My 2-week Bulletproof Diet Experience

fancy seeing you here thanks for stopping by I am going to be reviewing the bulletproof diet by Dave Asprey today right now it's happening because it goes along the same principles that I align my guidebook and 30 day meal plan the keto beginning I wanted to kind of compare the two and talk about my thoughts around the bulletproof diet whoo I think that it works for whoo it doesn't and also I decided to follow the meal plan and program that he outlines in the back of his book for two weeks to really give you details on what this diets all about Dave Asprey advocates listening to your body he has hacked his way through medical issues and understands his body better than a lot of people out there and now he's educating everyone on how to do the same and really encouraging us to step out there and listen to our body what I love about this as well as all of Dave's work is that it's a really interesting way of looking at living a toxin-free lifestyle I had never put the connection between how I feel after a meal – how many toxins or mold are in the food that I eat he also goes through preparing food and how that can have a toxic effect – how you feel and how you react to meals something I would have liked to hear more of in the book is more of the thyroid hacks and things that a lot of people deal with on a day to day basis and something that I noticed throughout the book and also in a lot of the recipes is that Dave uses MCT oil a lot like we're talking not just in blended coffees but everything like salads and guacamole and meatballs everything it can get quite expensive by following you know the meal plan for one week I went through almost a bottle of MCT oil and that stuff is like $45 now for week one I've been following the meal plan he outlined there's lots of delicious meals in here I really liked in the meal plan though that in the morning you're focused on fats and proteins and at night you're focused on carbohydrates to help you sleep something I noticed with the meal plan is that there's a lot of uses for turmeric and he puts that stuff in everything and apple cider vinegar which are two super powerful foods that I never really played around with much my protein fast experience in the book he talks about eating less than 15 grams of protein once every week what I found with my first protein fast experience is that I felt like I was detoxing and then the next day I just felt like garbage it took me the whole day to get through it so next time I do a protein fast I'm going to make sure that I'm drinking a lot of salt water with Himalayan rock salt and lemon juice to help make sure that my electrolytes are balanced because I think that that threw it off and also the fruit at night – I think threw me off just a word of caution for some people if you do try the protein fast and you feel like garbage I – – I'm going to stop the recording and then next week I'm going to record another one and merge it all together and then you'll see what I have to say about the second week of my bulletproof experiment week two is down and done I followed every recipe that I could I followed the plan to a tee and now I can give you like a full review of everything that I experienced and some of my thoughts first off I tried the protein fast again and by drinking more water like a lot more water I think I drank three liters extra of water that day I definitely felt a lot better and no fruit really helped so I didn't eat fruit and the next day I felt a lot better than I did the first time something that I noticed and I mentioned in week one is that there's a lot of MCT oil required for many of the recipes in the book I believe that Dave does this because of the ketone generation that's caused by having MCTS but something that isn't really touched on in the book that I would have liked to read more on is his opinions on generating ketones naturally by your body naturally creating them and generating ketones from the oil that you're eating what I've loved with this program is reintroducing myself to how much I love steamed vegetables dave has a bunch of different recipes on how to steamed vegetables with different sauces and they taste really good I was pretty surprised overall my keto measurement has not been as high following the bulletproof diet as it has been in the past by following my meal plan in the Kido beginning think because there's a little bit more carbohydrates on this eating style than I'm used to I was probably around fifty to eighty grams of net carbon hydrates on his plan as opposed to around 30 ish on the plan that I generally follow but what I loved about Dave's book and it's so hard to find in the low carb high fat eating space is that he's as whole foods hmm to get us there I mean I've read countless books where it's like have a protein shake from a bottle that has low carbs and sugar fake things so it was really refreshing to follow a program that relied on whole food sources another tool that Dave mentions in this book that I've been using that I love is the flip proof food detective app basically you put on your iPhone and you take your pulse in the morning before you get up and then again as you're eating and it shows possible food sensitivities and the whole thought behind it is that inflammation shows itself by increasing your heart rate so if the foods that you're eating are causing mild inflammation your heart rate is going to boost up above 16 beats per minute than your basic resting heart rate overall I feel really good there are a lot of things that I'm going to be keeping from the bulletproof diet and incorporating into my own life a lot of the recipes I love my love for grass-fed butter is even higher and for those that are sensitive to Dairy I am too like severely sensitive and I can handle grass-fed butter just fine so that was really fun and exploring that I'll probably go back to my own practice of cyclical ketosis where I'm in ketosis for a couple of days and then carb up at night and then back again and I will be outlining that in further videos as soon as I've come up with a solid strategy this book is really great for people are interested in understanding their body on a deeper level anyone that's interested in high fat eating or low carb living or losing weight with Whole Foods or just trying something new if there's anything that I've learned over my journey of living a healthy life is that we have to be true to ourselves and if what we're doing isn't working we owe it to ourselves to try something new and the bulletproof diet outline is a really great introduction to how to do that something new whoo I feel this program may not work for us people that don't understand how to trust their bodies the bulletproof diet really relies on us understanding when we're full when we're not what we feel like what our body's saying to us if you speak to any biohacker they have a really really firm understanding of what's going on in their body at all times so if you're new to the eating well realm or you're new to listening to your body or you don't even know what it means to have a relationship with your body then this might not be the program for you I hope that that gives you a really firm understanding of what to expect from this book I love the information that Dave had to share and I definitely think it's at least worth a read very easy read and more reviews to come in the future have a good one bye

