MUNCHIES: Chef’s Night Out with Red Medicine

100 thoughts on “MUNCHIES: Chef’s Night Out with Red Medicine

  1. I like the presentation of the food/ his attention to detail. Does anyone think it's a little style over substance?

  2. not a big fan of the food. i'm more of a bistro, in you're face gastronomy. but his cooking would be interesting to taste and experience..

  3. Jordan Kahn I love him his dishes are a work of art… i always cringe whenever i saw him doing soo well on layer of food then cover it all up hahaha!!

  4. His hair looks the same as the stringy black things…..I imagine him using one of his hairs as a substitute for the string things on the dessert for rude customers

  5. fat jew, emo salad tossing fag, ugly airhead girlfriend = this episode
    this isnt LA ppl, were better than this and say it with me LA CE-VI-Cha-Ria u purple walnut rolling queer

  6. mmmmm that citrus glaze he puts on in 2:50.  i make the same shit at my restaurant and put it on oven cooked salmon and god damn is it good!

  7. he looks stoned to me at 4:55. Still, by far the most fascinating creations I've ever seen served as food. 

  8. I think mike is adorable 🙂 What a great munchies video… so much better than the stupid drunkards and waste at the end

  9. The food at the medicine looks pretty…but doesn't look like it would taste good. Shrugs. Wish the guy would wash his greasy hair though. Eww

  10. Im sorry, but what this guy makes is not food, its a bunch of fancy schmancy foo foo crap for bored rich people who don't know how to excite themselves anymore or what to spend their money on. 

  11. People who hate this just hate LA, celebrity, neat and pretty things, and the meticulous attention to detail a pastry chef brings to his entire restaurant, and just label everything as "hipster." And man this dude started at TFL w/ Keller at 17! Anyone hating does not understand the level of performance expected. Green Beret status man. 

    This is most relaxed, unpretentious episode ever. Yeah some of the other episodes featuring older chefs are laid back too without swearing or tattooed neckbeards swearing, but these ppl are young, you kind of expect them to be in that vein but they're so not. That makes this episode more chill. 

  12. im going to LA around xmas time. I want to see a little bit of everything in terms of the culinary side of things. any suggestions for the best of the best places there?

  13. dude is down to earth.. no pun. The first spot he went to was a real 'mom and pop.' lots of respect to that

  14. The new food movement is great. It's awesome seeing these talents presented to the world and witnessing their interpretation of food artistically; however, the new "hipster" names for these restaurants is just too much. red medicine really? RED MEDICINE?? 

  15. Fuck man, these videos make me want to go to culinary school and open a successful restaurant just to have my own Chef's Night Out episode with Munchies

  16. this was actually adorable
    favorite night out I've seen so far by far
    was on the fence about this guy initially but no,geniune

  17. Foodwise one of my fav munchies episode.. & the last supper they did was one of the more thorough that I've seen, he's a versatile chef for sure..

  18. These videos are perfect for foodie voyeurs. You can watch the glutton extravaganza and not get stuffed. How much did they consume in those few hours? And the southern food at the end was perfect for late night? In who's reality? Fat bomb surprise does not produce good sleep. At least not for me. Don't get me wrong, it was all beautifully made and presented but, for an average earner like I am, it would mean emptying my bank account. I worked in Beverly Hills in my youth and it was expensive then. I don't think I'd be able to wrap my mind around current prices almost 4 decades later. Munchies produces food fantasy porn.

  19. this is maybe the best video, cuz they weren't hammering shots and was legit food like no one can expect a sofisticated chef goes to such a normal places to enjoy great food…

  20. Love this episode, really. But: Is anyone else a bit disturbed by how so many of these young chefas have a lot of hair without any protection ( hats, etc.)? I get the impression ou might get hair in your dish…

  21. People are complaining about his hair, how about the fact that they followed up ice cream with raw fish. WHO TF DOES THAT

  22. Who told this man that his hair cut was ok, he looks like someone who wanted to be in a goth band from 2003 who decided to back out halfway through the process.

  23. That the kind of food i would like to try but i just dont have the courage cuz i dont want to look stupid and said "how do i eat this?"

  24. Random fact: I grew up eating the tails on the shrimp, especially when they are fried. Didn't know until I got older that people take those off.

  25. This seems like a more real episode. Just a couple and a close friend. No off the rails groups of people that barely know one another. I like this.

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