My Hygiene Routine on the PCT

hey y'all Dixie here today I want to talk to you about hygiene on the Pacific Crest rim I know a lot of people wonder when you're out on the trail for a five to six month trip you know during a thru-hike or even an extended section hike you know where do you bathe how do you do laundry how do you deal with feminine issues where do you go to the bathroom all of those things so I hope that today I can answer some of those questions that you all might have by running through my general hygiene routine while on trail one of the first things that I do hygiene related in the morning is brush my teeth I carry one of the little travel-size toothpastes and people ask how do you keep your teeth so wide on the trail I use crest 3d white toothpaste I use it at home too and I mean it actually does seem to whiten so you can get them in travel sizes at drugstores maybe even gas stations you know grocery stores I always look in the Travel aisle for you know the tiny toothpaste because there's no sense in carrying a huge thing of toothpaste as far as the toothbrush goes I either get like a travel toothbrush and break the folding part off or get a normal toothbrush and cut it off I mean I know that it seems trivial the amount of weight that you lose in the end of your toothbrush but not only are you cutting a tiny bit of weight but also it's just more packable and I find you know it takes up less room and fits better with my stuff if it's small but to each his or her own sometimes people even use like baking soda to brush their teeth with that is an option you know supposedly it saves weight because it's not as heavy as toothpaste because it's a powder but to me unless you're gonna send yourself you know a certain amount of baking soda it's just you're buying a box of baking soda just only take a little bit with you I've just found for me that buying the travel sized toothpaste is what's most convenient and works the best so after brushing my teeth I apply my deodorant I'm just kidding I don't use deodorant a lot of folks have asked you know do you wear deodorant on the trail do you wear perfume how do you keep yourself from stinking you're gonna stink that's just part of the trail so I think that deodorant is useless wait I mean you're gonna smell like but anyways so if you where'd you're just gonna smell like a but with deodorant on it it's just pointless that's one of the first things that people ditch if they end up carrying it but you know if it makes you feel more civilized and it's worth the wait so you go for it but I think that you'll find that you really just start to embrace your stink you just don't worry about deodorant one thing that you can do if you're really concerned about it is when you're hanging out by the fire just make sure you get you know a good amount of smoke on you because campfire smoke is just like the best natural deodorant I mean once I have campfire smoke I mean I love the way it smells and I just don't smell the Biot anymore the next thing I do in the morning is brush my hair and if it needs it I put baby powder in it if you're wondering why on earth I would put baby powder in my hair it helps absorb the oils in your hair so it makes it less greasy it makes it smell a little bit better and makes it just feel better it's not necessary by any means but it's just something that I found I like to do and it makes me feel a little more fresh so I just sprinkle in a little bit of baby powder like at the roots you know and then comb it through some people don't carry a hairbrush on the trail I just bought one of the little you know foldable ones that has like the mirror part and it's pretty lightweight but for me my hair is so long and it's got to be combed or else it like dreads up and so if you want dreadlocks I guess that's one way to do it but you know I just have found that if I comb my hair every morning and then braid it it tends to be the best way of dealing with my hair so this brush actually had a foldable end that had a mirror attached to it and it broke up into the trail and I threw it away but a mirror isn't absolutely necessary I mean if you got to see what you look like you know you can always use the selfie mode on a smartphone and actually for the first stretch of the 80 I didn't take a mirror because for once in my life I wanted to you know not look at myself and not be worried about what I looked like and I just wanted to do that exercise with myself I did end up finally getting a mirror on the 80 and you know I carried one on the PCT it just makes it easier when you know I'm trying to braid my hair in the morning and I mean sometimes you gotta pop is it you know what I mean so but it is something to think about if you want to try that little experiment with yourself to not have a mirror and you know unless you use your phone not to be able to look at yourself and I know a lot of girls have wondered you know should I cut my long hair off before I start a trail a lot of people tell you you know you should cut it like you know real short and I just I don't want to cut my hair you know I enjoy having long hair and so just the best way I found a deal with it is to comb it out in the morning and put it in one or you know two braids and I'm pretty much good for the day I try to have a dual purpose for all of my items so baby powder is also something you know you could sprinkle in a sleeping bag if you wanted to to freshen it up or on