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  1. Thanks for sharing I enjoyed your video. I am 50 and have always stayed healthy and fit but I feel like I need a new strategy because my fat is up to 20% . I have tried the BPC and love it. I think I am going to try full Keto diet in beginning to get down to 10% fat then maybe experiment with a little more carbs. Tell me what your other Keto plan was? I'm also thinking about going with one of the keto diet apps and track my macros? Tell me what you think? Thanks again

  2. I’m really down and disappointed in myself. I failed at keto after a month. I felt really great with zero carb cravings after the initial two weeks… then all of a sudden I had zero cravings for any of the food I was eating. I dreaded eggs, any kind of meat, anything super fatty… I found myself gagging at every meal. 😔 Was unintentionally IFing for half the day cuz I hated eating on keto. I was so weak, depressed, completely drained of all energy cuz I couldn’t bring myself to eat over 700cals a day. I gave up this diet two days ago and went back to eating carb heavy foods and all my digestive issues returned. I know HFLC is the way to go but all that money wasted on keto made me want to just throw all my progress away (I’m down 22lbs). This diet seems really up my alley, thank you for your insight 🥰

  3. Are you doing the review thing, or are you doing the cleavage thing, the question is which comes first

  4. Sugar makes my heart race, or so I thought. I now know it may be the wheat that accompanies the sugar. Time to get serious about low carb.

  5. the way you raise and lower your tone of voice makes you sound stupid. Not all the time but it is noticeable. Otherwise good.

  6. Try Viome by Naveen Jain, it will tell you exactly what you can and can't eat since we know everyone is different.

  7. Dave is prescribed a couple pharmaceuticals that he does not tell you about. He has an unfair advantage. Google "Bulletproof Coffee Scam".

  8. 🙄🙄🙄..Hi LeAnne.. ok I have your book just started keto but have hashimotos and diabetes and other autoimmune.. any suggestions on which keto plan from your book I should follow.. thanks LeAnne.. you are an amazing last 😍😍

  9. Thanks. Your review was very very helpful!!! Thanks so much!!! Now I am willing to attempt this. Great tip about the extra water and Himalayan salts…this is really positive.. so thank you!!

  10. You shouldn't have problems with identifying your pig. Reading this in tandem with The China Study is going to lead to deep and abiding change for me (((Don’t Miss Free Source 👀 👀 ))) I know it- there is no question. It's almost like magic, they way they both came along at the same time.

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