Mirror announces a gym in a mirror for home fitness solution

on Thursday September 6th Mirror announced the general availability of its in-home fitness solution and on demand interactive home gym built into what looks like an ordinary full-length mirror but looks can be deceiving the device is essentially a one-way mirror baked into a giant LCD screen and behind your reflection it lets you see a personal trainer who guides you through a variety of workouts hang the mirror on a wall unroll your yoga mat or just clear a space on the floor and you’ve transformed a corner of your den into a home gym the perfectly designed interface shows up on the device during your workout showing heart rate and your exertion level thanks to a heart rate monitor and partnerships with most major device makers this smartly incorporates Fitness data that otherwise doesn’t efficiently tie into your exercise routine join a class at launch that includes cardio strength yoga Pilates bar boxing and stretch with levels ranging from beginner to expert and you can see icons representing others who are joining you even though they’re in their own living rooms across tongue or across the country classes are available both live and on-demand compete with your classmates compare notes about which exercises were the most grueling and more thanks to a built in camera atop the mirror you can even snap a selfie to share your progress with classmates the camera is not designed to record and share your workout of course the CEO of flywheel Sports gave me a spinning lesson last year to show off the company’s at-home bikes the device and company are remarkably polished a simple but elegant idea that is perfectly realized there’s a White Glove installation service the trainers are hand-picked and seemed genuine classes are streamed and recorded from a well-thought-out black walled studio with cameras at every angle there’s even a finance plan you can get mirror for as little as 164 dollars a month rather than dropping 1,000 $495 on it upfront a monthly content subscription cost $39

6 thoughts on “Mirror announces a gym in a mirror for home fitness solution

  1. Hey! Je développe un concept en ligne sport et nutrition 💪
    J'aide les personnes à atteindre leur objectif sportif ou silhouette.
    Je cherche également des personnes qui désirent rejoindre la team de développement.
    N'hésitez pas à prendre contacte avec moi.

  2. You can buy this expensive product or if you have a large mirror and a good size tv or computer screen, make your own for virtually nothing. I have mirrored closet doors and just position my Imac's screen toward the mirror and work out in the space between the two. I use my own inexpensive heart rate monitor.

  3. But……its not a gym, its just something telling you what to do. Its a mirror video screen. For the cost of this crap I can make a really nice home gym.

  4. would love to sponsor on behalf of boxedblends… last vid has info, let me know if you're down to join the team. 🤗

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