your body if you so choose but I will say that for women talc is not supposed to be used in the nether regions it can cause cancer or down there and things like that so guys I don't think it's an issue you know but I guess guys aren't necessarily as worried about having greasy hair so but a baby powder is good for chafing with men and you know for girls you can use it to just freshen up on other parts of your body and in your hair another thing that girls tend to use in or with their hair in guys too is a buff or bandana so you can use a buffer bandana you know to kind of keep your hair back out of your face to cover up your greasy hair if you want to and then they're also multi-purpose because you can use them you know to cover your face especially in the desert when you've got sand whipping around or to keep your neck warm or head warm when it's cold and finally before I leave camp in the morning if all is right in the world then I handle my bathroom business on the PCT there aren't very many privies to use so you end up usually having to use the bathroom in the woods well how does one use the bathroom in the woods just like you would think you go out there you dig a hole you go in the hole or if you miss the hole you scrape it off into the hole and cover it up that's pretty much it but the Leave No Trace stain is for the PCT a state state you should pee and poop 200 feet from campsite water sources the trail you know just in places that people are going to frequent what are the worst things in the world is to stop at a campsite for the night or even like a lunch break or anything like that lean up against a tree and see a pile of human crap next to you that's disgusting so don't do that don't be that guy um but anyway so you go away you dig a hole that's gonna be six to eight inches deep it helps the you matter to break down if you kind of mix a little dirt in with it and stir it up cover up your whole and it's really nice if people leave like a little indication you know like hey you might not want to dig in this spot like you can stick a stick there or you know I kind of might make an X with some sticks or something like that because nobody likes to find somebody else's buried treasure the PCT a does ask that everyone pack out their toilet paper so what I recommend for that is if you've got a gallon ziplock bag as your trash bag most people tend to put their trash in one of these you can keep your dirty toilet paper you know in one bag and keep either that separate or else inside your other trash bag if you choose I just like to keep you know dirty toilet paper and like feminine products and things separate from the rest of my trash because I don't like the idea of those scents radiating out of my trash bag while I'm like cooking dinner and stuff so just something to think about I prefer to use baby wipes when I go number two I just feel like it does a better job of cleaning everything up there are other options so of course you could just use toilet paper and then some people use water and they just make sure to clean up real good down there with the water and my friend milestone uses sticks and rocks and things like that and one time I got pretty desperate and had to use some like in from a tree so there are other options just me personally I prefer to use baby wipes and toilet paper baby wipes are a little heavy and you know yeah you can dry them out and then wet them as you use them but to me that's just too much trouble so I try to ration my baby wipes so I might use toilet paper while I'm wiping for the most part and then you know come through with one final swoop with a wet wipe in pit toilets it is okay to leave toilet paper only so no baby wipes but you can leave your toilet paper and if you're worried about going number two in the woods it's really not that big of a deal you'll find your own ways to make it more comfortable or you know easier some guys have talked about you know sitting up on a log and hanging your butt over or holding onto a tree and leaning back you know you'll you'll find ways to make it work and it's actually not a terrible experience you know a lot of times especially if you're a morning pooper it's gonna be like real quiet when you go and maybe some things are starting to stir in the woods or maybe you'll get you know a wonderful area to watch the sunrise while you take your nature dump but it is something that you're gonna get used to so don't let that be what keeps you from getting out in the woods as far as going pee you don't have to worry about digging a hole or anything like that for girls if you're gonna wipe me personally I just like t-swift shake it off and like that song gets stuck in my head almost every time I pee cause I literally I'm like shake it off shake it there are other options I mean you can ease too late' paper but again you're gonna have to pack that out or you can use a handkerchief as a peer AG I did that for a little while on the 80 but I just found you know that with it hanging on the outside of my pack it was touching other things and I just really didn't want to put you know a dirty rag down there and I haven't had any issues with the shaking it off method especially because when I go number two you know I'm using baby wipes so I just tend to clean everything up really well for women there are also options of like the pee devices that they make so like the piece style and the Shewee I've never used one of those so I can't