45 thoughts on “Mom Agrees To Mental Health Treatment – See What Happens After The Taping

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  2. Schizophrenia if she has it is the ultimate blessing and curse. They are inherently a little psychic but that does no good in this life and they can't function in society. Basically because we think they're crazy and it's honestly really sad but hopefully she's able to decipher what is reality soon

  3. How pathetic. She values her dogs more than her own children. I’m sure if those dogs could talk they would tell her she’s a lunatic.

  4. Stop criticizing her for saying she loves her dogs more than her children when it's evident that she's a mentally ill person. I hope she gets the help that she needs in order to figure out what's right and what's real again.

  5. thats sad Mom. Not wanting to rekindle the relationship with your CHILDREN and sharing that on television is disturbing to say the least.

  6. She may seem cold but really she has just become incredibly defensive after finally being confronted about her issues. It's easier to convince yourself you don't care about anyone or anything than face your issues. She is angry now but hopefully, after some help, she will realize her kids did her a massive favour.

  7. Just let her live in her fantasy world. Just make sure its behind the walls of a Mental Institution though, because crazy people like her are a danger to society.

  8. The mother made her choice about wanting nothing to do with her kids. I feel bad for her kids and family out of all of this. I pray that her kids find peace with this.

  9. She's not a Christian or a prophetess. Christians with an indwelling of the holy spirit are to be long suffering and turn the other cheek. We are to forgive and love humans. A real Christian would never say I love my dogs more than my own children. A real Christian would never take credit for God's glory when they believe a prayer was answered. There are no more prophets. The Canon is closed. We are to wait upon the Lord for His return and live wholesome peaceable lives. The Bible says if even one prophecy is wrong then you are a false prophet and talking to devils/demons. The holy spirit is not a spirit of confusion. She is simply mentally ill. If our bodies can get sick and need urgent care once in a while so can our brains.

  10. Imagine being a son, and sticking with your mother through all this lunacy, and trying your best to love her and help her, yet she goes on national TV and says “were done, I love my dogs more than you”. Those kids need to disappear from this dumb broads life forever. Even if she does “get better”, let her life with the pain of her mistakes.

  11. Maybe she can see Russia from her "cell"….she is NOT blessed with a "gift"….God doesnt honor hate…and abandoning your children…FOR DOGS……its almost an SNL skit….her CONTROLLING the nation and ole puty communicating from his TIES????….get thee to a mental institution

  12. What a pathetic excuse of a woman. I don't care if someone has a mental disability or not. If you act like trash then you are trash.

  13. Its because your dogs cant talk. That is the reason people like dogs better because they cant talk back or tell you what you are doing wrong

  14. How sad. She'll regret those words some day. A day her dogs can't help her pick up a spoon. Very pitiful. She needs a lot of help.

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