My Appendectomy If I Didn’t Have Health Insurance

all right, let’s get into audience questions.
For the week. Very timely. One from Joe. Joe says, Hey David, I’m glad you’re recovering
from surgery. Can you talk about your recent healthcare experience related Bernie Sanders and then compare and contrast
both with Americans who are not insured or under insured? Yes, so listen, I mean there’s
a lot here. If you don’t, don’t know. I recently had an emergency appendectomy. I missed last
week’s Thursday show and some of the Friday show. Some of the elements of it were, were
taped earlier in the week and uh, I have insurance and I was in a position where I went into
an emergency room. I actually, I went to urgent care first and was told I was fine and then
hours later was in an emergency room anyway and had immediate, you know, cat scan, blood
tests, all of that stuff was scheduled for surgery. Once it became clear I had appendicitis.
And I’m guessing that part of the reason why it all just happened was that the hospital,
because it’s a network hospital with the network I’m associated with already had my insurance
information, knew I had insurance and there were no questions about it. Now, that being said, I have a silver level
plan here in Massachusetts. It costs me $421 per month and it still has a $2,000 annual
deductible. I believe it’s $1,000 deductible for imaging. So that cat scan, I’m already
been, I’ve been billed $302 for that cat scan. I’m anticipating that the remaining 1700 or
so of my deductible will be billed to me. I don’t know in the end what the procedure
will cost. I’ve read that appendectomies in the U S can range between 1500 to $180,000
depending on, I don’t even know what, which is crazy in and of itself, but I, I know,
I mean, listen, I have a savings account. If I’m prepared to have to pay the $2,000
and I know that I might have to, uh, I think my annual out of pocket maximum is 7,500.
I have that in savings, so I know it’s not going to bankrupt me. Now, if I were not insured or underinsured,
the circumstances would be different. And also they would be different if I didn’t have
money in savings to self insure against the maximum annual costs of the plan. Now in the
hospital I had hours during which I was just looking around, just sitting there and there
are signs that say whether or not you have insurance, and this is, I think this is Massachusetts
law, but I think most States have something similar regardless of insurance status or
ability to pay. Uh, I have to be given a stabilizing treatment and if necessary, a transfer to
another facility. Now if you go in with acute appendicitis and you don’t have insurance,
what counts as stabilizing treatment? The appendix has to come out or you can try to
treat it in some cases with antibiotics. Although in my case they said, you know, you really
should have it removed. Is anything short of an appendectomy considered
stabilizing for someone with acute appendicitis? I don’t know the answer to that. Those are
the types of problems that would ultimately present themselves for someone who is uninsured
and underinsured by under-insured, I’m guessing we’re talking about a catastrophic plan, which
instead of running for 20 a month, like I pay, I think it’s about half of that. Like
it’s still $200 a month. I think, um, what happens or if you have a subsidized catastrophic
plan where you might, because of your income only pay $60 a month. But if you go in there,
you might have a $7,000 deductible that has to be met. What happens? You’re screwed basically.
Um, do you go into bankruptcy? I don’t know. Do you go into this debt collection, industrial
complex and then potentially start paying interest on top of the bills? I mean, this
is why the system doesn’t make sense because as soon as you’re in that sort of hamster
treadmill as it is effectively, uh, you, are you going to be even more hampered in your
ability to get out of it? Because at that point you have trouble potentially
making your car payment. If your car gets repossessed. How do you get to work? You need
to go to work in order to make the money to pay off the medical debt. And you very quickly
start seeing the snowball effect and the negative externalities of this. So, I mean, listen,
my situation, Bernie’s Bernie, I’m sure has far better health insurance than I have. It’s
not good. It’s not good when you consider that, when you don’t have that, um, and you
don’t have some money saved, which I’m fortunate enough to have. You are, would I have delayed
even going to urgent care or the emergency room? I had a $55 copay at urgent care would
ended up, we ended up just sending me home with appendicitis instead of saying we should
actually do some imaging here. You probably delay going, which can lead to a burst or
perforated appendix and then it gets much more expensive. It’s a mess. It’s extraordinarily depressing
and, uh, it’s just, it’s gotta be fixed. This next question is, I mean, I’m taking it as
a real question, but it is also, I can tell someone who just doesn’t understand what the
hell is going on in the United States.

