not away from the mainstream. They can come to a central point and they will receive service from a practice nurse or whatever that the person may be, to be able to help them, to point them in the right direction and in many cases probably allay worries that
they have purely because they’ve been able to sit down and talk to somebody. I think the wellbeing impact statement really confirmed what a lot of us knew
about what was going on in Greenway. Everybody has sort of taken this
research on board and said all right well this is the way things are. Whereas
before I suppose it was just hearsay. This time now there is documented evidence that these sort of things are issues that need to be
addressed. The impact statement has, like a spearhead, has enabled all the relevant
people who do make decisions to reach a point of saying yes this is what we want. And this is what has happened and why we are now in a situation where our
wellbeing centre will kick off, will start I would suggest within the next
two weeks with some programs.

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