really speak for them but I know a lot of women that have used them and have said yes they're wonderful and then I know some that have used them and said it's just too much effort just for me you know I'm thinking I got to keep it in an easy-to-reach location so that I can use it and not have to take my pack off because that would be one of the biggest reasons I would carry is to not have to stop take my pack off you know find a place to go come back and all that it would be just convenient to be able to you know put it up there and go also one thing that could be useful is you know guys always talk about in the middle of the night peeing in a Gatorade bottle so they don't have to get out of their warmth in so I guess having one of those devices being able to go in your tent you know in a Gatorade bottle could certainly work so it's all about personal preference I can't knock it because I hadn't tried it but I just haven't had enough interest to give it a shot but it is something to consider if you want the convenience of being able to just stand up and go and not have to expose you know your whole butt like in the middle of hiking during the day and again Leave No Trace principles for peeing pooping brushing your teeth washing your pot any of that stuff PC ta states that you should go 200 feet from you know camp such trails water sources and all to get rid of those things to deter animals coming into your campsite at night after going to the restroom I always like to use a little squirt of hand sanitizer because even though you think you might have done a really good job of keeping your hands clean it's always better to be safe than sorry I keep my wet wipes and my toilet paper in a separate bag so I just put my hand sanitizer in there with that because I've found that I remember to use it if it's right there in my face and easily accessible with the other stuff that I'm using while I'm going to the bathroom just saying if it's placed conveniently you're more likely to use it so after I've brushed my teeth done my hair and gotten packed up and use the restroom I start my day of hiking now around lunchtime is when I am going to do any laundry if I decide to do any while on trail on the longer stretches I tend to wash some socks out rinse them out or underwear just because it's really a morale booster when you have something more fresh to put on so for underwear I wear ex-officios I have used these for both of my through hikes I'll use them for the CDT I've never had a pair where out during either through hike and I take two pair for the whole trip and just you know rotate them out so what I'll do is wear a pair one way one day then the next day turn them inside out wear them again and then with my second pair I do the same thing so while I'm wearing the second pair you know whether it's the first day or the second day if it's gonna be a long stretch before I'm in town and able to do laundry then I might rinse you know a pair out you will see people doing laundry in the water sources even though it's recommended that you don't if you choose to do your laundry in the water source then please just be considered about it and you know go downstream from where people are collecting their water there's nothing worse than coming right up to the water source and you know somebody's like a little bit upstream from where the water crosses the trail and you're like oh thank you that's just what I wanted is to collect your dirty underwear water in my bottle so that I can drink it it's just not polite like I said the best practice is to take it off somewhere else and rinse it out I do not recommend using soap for anything really I have never carried soap on the trail I feel like it's extra weight that you don't need whether that's for your food pot your laundry your body whatever I just you you don't need it if you are going to use soap even if it's like a biodegradable you know can't soap or dr. Bronner's are gonna do that please take it away from the water sources there is nothing in those soaps that is naturally in the water we just don't need to be drinking soapy water expecting the little critters to live in it so for my food pot for my body for my laundry whatever I just use water in either my hand or a bandana but if I am going to do you know any sort of laundry it happens at lunch time that way I can hang the wet items onto my pack and allow them to dry for the rest of the day like I said I carry two pair of underwear and for the most part I carry two pair of socks to hike in and then one thick pair to sleep in during the desert first stretch I only had one pair of hiking socks and one pair of sleeping socks it's just personal preference and you might find yourself you know rotating out more for certain periods so for example if I know I'm gonna be in a really rainy stretch something about being able to put on dry socks in the morning even if they're going into wet shoes is just a huge morale booster for me so for the Pacific Northwest you might want to carry more than just like two pair of socks but while we're on the topic of laundry as far as laundry goes in town I pretty much did laundry every town and I know folks wonder what are you supposed to wear while you're doing laundry in town if you stay at a hostel chances are they might have loaner clothes that you can wear but if you're at a hotel or the hospital doesn't have loaner clothes then you can wear your rain gear even if that means