Mind & Body Wellness Day | Kaiser Permanente

(easygoing music) (group chatter)>>B. Rao Tripuraneni, MD, Psychiatry,
Child and Adolescent:
– The idea for us to do
the Mind-Body Wellness Day came about one and a half year ago. This is actually our second event. Traditionally, the healthcare models and healthcare delivery systems are focused on disease management
and treating illnesses. Kaiser Permanente takes lot of pride in addition to providing
disease management. Also, this is prevention and also promoting wellness activities.>>Amit Patel, DO, Psychiatry:
– We have a mindfulness trainings, practice sessions, yoga sessions. We have presenters here
talking about transition, life skills, depression, management, preventative, skills, techniques, so we can just promote
just overall wellbeing. (easygoing music)>>Olivia Parker-Hill, Kaiser Permanente Member:
– We’re at a time now where mental health is trying to come up to the level of any kind of physical illness and so Kaiser Permanente
doing this kind of event that’s open to anyone, it’s important.>>Robert Dill, MED, LMFT, LPC, CSAC,
Kaiser Permanente:
– I love doing this, you know, and patients are asking questions. I have the chance to talk to them, you know, where it’s not some disease that’s discussed off in a room in secret, but we’re just discussing life. This is about life and how you manage the day-to-day problems of life.>>Attendee:
– Today we were at the Mind
and Body Health Extravaganza for Kaiser Permanente,
and it has been amazing. I’ve learned how to meditate, I’ve learned how to control my sleep.>>Attendee:
– We’ve had a nice body massage.>>Attendee:
– Oh my God… (lady in pink laughs)>>Attendee:
– And a wonderful lunch on top of that.>>Attendee:
– [Lady in pink] And a
wonderful lunch on top of that.>>Liz Thomas, Kaiser Permanente Member:
– It’s been a great day,
learned a lot of great stuff. I’ve been treated for
breast cancer by Kaiser and they do a really great job. And so I feel really connected
to that, to you guys, and I really loved the day today.>>David A. Hexter, MD,
Emergency Medicine:
– We can give people tools and that they can take home
with them from today to help them out with their daily lives and make them feel better about themselves and their activities, and that’s a plus. (easygoing music)

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