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  1. I didn't have health insurance. Mines cost about 45000$. They didn't want to do the scan the ER Dr was trying to send me home. I told him my stomach was hurting contantly for 5 months and they day it was bad. The only reason they did the CT scan was that my mom was on speaker phone and she was loud and cursed everyone out.

  2. America: makes sure that if you get sick and don’t have insurance you will be in debt for the rest of your life while the rich get tax breaks because they are “job makers” and they still find stuff to complain about


  4. There's no such thing thing as free health care maybe if healthy foods grow natural were legally have right pick them .or know how treat yourself. But other then it comes out your taxes. But instead using this justify the murder of my people.
    One real way lower cost of health care. And maybe even solve world hunger. Allow insurance companies to be a pre-existing condition. . Unless Diabetic or metabolic disorder . We Save on self inflicted health problems of who just to eat less and or healthier. And better manage food resources

  5. I'm a dual citizen. I frequently make a point of telling other Americans I would never move back to the US as long as private health insurance is necessary. Americans are at a serious disadvantage compared to most (all?) other developed countries. It's a farce exemplifying their similarly farcical politics.

  6. David, just say you’ll support Bernie and his damn bill, so you don’t have to deal with such high expenses in the future!

  7. Even with good insurance something like this can set many people back years financially, this is unacceptable in a country with so much wealth going to so few

  8. I've been covered for a half century under Canadian universal healthcare. My personal care number is printed on the back of my driver's license. Presenting that card is the only insurance transaction I go through. I'm low income so there's no quarterly fee and meds are free. Some provinces cover the cost wholly by taxation, so no fee. I was only paying $180 year in BC anyway.

  9. I have 15000 in medical debt from severe food poisoning without medical insurance (less then 90 days on job). Murica

  10. The answer is that, if you're having a true case of appendicitis, the appendix MUST be removed or eventually, inevitably, wait long enough, and the appendix WILL rupture. And if you don't get a qualified surgeon? You develop peritonitis, or sepsis, and you have to have another surgery or die. I was in the hospital for 8 days after this: thank God for health insurance in 1997; my bill would have been astronomical! Glad you're back and better, David!

  11. You mean u had to pay for going to Urgent Care without getting any care? This is unbelievable. I feel for Americans with little or no health insurance. This is playing with people's lives. It is criminal. I'm in Canada, i actually live below the poverty line right now and i have so much compared to the States. I am off work with sick leave. I never had to worry about whether i was going to afford going or getting admitted to hospital. I have health departments checking up on me in my home, i go to appointments for follow ups. We don't have a perfect system but it is golden compared to USA. I feel sad for all of you who are in this position. If i were on a regular salary right now i would reach out and help those in desperate situations. I hope your healthcare system gets a whole lot better. Vote in 20/20. From what i see Bernie is doing the most in this area. Americans are coming to Canada to buy insulin, for example. Why in the hell is Insulin not a given. People are dying from lack of money for Insulin. How is this not criminal? Heart shattering.

  12. Thank you for sharing your experience in relation to normal everyday people who have already or may experience a healthcare crisis. I've had to declare medical bankruptcy before when I was uninsured and underinsured. I chose Chapter 13, because I wanted my doctors to be paid, and I felt at that time they deserved the payment that I had agreed upon with the hospital. If I had to do it over again, I may have claimed a personal chapter 11 and been done with it, because it caused such financial grief over a long period of time with daily stress, negative impact to my credit score and ability to provide much needed maintenance to auto and home. But, it protected my home. Now, I only pay 10.00 or less flat fee for generics, 30 for brand names, 25.00 for doctors visit. With a low catastrophic copay and low hospital copays. BUT, it's because I'm in a large group plan.
    That's the key to any kind of insurance. With Bernie or Warren's plan, everyone will be under the same plan, no need for hospitals to discriminate or charge patients differently, as they won't be able to. The premiums will be lower as all younger and healthier people are included in the nationwide demographics. Costs of medications will be mediated by the government, which they should be since taxpayers pay for the costs of research and development of these medications.
    Glad you are well and survived your dangerous medical situation.

