My #1 hydration hack! Why drinking water is so important. | Wellness Wednesday with Kris Carr

– Hey guys,
welcome to Wellness Wednesday. Welcome back, how have you been? It’s Wednesday, it’s
our day, it’s our time. We are here to talk about
all things wellness. I hope you’ve been having a fantastic day, and that you are feeling fine my friends. And if you’re not, what? We’re gonna turn that around. I just won’t have that, not on my watch. So today we’re talking about
this super simple topic. Everybody tells us to do this. Everybody advises us. Everybody says we have to do
this if we want good health. But, how do we actually do it? How do we get it done consistently? So the topic is, hydration, and I’m gonna give you the number one tip that I have found to help
me and you stay hydrated. Now, some of you may not
think this is a sexy topic, but it is so sexy. It’s so sexy that I wore my disco shirt. I wore my disco shirt for hydration, guys, because I want you to get
as excited about it as I am. (laughs) Because the truth
is, if we’re dehydrated, then we are gonna feel fatigue, our metabolism slows down,
our immunity sputters, we get constipated, and you guys know how I feel about constipation. I just talked about this
on my Instagram Live but when I’m constipated– Any Game of Thrones fans
out there say “Aye!” If you’re a Game of fans Throne, then you know, when I am constipated and maybe when you’re constipated, you feel a little bit like Daenerys. Is that her name? Khaleesi, the Mother of Dragons,
that’s what you feel like. And you know what? When it’s stopped up you wanna unleash the dragons on the world and that is not bringing
our best self forward and that is all we’re gonna talk about now because I do not want
to give any spoilers. This is not what we do on
our Wellness Wednesday show. Last episode. (chuckles) That’s all I’ll say. But anyway, so these are all of the stuff, all of the feelings and all the symptoms that we can feel when we’re dehydrated. When you are hydrated, you’ve got energy, you’re not tired, your
bowels are moving (laughs), your skin looks great, you
immune system is strong. So many things are functioning well. So, that’s why it’s super important. I’m gonna tell you a little story before I share this hack with you. So, many of you– and hi guys, let me do
a little quick hello. Hi Dee, hi Dawn, hi Holly,
hi Lisa, hi my crew. I love that we’re doing this every week, and now you guys are seriously my family. If I don’t see Dawn and Lisa and Dee, and I don’t see you guys, then it’s just not Wellness Wednesday. Hi! Hey everybody! So anyway, (claps) telling you the story. So, I have been doing my best
to up my self-care practice, and so has Brian, and we’ve
been creating and keeping what we call a self-care log. It’s just a PDF that we
created, and if you want me to share it with you I will. Of course, we’ll have our
designers design it for you. But, if that’s something that
you would be interested in, let me know in the comments. Let me know you’d love to have a copy of what we’re actually using, because I’ll take care of that for you. We’re still fine tuning
it, so it’d probably need another week or so, but
we could do that next Wellness Wednesday if
that’s a topic of interest. But, anyway, so on this
log we’re keeping track of a bunch of Different things, and we’re trying not to get too, you know, intense about it. But we’re keeping track of our sleep, we’re keeping track of how many times we’re exercising per week, we’re keeping track of our meditation, we’re keeping track of what we’re calling our mindful breaks. So, that’s one to three, hopefully, breaks throughout the course of the day, where you’re taking five
minutes and you’re just stepping away from your computer
and you’re going outside and you’re putting your
face in the sunshine, and breathing in all of
the beautiful spring air because it’s such a
magical time right now. At least, where I live it is. So you’re taking those mindful
breaks, so you can just decompress and then get back in! (encouragingly growl) Right? So, (laughing) paying attention to that, we’re paying attention to how
much alcohol we’re consuming and hopefully not consuming,
trying to keep it to less than, for me, two drinks a week,
for him, four drinks per week. There’s many weeks where
I’m not even having that. But, again, I just like
to be super mindful about what I’m consuming and
how I’m caring for myself, how I’m treating myself, and
hydration is the newest thing to the list because I actually
didn’t think to include it because I feel like I’m
so great at hydrating. So, you know that I
practice a plant based diet so there’s so much water content in your fruits and vegetables. I juice every morning,
where I make smoothies, so there’s great water content there, and water is my favorite beverage. Besides an occasional bulletproof coffee and an occasional gin and tonic,
that’s how this girl rolls. But for the most part, I am drinking a lot of water every day. Or so I think. But it wasn’t until I started
practicing what I’m about to share with you, and it’s
the simplest thing you guys, oh my gosh, that I realized,
“Wow. On any given day, I’m maybe eight to even
24 ounces shy of my goal.” So, for those of you
out there who don’t know how much water you need to be consuming, it’s basically half your
body weight in ounces. So, half your body weight,
measured in pounds, in ounces! So for many, you do
whatever your weight is. Another way is just to
make sure you’re getting eight, eight ounce glasses per day. I had to write a little note
because I never remembered the kilogram measurements, so if you measure in kilograms then you take your weight in kilograms and you divide it by 30 to determine how many liters of water you need per day. If I got that wrong, somebody
who knows please let me know. Please correct this in the comments so that we’re all set