wearing you know your raincoat and a towel wrapped around you or you can have a set of town clothes for a while i toted a town dress and you know perk has his little town skirt and top but towards the end I finally just started wearing my raincoat and rain pants or like I said making do with raincoat and a towel wrapped around me just to save some weight so after a long day of hiking the first thing I like to do after setting up my shelter is to climb into my tent and bathe off and get out of those stinky rotten hiking clothes now while you're in the desert you're gonna find that everything is a lot more dusty and dirty so if you're not camping near water or you're dry camping water is going to be a precious commodity so you might want to you know more baby wipes in those stretches that have less water or just you know bathe off the essentials so limit you know how much water or baby wipes you use but make sure no matter what that you take care of your feet so even if you bathe nothing else off you know make sure you rinse your feet off you want to get that sweat and the salt and the grime off of it so that you don't have all that sand just eating your feet up you know while you're trying to hike the next day and all of that salt and funk I think it's really important when you get to camp to let your feet air out I try to carry a camp shoe that's like a sandal that way you know while I'm eating dinner and all of that I'm letting my feet air out the whole time so I like to you know take my shoes off take my socks off rinse my feet off or else like I said wipe them down with baby wipes you know massage them a little bit while you're down there because they need some love after all the hurt and you put them through and if you get to camp a little bit early you know you can always go and stick your feet in the water source and just let them rest but again try to remember to go downstream because nobody wants your foot phone call up in their mouth I like to check out my toenails make sure they don't need clipped or anything like that so I do carry clippers I did ditch them for a little while because you can get them for like $0.99 in towns so if you were really wanting to save weight I guess you could every two weeks but you know a dollar pair of nail clippers but i toted some for probably half of it and then went awhile without them and then got another pair but make sure that you're not like clipping your nails around the fire ring at night you know while somebody's over here cooking some ramen noodles because the last thing anyone wants is a toenail flying and their food while they're trying to eat like I said if you don't want to tell baby wipes and water is not scared she can always bathe the rest of your body off with a bandanna and some water then I put on my clean pajama clothes and sometimes I'll use the baby powder and kind of sprinkle on me I found during certain stretches of the PCT that my skin got really dry especially at the beginning in the desert because you know I was used to living in humid Alabama and the next thing I know I'm in the dry desert and then also in the Sierra Nevada it was very dry so in the evenings I would put lotion on the parts that were real dry and itchy I didn't have to do that the whole time I mean eventually my skin acclimated but that is something to consider if you have dry skin you can just get a little travel-size lotion and use it for that but I would have apply lotion while getting into my pajamas and that way my body has time during the day to you know soak that stuff up I keep my toiletries in a large ziploc bag but the things that could spill out like the lotion and the conditioner and things like that I keep inside a smaller ziplock bag in that toiletries bag you told the trees or anything that has a scent to it really should be kept inside your bear bag at night keeping animals from coming inside your tent to get them while you sleep and then after I was all clean in my pajamas I pull my hair down and kind of combed through it again so when he knocks it it got in it during the day and I tended to sleep with it down just to let it like breathe and rest you know during the night and then after dinner before going to bed brush my teeth again I'm a brush colic so I do it at least twice a day floss if I could remind myself to and floss is multi-purpose because you can use it for repairs and if you're not in a good flossing routine then hey why not start one on the trail in addition to the toiletries I've already mentioned I carried tweezers you never know when you're gonna get you know a thorn something like that work it's in here I mean I am 31 years old and a razor some times on trail I would shave my armpits most of the time I waited to shave everything in town the only time I was really shaving my armpits is when it's like you know real hot outside and I'm hiking in my sports bra or something like that shaving is a very personal thing some people don't care and just you know while dudes are growing their beards out the chicks are growing their hair out you know and that's fine but me personally I just don't like hair oh my buddy I usually just carried a razor with me from town to town because sometimes when you get to town the first thing you're gonna do is want to shower and if you don't have it with you you got to go to a store first and get one and all that so it's pretty lightweight so I would just take it with me that way if I wanted