  13. Jeez, and there are people – poor people – fighting against solutions to this. Truly the dumbest country on the planet.

  14. I am Dutch. I pay $130 monthly for nearly full coverage, meaning doctor visits, hospitalisations, investigations, medications and more. Dental and vision are not covered but can also be insured. For me it is way cheaper to not cover it. Some treatments like chyro are also not covered, but there is a limit of $450 annually, above that it is also covered.
    Your US healthcare system is shit. You pay way more than any other developed country and get less. The US is like 38th in terms of quality and results. Not to mention that a significant part of your "greatest country on Earth" does not even have healthcare.
    US vs the World:
    Ranking 2018:
    Cost per country:

  15. Over $400 a month for the insurance, and you still have co-pays to worry about that could rack up to thousands! Wow! Can you ask for a refund from the urgent care that said you were ok, when you clearly were not?

    Our NHS system here in the UK may be far from perfect, but I am eternally grateful for it and for the number of times it has saved my broken ass.

  16. I was in Australia on vacation and got acute appendicitis 4 days in hospital with no health insurance!!! cost me nothing as I'm British 🙂 actually thats a lie i had to pay $20 for parking. NHS is better than any insurance plan.

  17. Just to get perspective to things, in Helsinki, Finland my close relative had a hemmorage in the cerebellum (av malformation). She had been laying in her home for 3 days before it was obvious something was not right and the neighbour went in with the building manager. She needed immediate transfer to the hospital by ambulance. She had multiple CT scans, went through a brain surgery (the hemorrage was in such place that angiography was not possible), was in ICU for 2 weeks, got out of ICU and was transfered to normal ward for stroke/ hemmorage patients for 2,5 months where she learned to swallow, talk and walk again before finally coming home again. All the medications, CT scans, surgery, ICU stay, paramedics plus the ambulance ride, rehab, food, care, doctors, etc, etc for this WHOLE 3 months was 1900 euros. The bill came later. Free at the point of service.

    Our single payer system has a small out of pocket fee. (the ambulance ride for example was 30 euros) but there are countries where the cost is zero.

    I can not belive one has to pay hundreds or thousands per month and still has a co-pay or deductible when emergency hits.

    Please get single payer already!!

  18. I had an appendectomy and an ureteroscopy back in June (all on the same day) and when I saw my final bill a month or so later, I nearly had a heart attack! 😂

  19. My mother is from the US, and when she was a young woman she knew a guy who was the victim of an accident that mangled his leg. There was a decent chance that the doctors at the hospital could’ve sewn him up and saved his leg, but because he didn’t have insurance he had to wait a long time at the hospital before a doctor finally came back to see what could be done. By then the parts of his leg that weren’t getting enough blood flow were either dead or dying, and the only choice for treatment was now, coincidentally, the least expensive option; amputation. He lost his leg that day.

    All I can think of is that, here in Canada, he would’ve been rushed into surgery as soon as possible.

  20. I had a friend who had to get an emergency appendectomy in college.

    It cost him fucking $14,000.

    On top of student loans and a car note and rent.

  21. I had an appendectomy at a very early age. . .twas a buzz. . . Thank Goodness you are on the mend. . .♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♦️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  22. Even if you have insurance, there's still a 20% copay and the hospital expenses. Where does that money come from?