and all square on that. All right, so, are you ready
for the big reveal? (laughs) Are you ready for the
new technology? (laughs) Here we go! Tah-dah! (laughs) So, this pitcher filled up to the top, this is half of my body weight in ounces. This is how much water I need
to drink from start to finish. So, when I wake up first
thing in the morning, I fill this sucker all the way to the top and this is what I’m
drinking from throughout the course of the day,
until it’s finished. Now, I work from home, so
this little glass pitcher, it’s super easy for me to cart with me. I come downstairs. That’s our dining room right there. Have my lunch, have my dinner. Go upstairs in my office where I work, take this up there with me, Take this right to bed. This is my little buddy. (laughs) This is my pitcher buddy. (glass clinking) It’s been, I don’t know,
a few weeks that I’ve been doing this, and I gotta tell you, the amount of energy
that I have is so much! I won’t say through the roof or double, but I can definitely see the increase and I’m pretty sure it’s
mostly due to the hydration. My skin feels better, I’m sleeping well. Things are going well in the department, you know what I’m saying? So, anyway, I share this
very simple tip with you because so many of us are guestimating. We think we’re drinking enough water, but at the end of the day, are you? Let’s measure it. Now, you can also invest in, which I just purchased online, you can invest in those
portable water bottles. So, I know that Klean Kanteen makes one, I think Hydro Flask makes one. I just bought the Klean Kanteen version. They make it in 64 ounces,
so it’s a nice big one that you can take with you. So let’s say you go to
an office during the day that’s outside of your home,
that would be good for you. For those of you who travel,
I was just saying earlier on another Live on Instagram,
that I haven’t vetted these yet, but I found a bunch
of great water tracker apps. The one I just downloaded
and think looks pretty cool is called WaterMinder. So, WaterMinder. So go to the app store
and check out WaterMinder, but poke around because there
could be some better ones. Again, I haven’t had
the chance to test it, but I will in the coming weeks. I know that many of those apps
also give you little alarms, so you can put in your weight, it’ll tell you how much you need in ounces or kilograms,
whatever you prefer. Then, it’ll give you
alarms throughout the day. Okay, let me just say hi to all of you! Hi Donna and Holly and
Kat and Jenny and Liz! Hey guys! Okay, I am going to– (laughs) Larry says, “Or me, two
alcoholic drinks per year!” (laughs) I hear you, Larry. Okay, so, I’m gonna come back and answer some questions at the end here, but let me tell you some
signs of dehydration. So, dry skin. Often times, we’re investing
in all of these lotions and potions and creams, oh
my, to keep us young and youthful, and banish the
blemishes and the dryness and all of that. Truth is, is that your
skin totally transforms when you change your diet,
and it really transforms when your hydrating. When you are dehydrated,
you’ve got dry skin. That’s probably the number one sign. So dry skin, dry mouth, and
believe it or not, dry eyes. So, sometimes my husband would be like, “Oh, I need those–” What are those? Like, fake tears, because
his eyes feel so dry, and I just say to him, “Have
you been drinking water today?” And he’ll go, “I forgot my pitcher!” So dry eyes is a big one. Dark urine, so it’s a good thing to look in the toilet you guys! There’s so many interesting
things in there, okay? You can learn a lot about
your body if you take a peek in the toilet, at your pee and your poo. In fact, Jesse, would you
put a link in (laughs) in the comments that links
out to our poop blog? The one that has all
of the different shapes and all that greatness about poop health? That would be awesome, hunny, thank you. Okay, so, when you have
dark urine, that is a sign that you are dehydrated,
so you definitely wanna check that out and your urine
should be light colored. What else can I tell you? Wrote some other things down. Sometimes you can feel hungry
but it’s actually dehydration. So, fatigue, joint poin,
dizziness, headaches. All a potential sign of dehydration. So let’s go through a little
test that you can do right now. We can do it together! This test will show, right
now, if you are dehydrated. Are you ready? It’s so easy! You can do this on the back of your hand, or you can do this on your
arm, where ever you like. You’re just gonna grab your skin, you’re gonna pinch your skin, be nice to you because you’re wonderful and you’re my friend so
don’t hurt you, okay? But, you’re just gonna
pinch your skin lightly, and then you’re gonna watch it goes down. It should go back in
place right away, okay? If it stays up like this, if it’s like this little
bump here, a little tent, if it stays up like that and
doesn’t go down right away, that’s a sign that you’re dehydrated. That’s your test. How many of you knew that test,
and are doing that test now? If you’re doing that test
now, go ahead and tell me. Give me the result. Let me know. How did it go? How did that test go for you guys? Give me a thumbs up or
tell me, “Oh, I did well. I did fine. I’m not
dehydrated. That’s so great.” Okay, wonderful! We talked about peeing, we
talked about bowel benefits, we talked about the test. I’m gonna give you a couple more tips, and then I’m gonna look and
see if you’ve got any questions and just connect with you and check in. So this is a really good one
for all my friends out there who are cancer patients who
are going through traditional treatments right now. I learned this one from my dad. Many of you know that he’s
been going through treatments for Pancreatic Cancer,
and I’ve also learned this from other cancer patients over
the years in our community. So, this is a really good one. If you’re going through