to shave my armpits you know while I was on trail I could but I would certainly have it ready to go once I got to town and got a chance to get in the shower nobody's gonna care one way or another if you shave or not it like I said it's a personal thing but me I just like to Jake another thing I carried a lot is a small travel size of conditioner I didn't really care about shampoo because rinsing your hair out is gonna clean it somewhat I mean I guess you could use hand soap you know if you were desperate to really scrub it but even the places that have shampoo a lot of times don't have conditioner and if you're like me and your hair tangles easily and you know is just impossible to deal with if you don't condition it then it's nice to have it and the same thing with the razor you know not having to go to a store before you can get in and take a shower so even if I only rinsed my hair and then use conditioner in it and rinsed it again I found it was clean enough and it was soft enough to be able to come through so now last topic 'cimmanon hygiene if this does not relate to you or you're not interested in hearing about it then that is fine we will see y'all next week for those of you all who do want to hear about it unfortunately I don't have any magical tip for you I know some women tend to use their birth control in a manner that keeps them from having a period on trail some girls report you know that their periods get lighter because they are so physically active while they're out there I didn't notice that my periods stayed the same I kept a period the whole time I will say that it was more regular on trail they had normal life so that's good but anyway I like to just use pads and tampons that's what I do in normal life and on the trail I found that that worked best for me on the Appalachian Trail I tried to use a menstrual cup but the idea of putting my hands that's you know not been washed recently with soap and water up there to you know insert the cup I just don't like the idea of that again during you know the day or at night when you go to empty it you're looking at the same thing and I mean you could wash your hands off with baby wipes and use hand sanitizer to me it just seems a little more messy to deal with a menstrual cup than you know pads and tampons I will recommend though that if you are thinking about using a menstrual cup make sure you try that out before you get out on the trail you don't want to be you know sitting there hovering over a hole or in a privy you know trying to figure that thing out so if you haven't used one prior to the trail or you're not completely comfortable with it before going out there I would take you know a backup method either pads or tampons to use just in case it doesn't work out for you once you're done with it they say to boil it in water so you're gonna use your food pot for that I mean that wouldn't really bother me but you know just something to think about if it would bother you to do that and then also you're having to tote the the cup with you unless you bounce it ahead whereas pads and tampons you kind of buy them as you need them you know while you go along the control cuffs are certainly more condensed you know so they're not gonna take up as much space as you know this bulk of pads and tampons but you know trade-offs so where do you go to like to perform all of these things you know if there aren't pretties I mean for the most part if you place your pack by the side of the trail and venture off into the woods behind a tree or something when I tend to see a pack on the trail I you know put my blinders up and I don't look around to see what people are doing because I don't want to see what they're doing you know so that's what I have found works for me and when I see that I know it's an indication that like hey somebody's using the restroom you may not feel comfortable leaving you know your stuff on the side of the trail but you will find something that works for you you know there's not so much traffic and so many people around you that you can't really you know get a break to use the bathroom it is pretty easy along the PCT to find a place to you know have a private moment there are some areas in the desert that are pretty exposed and you can see for a ways but you'll find a rock or something to duck down behind if you need to and if you're hiking with your friend you know you can always have them be like your lookout person perk actually did that for me a lot so thank you perk and like I said before I put my used minstrel items in a bag in their own separate bag inside my regular trash bag or I keep it with like my toilet paper and wipes and all of that I'm sorry I wish I had you know the magical solution for you because periods suck and they suck even more on the trail but that's just you know how it is if you are gonna use the menstrual cup I would recommend digging a hole to empty it you know and then burying it just like you would if you were going number two and if you can time it right you can just do both at the same time and again baby wipes are wonderful for freshening up especially during that time of the month la hope this video was helpful in answering some of the questions that you might have had about hygiene on trail if I missed anything or you know you have a question related to hygiene as far as my experience goes please feel free to comment below and I will get to those and with that we will see y'all you