  23. I am from Michigan, USA. Once stabilizing medical care is rendered, you will be sent separate bills for the ED, the ED physician and in some places lab and imaging. An emergency surgery would produce bills for the surgeon, the anesthesiologist and time in the surgical theater. If you are then hospitalized for further medical care, you will pay for tge room, the attending physician, labs, imaging, etc. Once you receive the bills they will offer a payment plan of some type. My experience is this is usually beyond ones means. You will then enter debt collection, usually after 90 days of being able to meet the terms of their plan. By law they are supposed to work with people who are paying "in good faith." That is usually considered the amounts offered by these separate billings. I was victim of a hit and run as a pedestrian. I had over $250,000 worth of medical bills. I was left permanently disabled. My ex and I had to file for chapter 7 bankruptcy FOR MEDICAL DEBT. The judge was sympathetic. He disparaged those who filed due to credit card type debts. This, of course, ruined our credit for the next TEN years; we were told 7 when we applied.

  24. For 3 months in 2017. Just for 3 months. Google it, you can find it. For just 3 months in 2017.

    " Combined, the nation’s top six health insurers reported $6 billion in adjusted profits for the second quarter. That’s up more about 29 percent from the same quarter a year ago — far outpacing the overall S&P 500 health care sector’s growth of 8.5 percent for the quarter, according to Thomson Reuters I/B/E/S data. "

  25. I've got some health concerns i'd love to have checked out, but I don't have insurance and have been putting off going to get checked out for years. I'm really pushing for Bernie in 2020.

  26. If the affordable care act was repealed my husband would die. Simple as that. We pay monthly for it and absolutely everything has to be pre approved it’s crazy. The fact that being poor can potentially kill you, in such a wealthy country is just unacceptable. The really sad part is my husband is Native American we really owe natives and veterans the healthcare they deserve!

  27. American living and working in Germany for 20 years. Had a knee surgery with pre- and post op visits plus 5 weeks paid leave…..and I never saw a bill. No idea what it cost. No deductible, either. The system in the US has to change, for profit health care ruins lives.

  28. You got your health insurance the American way, you earned it, David. Health care is not a Constitutional right. Go to Canada, where the high taxes pay for it.

  29. Several years ago my dad had a triple bypass with no health insurance. It was nearly 300,000. Fortunately the hospital hooked him up with a lot of charities and they covered all but 25,000. The issue is that he retired early and had two more years go until he was on medicare. Because he had prior health issues the cost of the Cobra insurance at the time after leaving his job was more than his income.

  30. you still didn't address the fact that Medicare pays for so little and as far as it's concerned it gives everybody bare-bones basic stabilizing treatment. Bernie Sanders wants to shove that junk insurance down everybody's throat! as for your deductible I have no idea what the hell you're talkin about. I have stiffed the hospital for tens of thousands of dollars and have absolutely no intention of ever paying.

    You Jews charge too fucking much from the beginning. it seems to me nobody ever wants to address that or question why healthcare costs so much to begin with. every time there's some sort of disastertbe it health, or economical or even the housing homelessness crisis we can see that the Jewish oligarchy is always standing right there in the shadows.


  32. Why does the same CT scan performed in Ghana cost $100 without any form of government subsidies but cost thousands of dollars in America. There is obviously a problem somewhere. One thing I noticed when I traveled to the United States is that many Americans are not informed about things happening in other countries. They live in this bubble where they have become comfortable and think they have the best lives. Americans need to travel to other countries and see what they are missing out on and fight for their rights. Americans are being ripped of by insurance companies and private health care facilities. You guys need to take a stand because you are truly missing out.

  33. Thank you for sharing your story. I’m so glad you’re okay. I’m a physician. I just treat outpatients. And I’m still disgusted at our health care system. I also had hip surgery recently. The bills are incredible. I have so many patients who cannot afford the correct maintenance treatment for their conditions. Too many shareholders and CEOs are making huge amounts of money off of the healthcare system without doing anything for patients. This is why we have the most expensive system in the world. We are so broken.

  34. The cheapest catastrophic plan available to me and my spouse is almost $1,200 a month, with an $11,000 deductible ($5,500 each). I can't afford that, which is why we're now uninsured. An extra 20% tax for single payer would be far better and cheaper than what I can get now.

