MSc Nutrition, Physical Activity and Public Health – What our students think

This MSc is very multi-dimensional. It offers you a nutrition prospect physical a physical activity prospect… Public health has so many different avenues you can go down. It’s really helped me focus on what motivates people… The determinant’s of people’s health behaviour – from young children, which is an area I’m particularly interested in through to adults with physical activity/ eating behaviours… I was really interested in Psychology and
behavior change across a number of different interventions The various options available to me, allowed me to explore the different facets of behavior change It’s taught me that every intervention needs to be tailored. There is no universal approach. Different populations need to be treated differently in terms of, you know, your communication styles it could be a teaching styles, your coaching styles, whatever, kind of aspect you’re looking at it from. The flexibility of the course has been completely invaluable for me. as a mother of two young children and as a part-time student as well that was one of my major concerns, but actually having the hours so condensed into one day allowed me to balance all the other things in my life and, had it not been set up in that way,
I’m not sure I’d have been able to do the course. There’s a really strong sense of cohesion within our group. We have social gatherings. We have Facebook groups, social media groups, where we will all keep in contact and sort of give each other advice. Certainly after we graduate there’s going to be that really strong network with us all in terms of helping each other progress in the future. I think the MSc is fantastic in terms of the knowledge that you gain at the time but the benefit of the MSC is the skills that it gives you that last a whole lifetime.

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