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  1. Like you I carry one spare pair of underwear. Two pairs of Darn Tough socks and three pair of Coolmax liner socks. For nighttime I use a pair of Down socks. Super light and takes no room in the pack. With regard to bathroom duties I buy a large container of Bleach wipes and then put them in a ziplock bag. I carry 4-5 per day. You can use them to clean hands and follow the toilet paper routine Never had any harsh rashes on parts of my body and dont have to take alcohol with me . When possible and hot enough I rinse off in a stream with my shorts on. Clean and refreshing….. I also pack a pair of disposable rubber gloves for cleaning wounds and other duties related to infection. Hope this helps.

  2. Thanks Dixie. Enjoy every video. And watch them while treadmilling. ;-). Feel like I was there with y'all.

  3. My wife uses a Urinella and she made a convenient little holster for it to keep on her belt so she can "whip it out" more easily whenever she needs to go.. 😛

  4. I've heard Colgate wisp and the other disposable no water needed toothbrushes are good for backpacking too. And they come with the toothpaste already on it

  5. Wow. A bit long. But so very informative. I'm planning a trek across the US and been studying up. Without going into details. I'm a marine, trained in survival. And basic stuff on hiking. But been trying to prepare for a more arduous journey. Thank you so much.

  6. If anyone has issues with using alot of plastic, there are biodegradable poop and also storage bags for a price on amazon

  7. I get a fair amount of charging on the base of my scrotum which I leather with Vaseline. I rub some on to my toes and heels before I put my socks on answer then I apply some to the heels of my shoe. Keeps my feet good. I'm about to invest in some really expensive socks new to the market which are about $30 AUD which have anti fungal and deodorised properties to the extent they NEVER need washing. Are so or some name like that.

  8. I am making the assumption that in the Sierras the ground was frozen. Do you then bring your poo out with you?

  9. I have a question:

    I will use cleaning wipes for # 2. I know it is not recommended to bury the wipes, I will have to dispose otherwise. Putting everything in a Ziploc bag. But when night comes, when I'm ready to sleep, what do I do? I leave the Ziploc away from my tent to pick it up the next day doing so until I can throw it in a trash bin?

    Is there a danger that an animal tries to open the Ziploc and then scatters all the contents around at night? I do not really want to pick up that kind of disgusting thing …

  10. For me, peeing several times a night is pretty routine. I have found a "GoGirl" and a few thick Ziplock (with a zipper) sandwich bags (CLEARLY ID'd with a permanent marker!) work great inside my tent. I just place the full bags outside my tent door until I pour them out them in the morning. I've tried several similar devices and "GoGirl" is the best.

  11. Sunscreen!! I am 64 and still hiking. You will thank yourself later for regularly protecting your skin. Also, a good sun hat

  12. I pack white distilled vinegar for bathing and taking care of cuts & abrasions , hydrogen peroxide for oral hygiene ,
    ammonia for insect bites , aloe vera gel for lip & skin protection , cornstarch to prevent chafing under arms and
    the nether regions and of course a roll of toilet paper & a bottle of isopropyl alcohol to take care of business .
    : )

  13. Sounds like baby wipes and sanitizer and travel size bathrooms items are the way to go. If I am just backpacking for 2 nights, I dont really have to bring clothes right? Just some socks and maybe an extra underwear. Whatever I am already wearing is good enough, just need to pack rain gear. That will greatly improve my packing in my terra 50 pack, thanks so much, I am heading out to Linville Gorge this wednesday.