  35. When I worked for a hospital I had $400 deductible and $1000 oop max, I only paid $28 twice a month. It was the lower PPO plan too. When I lost my job COBRA was a joke and if I wanted the same plan I’d have to pay $600 a month and I didn’t even qualify for Medicaid because my taxes said I made too much. 🤡

  36. The US health system, if you can even call it that, is just about fucking money making. There is not a whisp of social or humanitarian care in it, it's all just about the damn money!
    Calling itself a first world country, but can't even take care of it's own people.

    I'm from Germany and my siblings and I were covered by health insurance the moment we were born. My brother had leukemia when he was 15 years old, he had been in and out of the hospital for more than 3 years and my mum had to pay nothing!
    I'm glad to live in a country where my mum hadn't had to choose between my brothers live and a dept that could last the next 3 generations!

  37. And let's not forget, the stress of coming up with the money and dealing with insurance companies and their forms, is not conducive to healing.

  38. Hey David,I'm Canadian my medical plan costs me nothing,last Thursday (Oct.3) I had a major heart attack and was in the hospital for 5 days,including the 5 medications I'm on and the stent they put in me,my total cost was $0.

  39. Also had emergency appendectomy. Have pre-existing condition, so was hospitalized for 2 weeks. No idea what the bill was. I simply presented my Provincial health card. 0$, even for the meds I left the hospital with.

  40. My wife and I are both veterans. My question is why is the VA hospital asking for insurance? If I say yes we have insurance we will have to pay for the deductible. WTF! The VA should be free! We fought in combat. We both have combat action badges. CABs So now the VA isn't free to combat veterans. What the f*ck is the point of serving? To pay medical bills fighting in a government war? Why does the VA need medical insurance information?

  41. If "medicare for all" is so important to you maybe you should tell your audience that Elizabeth Warren isn't really in favor of it. Instead of pretending that her and Bernie are the same. watch the tyt interview with her.

  42. Thanks David! Glad you are doing good now. I had the same experience with appendicitis in SLC, UT but no insurance at the time, Went to the emergency room after my local clinic made me go. I was so nauseous that they gave me something to ease that. Later after a very quick surgery, was sent home after a day in the hospital. Had to write the hospital and tell them I could not afford the $10,000 bill. My wages were garnished to pay the Anesthesiologist $800, but that was it. I think they wrote it off. This shit is so scary. I was lucky.

  43. The Healthcare racket funds itself by levying a Private Tax on you by way of premiums, deductibles, co-pays, etc. (Please google 'Private Tax' for a better understanding). Bernie's M4A plan will dramatically cut and/or eliminate that Private Tax, he will in fact, be giving Americans – that means You – a Tax Cut. A real one that will improve real lives, maybe even yours. Imagine that.

    Don't care if you're red, blue or purple, if you get cut, you bleed. You all get sick, you all need M4A. The Republicans don't want you to have it, the establishment Dems don't want you to have it.
    But Bernie wants you to have it.

    And btw, in Canada, that appendicitis surgery David had would not have cost him anything….

    Have you been purged from the voter's list? Are you a first-time voter? Check your status and/or register to vote, see

    Vote IN the Progressives and vote OUT the Corporate Dems and the Republicans at every opportunity – local, state and federal.

  44. The whole U S medical system is basically broken. One hospital charges 10x what another hospital charges for the SAME procedure. Thank god I live in Australia.

  45. Looking at this from the UK, this is just insane.
    Is our NHS perfect? No, of course not. But by god, it is VASTLY better than the nightmare you are describing.
    Medical bills just DO NOT factor into people's minds here. If you're ill, you go to hospital and get fixed. No bills, no bankruptcy, no having to ration medicine. No worries.
    The whole "I'm not paying for other people" selfish mantra I've heard from some Americans is crazy to me, because you're really NOT paying for other people… You're paying for yourself, because unless you are the luckiest SOB ever on the planet you WILL need a doctor and/or hospital a few times in your life. Everybody paying in just means you get huge economies of scale benefits.
    And guess what, if you want private insurance here, you can still have it. You don't get forced to not have your own coverage if you so choose!
    The amount of misinformation the insurance firms and their bought politicians feed American citizens is mind-boggling to everyone in every other developed nation.