specifically chemo, one of the things you may wanna ask for is IV fluids after your treatments. So, IV fluids, IV hydration, because it can be very dehydrating. You also wanna flush out those
toxins, and for those of you who have been through
those treatments, you know they create a lot of fatigue. What I have heard from my dad and from other cancer patients who have used this method is it is a great way to combat the fatigue. The bounce back rate after your treatment is so much better and faster. You’re gonna have a much better week if you are not dehydrated. If you are not only drinking water. But for many people, it’s just not enough. Or, if you’re experiencing
nausea, excuse me, it’s hard to get the amount of water down. Then, you wanna ask for IV fluids. This is something that you can talk to your Oncologist about. And if you know any cancer
patients in your life, you can say, “Hey, my friend
Kris does this Wellness Wednesday you’ve gotta check out. She does it every week.” Give them the link. Just pass this link on, and
share this episode with them. Or give them the tip, just say, “Hey, I heard this, and it may help you. I know you’re going through
treatments right now. You mentioned that you’re
experiencing a lot of fatigue. Are you doing this? You may wanna ask your Oncologist.” Because, truth is, is
that we all know somebody who is experiencing cancer right now. So we wanna be as helpful as possible. Okay guys, let me just see. Let me check in. (hums) Okay, Jean mentions a
water filtration system called AquaTru, and I remember doing a little research about that. I have to circle back, I
know I’ve got some thoughts on that system, and I
can post in this episode. The only thing I think
about when I think about water filtration, one of the
things that I think about is the amount of water
waste that also happens. So, I’m not sure about that product. Again, I did a little
research, but I have to look back on my notes. But, the person endorsing
it is pretty damn fabulous, so that might be a good resource. You passed! Okay, so Breanne says she passed. Carrie said she did well. Nancy did the test, and
it snapped right back. Okay, this is so wonderful you guys! So any of you are in good shape! All right. That’s fantastic, okay, let me just see. I love you’re all sharing this. You guys are on it, you’re
taking care of yourself. Cindy said her platelets were low, so she had to skip treatment. I think that’s pretty common, Cindy, so maybe you’ll be back
on in the next round or next week or whenever it is. What is the water app? The water app is WaterMinder, and again, I can’t endorse it but it’s one that I found before this episode. Okay, so Lisa says, “Water
tastes awful on chemo. I was passing fruit tea the
other day before I diluted it. I made fruit tea. It was the only way I
could drink the water.” That’s a wonderful tip. So, Lisa, many people find, separate from your chemo situation, find water to be boring. It’s just not motivating or inspiring. So, if you wanna add a little bit of organic fruit juice to it. Again, we don’t wanna over do it. This is not a time to fill up on sugar. It does the opposite effect. But, if you wanna add a
little bit of fruit juice to just sass up your water. Or I like to, honestly,
I just cut up cucumbers or I cut up strawberries or I cut up mint, and I just put them in this pitcher, and they’re just seeping
and soaking all day long. It gives the water such a delicious taste. So, you can take fruits
and vegetables right from your refrigerator. You can take apples, you can take oranges, whatever excites you. You can squeeze lemon, for
many of you, into your water and see if that helps you. Again, keep it as natural as possible, and it’s just to add a little tszuj, so you’re like, “Ooh,
this is fun.” (laughs) Okay, guys, well I will
check in on the comments and see if you have questions
that I can answer there. I am just so happy to
connect with you this week. Please stay hydrated. Please continue to take care of yourself. Next week, let’s check back
in, if any of you bought a pitcher or if you have a pitcher, or maybe you purchased one of
those portable water bottles and you’ve been using it. Let me know, let’s check
in, let’s keep each other accountable, and wait, one
more thing before I wrap. Speaking of accountability, I
can finally say to you guys, that I have booked my
visit with my Oncologist. I did it, I got a day,
I got an appointment. For those of you who are
new to this conversation, this is the third week now,
where we’ve been talking about if there’s something
you’ve been putting off or you’ve been forgetting
or you’ve been neglecting. Maybe it’s a dermatology appointment, maybe you need to get a physical, maybe like me you need
to go to the Oncologist and just get your regular checkup. Or whatever it is, maybe you
need to go to the gynecologist. Where ever you need to go, if
you’ve been putting it off. We as a community have banded
together and we’ve decided to hold each other accountable, and I have been encouraging you and you guys have been encouraging me to get it done. Get it on the books. Take care of yourself. Take care of myself, because
we are super important. We are needed, so we have to be well. So, anyway, if you’ve been
putting it off, go get it done. If you have done it, let me know. I’m so proud of you. I go in July. Whew, that’s over. I’m actually on a wait list
to see if I can get in sooner, but right now I’m in July. So, just wanted to share with you. Wanted to close that whole loop
because I called myself out three Wellness Wednesday’s
ago, and I did it. So if there’s something
you still need to get, go for it, get it done, let me know. I’ll check in with you again next week, and let’s also check in on our hydration. Okay, mwah! I love you! Have a great day!

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