  14. Sorry, but packing out TP is where I draw the line. It's biodegradable. I say, walk further away from camp or the trail, do your business, bury everything and place a large rock over your "biocache". The chances of it being unearthed before it degrades is astronomical. I like to find a downed tree, preferably with no bark, and kinda back up to it. I'm with you though on making sure to bury it. I hate when people don't. It's infuriating.

  15. Clobber for everything. it generates chlorine dioxide which can be diluted in water to certain ppm for different uses. a ziplock bag with 50ppm to do laundry while you walk, then rinse, use to sterilize water, a wash cloth with 10ppm for deodarant, clean utensils, let the gas out of solution in your sleeping bag for freshness. anything that needs to be cleaned, just activate the 2 part drops and dilute it or use the gas it creates in your tent, sleeping bag, shoes or whatever. even kills the sting of athletes foot on contact, freshens your shoes. EVERYTHING. weighs nothing

    Premium disinfectant and deodorizer!

    Prolongs life of produce by reducing mold spores.

    Kills mold and mildew on contact.

    Will not bleach fabrics.

    100% organic-no toxic residue.

    chlorine dioxide-generating product is proven effective as:  A
    Disinfectant against:  Pseudomonas Salmonella enterica Staphylococcus
    aureu (STAPH) methicillin-resistant S. aureus (MRSA) Trichophyton
    mentagrophytes (athlete’s foot) Listeria monocytogenes Pseudomonas  A
    sanitizer against:   E. coli  S. aureus  Salmonella typhimurium (MDRS)
     Klebsiella pneumonia  Listeria monocytogenes  Effective against
    *Viruses:   Corona Virus, Feline Calicivirus, Hepatitis A virus, Human
    Immunodeficiency virus type 1 (HIV-1), Poliovirus-1, Rotavirus,
    Influenza-A virus, Rhinovirus type 37, Canine Parvovirus, Adenovirus
    type 5, Herpes Simplex virus type 2, Vaccinia virus Norovirus

    get it at my username, above and scroll down to featured products 100% organic!!!

  16. You are REALLY good at this! Making videos so concise and to the point while including all options subject to personal preference is difficult for most of us. But it seems to come naturally to you. Thanks for all your answers and guidance and keep up the good times. The memories are wonderful treasures when you finally get past the age where overnight hiking and camping is no longer possible.

  17. I bot a Freshette women’s peeing device from REI for my car camping trip. Initially, I was actually scared to use it! But I embraced the touch of pee and finally used it and loved it! What a great thing! It saved my life in Utah where there were no bushes to hide behind and no gas stations for a very long way. I pulled off the road onto the gravel, opened back and front doors on the desert side, stood between the doors and used the Freshette. If you hit your foot, don’t freak out. You aren’t the first, just laugh! You need paper towels to wipe down the Freshette after using. So easy! Use your wet wipes. Ta da!

  18. Try the TP "pills" or tablets, available from amazon. To get a fresh sheet, all you do is add water. With a little practice you can get them just damp enough to do the job, plus carry a lot more in a much smaller volume (a pill bottle)!

  19. While hiking in Texas , 2 Texans asked me : dont they teach u in NY to wash ur hands after peeing. I said , no they teach us not to pee on ur hands instead. They started to laugh we all got along after that.

  20. Buddy Love there on the trail with you was using "sticks & rocks" for cleaning up his wahoo? Burn, burn burn the ring of fire !!!!

  21. I don't use toilet paper or leaves…. I just use my toothbrush to clean my buttcrack and pee on it to rinse it off… Save weight, save time, save money, double usage gear, leave no trace, ticks all the boxes man!

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