  46. I had one appendectomy in Canada decades ago It cost me a big 0$ , 0$ for the hospitalization and a big zero for the meds .And i got a good follow up for 0$.

    It's crazy how much you get screwed un usa.

  47. This is why so many people go into debt, and it's not just because of medical bills it, can be said for any bills that might end up in debt collection. The interest just keeps piling on until the original bill is sometimes 2 X's as much as it was originally. America needs a good alternative to help EVERYONE with medical expenses and they also need to get a handle on the cost of hospitals, doctors, medications, and any follow-up treatments. Prices are currently OUT OF CONTROL!

  48. The cheapest plan I qualified for was $459/mo with a whopping $7,000 deductible. That’s $10,000 annual expense to receive medical care. With $300,000 of student loan debt, I cannot afford health insurance.

    Here’s to hoping I don’t get appendicitis or need any sort of emergency care…because then I’ll never pay off my student loan debts. Like dandruff and DNA in an old library book, it’s best to not think about it (that’s a paraphrased joke from Steve Carrell).🍷😁

  49. I'm In Argentina, got my Appendectomy when i was 15.. I'm 40 now.. paid a grand total of 0 pesos.. an my scar is barely visible, the procedure was attended by a plastic surgeon.

  50. My husband had quadruple bypass surgery last winter (in Boston.) Let me say this up front- we have no issue with the level of care and services provided in the hospital: it was top notch!
    He pays nearly 300 dollars a month for insurance (just for him, as I'm a disabled vet, and have my own coverage,) but has a 6000 dollar out of pocket deductible for in-system dr's/services in system/network. Pay the bills as they come, but they keep changing the balance and applicable charges, but some of the charges might be out of system, and it's IMPOSSIBLE to just get a straight bill outlining services/charges for what was done, or explaining what was in network (covered) vs out of network (not coveredand/or covered under different guidelines and deductables.) Every week it's a new bill, some from providers already paid, some we never heard of.
    Insurance companies are absolute shite! The only service they provide is to separate sick or injured people from their money. I'd call them leeches, except actual leeches have a valid medical reason for being there!

  51. Ouch! I am a white 76 year old Kiwi, have had a triple by-pass, two hip replacements , and paid nothing. I pay $35 for a doctors visit when I think I need one. I have not spent more than a minute in my entire life time worry about anything medical for myself, my children, nor my grandchildren. If I were to need your appendix operation An ambulance would pick me up, take me to hospital and the deed would be done. At no cost.
    My heart breaks for you dumb Americans.

  52. 400 a month seems awfully high and your plan seems kinda awful. I get about $45 taken out per paycheck for health insurance, about 10 for dental, and a few bucks for vision,

  53. I have. O. B. A. M. A. Care and love it. 394. 00 a month and i pay nothing over that for hospital or aftercare. Thats fine with me. The tepubliturds want to take that away. Trumps a low class. Ignorant sicalled leader whi only cares about profit fir his wealthy cronies.

  54. This is how it works in the U.K. Set up by a Labour (socialist) government in 1948.
    We pay National Insurance contributions if you earn more than £166 a week. You pay 12% of your earnings, below £166 per week income you pay nothing. So kids, elderly, unemployed, disabled & sick people pay £0.00. So that's up to £962 earnings a week (for 2019-20). Above that the rate drops to 2% of your earnings.
    This covers you for total healthcare, unemployment benefit, rent etc. for low paid people.
    I had 2 heart valves, sepsis, both feet amputated, fall bladder removed including all ambulances, scans, meds etc. and I was richer when I came out of hospital than when I went in because how can you spend money in hospital right!
    People who work with a good income & are not chronically ill pay some towards prescriptions.
    If you want to pay for exclusive, posh private healthcare you can. It's your choice!
    Oh! & the state supplied me with prosthetic legs & a brand new car adapted with hand controls so I'm still mobile, all I have to pay is fuel. Servicing, insurance & repairs are free.
    I have no idea why you americans think that this system is wrong in some way. This is what a socialist government introduced & I'd be dead if they hadn't!
    It's about time you guys stopped believing the hype & lies given to you by the vested interests in your health insurance firms.

