Minimizing the Effects of Stress in Your Kids

Today I’m going to be talking about the
topic of toxic stress in our children. We all know that kids undergo a lot
of different types of stress, anything from taking a big test, moving, to things
more serious like parents getting divorced, or having a serious injury so
how do we help kids deal with that stress? Stress can actually be positive. It
can actually motivate kids for example to study harder for that test, but it
can also have really negative repercussions too. It can lead to kids
becoming depressed, even suicidal in the worst cases. It can lead to kids not
taking good care of their bodies or making the wrong types of choices like
abusing drugs or alcohol. We obviously don’t want to get to that
point, so if we see our kids starting to get stressed one of the big things we
can do is promote what’s called resilience. Resilience is how kids deal
with that stress. There are a lot of different ways that we can promote
resilience in our kids. One of them is just by having supportive positive
adults in their lives so parents, teachers, relatives, and friends really
talking to kids, validating their feelings, and just being a support person.
The more support people that kids have in their lives, has been shown to help
reduce that toxic stress and the bad side effects from it. If you think that
your kid is needing some additional help, having a professional to talk to can
also be of assistance such as a psychologist like we have here at
Children’s, social workers, or school counselors. Those can also help build up
that resilience in kids. Also, promoting positive healthy activities in kids
such as sports, extracurricular activities, or just getting outside; all
of those can promote resilience which can help combat the toxic stress.

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