Montana health department holds Helena meeting on budget cuts

health care provider is asking Montana state leaders to move quickly to reverse a series of state budget cuts made last year just this past week governor steve belong on state would be able to restore as many as forty five million dollars in cuts made over the past year today state health department director sheila hogan along with the governor’s budget director dan villa held a listening session to discuss their budget priorities as many as a hundred and fifty people attending that meeting another a hundred were connected by phone providers talked today about the impact those cuts have had on mental health services substance abuse assistance and targeted case management and most agreed the cuts already have had a significant effect on their ability to provide care i think we will be able to provide the services once we get the money reinstated but it’s going to take us a while to build those services back up we’ve already let some of our counselors go and like i said come back on the satellite services an administrative staff Hogan and Villa say that by September they hope they’ll be able to announce which of the cuts will be able to be restored

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