  55. What a bloody awful system. Lost for words. Thank you for sharing. The Michael Moore movie Sicko is worth watching.

  56. As someone who has worked in Surgery, and in the Emergency Room, never go to urgent care as they often don't even have a medical doctor onsite.

  57. Recently been tested for all sorts, uk nhs, so I buy a card that for £10 a month I get as many prescriptions as I need. In the last 12 months I’ve had about 12 X-rays, a mri scan of my brain and spine, then another on my knee, caeliac test, thankfully it’s just allergies. Seen numerous gps, had an a&a visit, two free wrist splints, about 5 hours in an assessment ward because my bp and pulse didn’t want to behave, an mri in a&e, a 24 hour one, a tilt table test. Seen a rheumatologist (useless because she has such outdated knowledge) 3 physio consultations, gastroenterologist, neurologist (a Sunday appointment because they were behind and they don’t like to be) a cardiologist, waiting for another appointment for that. My biggest health expenses are chiropractor appointments, not provided on the nhs. Tho I was offered acupuncture again, it doesn’t work for me, hydrotherapy…few reasons that doesn’t work for me and tai chi! Waste of flipping time, and 4 buses to catch so any relaxation is cancelled out. An annoying physio didn’t like that I said no, I’m not wasting resources. He also decided I should see a personal trainer🙄 I can barely walk, I easily dislocate joints and I blackout. Would have needed taxis to get there, pay for gym membership and personal trainers and they wouldn’t have touched me 😂 so we have some great stuff and some just crap

  58. 400/month for health insurance.

    5000 per year.

    15,000 every 3 years.

    For a plan that doesn't even cover actual emergencies. DP- "I might have to pay 7500 out of pocket."

  59. David, I think the +$100k cost for an appendectomy is when the appendix ruptures and therefore requires more procedures and care from the surgeon and the hospital. Granted, it probably will not be $1.5k because you did go into the ER and did a more expedited process compared to someone who scheduled their appendix to be removed in advance. When I had my appendix taken out when I was 17, about 4 years ago, everything without insurance was around $5k in Southern California. I am not sure how much my mom paid out of pocket — granted, I did grow up in a low-income, single-parent household and had Medi-Cal, so probably not that much– but your procedure reminds me of my own.

  60. 421 dollars per month!? I'm from the Netherlands and my health insurance is 103 euros per month, and I get a refund of 99 euros because I'm poor. So effectively I'm only paying 4 euros a month.

  61. In Sweden You pay about 260 for medication, 150 for transportation, 120 for doctors and 11/night at the hospital/per year, unless youré on welfare, in that case, it´s "free"

  62. Dumb bastards did the same thing to me. I told them in the afternoon…Its my appendix….but of course I didn't know anything…I'm not a doctor. Later that night the pain got so bad, went back in… appendix was ABOUT to burst.

  63. In Germany, even when you are on social welfare, all surgery and stays in a hospital are free. When you have a job, the government automatically deducts your share for insurance from your salary. Had several operations, never paid 1 penny more than that.

  64. I'm a senior with Medicare and it's so easy! No money up front. You show them your card and that's basically it,! I had Medicare for 4 years before I even got sick. Now at 70 I'm thinking of adding medigap and/or prescription coverage because things are starting to happen now. But Medicare is great…try it you'll like it!

  65. The health care system in the US seems to look at patients as nice fat piggy bank's to be turned upside down and shaken to see what falls out and in many cases smashed to get at the last few coppers.

    I'm from the UK, 41 year old male and pay 12% Tax and 9% as National Insurance contributions and I receive excellent healthcare.

    Last year I presented in the emergency department with severe abdominal pain and after an hours wait I was seen in the ambulatory care unit and given a bed in a curtained cubicle.

    A thorough examination including blood and urine tests followed by imaging confirmed it was only a kidney stone. I was prescribed medication and even admitted overnight because my heart rate and temperature were high.

    No bill, no worry that I couldnt afford my rent or food that month just the knowledge I could walk into the hospital and be treated like a human being.

