Murray State Wellness Center Workouts

We have an international student reporter
joining the Roundabout U team, her name is Bathabile Dlamini from Zimbabwe. What she found interesting at Murray State
University is the Wellness Center. Bathabile says, colleges in her country do
not have a workout facility like ours. We sent her over there to check it out. After this, this and that, you must agree
with me that the next best place to be is here. Yes! Wellness center will help you keep fit, healthy
and focused especially now that there are two new body toner classes introduced. The daily open Wellness center here at Murray
State University, is a standardized and fully equipped gym with a wide range of fitness
services. The center has introduced the High Intensity
Interval Training class, and Pound class. The H.I.I.T class is designed for people with
a small amount of time but still want the results of a good workout. During the class there are six different exercises
we do. So each exercise last 45 seconds with a 15
second rest. So a circuit is only six minutes long, and
we do that three times. For example we made you a squat for 45 seconds,
lateral touch down, the knee high, or high knees or butt kicks and then ab-crunch-abs. So we would do six of those exercises, rest
for a minute, and then repeat the cycle again and we would do that three times for the entire
class. And we can take up to 26 people in this room
for a class. And I teach 3 days a week, so we have plenty
of options for students, faculty and staff to come and utilise our facility. That was from the High Intensity Interval
Training session, right now its time for Pound class. Its a really fun . Its a low impact whole
body workout, thats again low impact on your joints. It uses a lot of Palatis, yoga movements,
paometrics and incoperates the use of drumsticks lightly weighted. So that you really kind of toning getting
some kind of workout using all movements and elements of your body. So its a lot of fun. I started last semester, so its fairly new
here at Murray State. There was a Pound class before me, but the
instructor actually ended up moving away and I thought this was a good opportunity for
me to step in and start and try something new. Well you do have your drumsticks, they are
called ripsticks and you use them to make different movements with your body. You start out mostly in a squat position. So it is really using the lower body and we
will do things hit the ground, side to side, down in the middle. So you are kind of really engaging that lower
body, and working abs. And we do somethings on the floor using your
abdominal and really pounding the floor with your sticks making a lot of noise. So we do go over the safety and how to use
drumsticks, how to be in all the different positions, and you will be striking the ground. Everything in Pound can be modified, so it
is again for all ages, all fitness levels, and you are always guaranteed to workout. Not only does the Wellness centre offer group
classes for a workout, but the Wellness Center can work to pair you with a personal trainer
for a one-on-one work session. Newcomers to the gym may not be entirely familier
with how to workout, or what is a good weight, how to set up program. Personal trainer will not only outline your
program, but they will monitor your workout and make sure that every exercise is performed
safely and effectively. And I am sure there is a whole lot more than
that. You will get a friend when you come here and
get a personal trainer. We get to motivate all the clients and we
fill connected with them. Andrew is a exercise science, pre-physical
therapy major at Murray State University and feels this experience as a personal trainer
will help him develop skills needed for his career. I am getting to take a lot of information
form class and apply it here in a physical setting. So you can read the text book all day and
you might not understand. So its greatly beneficial for me to come here
and put it to use. To get your own personal trainer just stop
by the front desk and fill out the paperwork. If you want to hangout, there is..…. basketball… Racquetball… volleyball… swimming… table
tennis and more. The wellness is available to all Murray State
University faculty, staff, students, and alumni. For Roundabout U, I’m Bathabile Dlamini.

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