  66. My Medicare plus my supplemental plans cost me $600 per month. Part of that is because of my husband's higher income (he is still working).

    I must have picked a bad supplemental prescription med plan because I am paying an additional $300 every three months in co-pays, for my medications when I order refills. I only get 10% off the retail price of my medications.

    I dropped one type 2 diabetic medication because I thought it was going to cost me over $1600 every three months. My doctor was not happy.

    I could not afford that so I stopped taking it. I found out two weeks ago that the retail price of this medication is now close to $1800 for 3 months. It increased since I went on Medicare and stopped taking it. I wanted to start using it again by paying one month at a time but, nope, it is just too much now. I cannot afford it, even paying one month at a time. It may not seem like a big increase to some but it is just enough to make it unaffordable for me.

    This is not metformin. This drug I cannot afford is a GLP-1 receptor argonist, the latest in type 2 diabetes drugs. All the pharmaceutical companies have their own versions which compete against each other. Suppose to be really good at lowering the HbA1c in type 2 diabetics. I cannot afford it anymore. Too expensive.

    My doctor is on Medicare now too. She pays as much or more per month for her Medicare plans.

    Yes, even doctors feel the pinch of the cost of health care in the US.

    PS: Don't ask me what a GLP-1 receptor argonist is or what it does. I have read the huge medical info sheet and I don't understand it, no matter how hard I try and how much I research on Google. It makes me feel stupid!

  67. I just had a artificial disc inserted in my spine and I had to spend 4 days in the hospital. The bill for that was about 300 bucks total. If you have to pay 4500 for the insurance in a year, plus the deductible that's effin insane. I'll gladly pay a little more in taxes than go bankrupt if I have to go to the hospital. I live in Finland and my income tax is about 23% for 100k$ income (also got an education for "free" with those taxes)

  68. I bring home over $8k a month and still don't have enough to afford medical insurance nor taxes. I'm so effed if a family member needs serious medical attention. SF living…

  69. If it weren't for: Obesity. Heart disease is the #1 killer in America. Largely due to obesity. Where most of our insurance dollars go. So others can continue their gluttony for a few more years on our dime.
    If it weren't for: Unnecessary cosmetic procedures unrelated to health. Boob jobs. Nose Jobs. Caps for teeth. etc. Yes, I'm aware not all policies allow cosmetic.
    If it weren't for: A healthcare system that focuses on profit margin instead of health. Will perform every test in the world and unnecessary ones too. Hangnail? You need an MRI along with other tests. Sneezing? You need an EEG as well as a full cancer screen…..all available if you have insurance. These types of useless tests are used to justify the need, reason and cost of expensive equipment, and lead to bloated, over-inflated insurance costs. Profit is the cancer of our healthcaresystem.
    If it weren't for: Pharmaceutical companies designed to profit. Creating problematic new drugs when there are already ones that work fine. Designing a short shelf life for drugs; means they have to make more all the time instead of a ready 'supply' made at cheaper costs. Outrageous R&D dollars for hair growth, 24 hour erections etc. Idiocracy? Designing, releasing and recommending dangerous, costly habit-forming drugs that are deemed safe, and guarantee steadily increasing and repeating customers.
    If it weren't for: Doctors who recieve little 'bonuses' from pharma companies for prescribing and "recommending" (pushing) drugs even when it is obvious their patients are slowly dying from their addictions.
    If it weren't for: Medical equipment manufacturers. The highest profit margin of all. Example, an IV stand costs about 3 dollars to make. Leased to a clinic or hospital that same IV stand makes tens of thousands of dollars in a decade.
    And keep in mind, once your money is given over to any of these entities, it never gets back into circulation. Instead it is swapped between doctors, hospitals, insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies, the health care system, medical equipment manufacturers until it ends up in a protected untaxable account.

    Healthcare no longer concentrates on curative practices. It has given over to exclusive emphasis on treatment. If you're cured, no money for them. So they treat you….a little at a time…and keep you on the hamster wheel and money in their pockets.

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