My Weight Loss Story – FITNESS JOURNEY (with pictures) | How Fitness Changed My Life (BAHASA)

Hi guys! My name is Shiely Today I want to share to you about my fitness story When I used to be like this and transform become like this Actually I don’t really believe in my self that today I really make this video Because just slightly number of my friends never known that I used to big very fat in the past However, the purpose of this video isn’t for showing off how I skinny I am or how I fit I am But I want to tell you guys I’m now really happy about who I am right now I hope after you watch the video, You are motivated to have a healthy lifestyle and exercise frequently Ok, let’s get started! I’m the second child of four siblings I grew in short height and naturally skinny My mom said that I didn’t like to eat foods so much and I am a picky eater I was a very active kids I love to run, outdoor activities I love to play around and I was very naughty My parent said that I liked to climb window rails and hanging on the window rails and pull up bar As I grew up, my little sister grew faster and taller than me My sister liked to eat more foods comparing to me Even I didn’t like to eat proper meal I ate a lot of soups and snacks like potato chips and other junk foods Because of the great amount of my activities is greater than my food consumed, I became very skinny Then someday I realized that I was shorter among my other friends I was wondering why I was so short I was wondering why I was s short Then my mom started to give me traditional chinese medicine to boost my growth. I also started swimming and playing basket ball But I felt that I was still the way skinny After that time, I ate a lot more than usual and decrease consume soup In the senior high school, the amount of my activities become more and more I focused on school’s basketball team which required to hard core exercise at least twice in a week I also joined student council, school’s choir team and other additional courses Since then, I start to love foods I never limited my self to eat foods Even I didn’t eat a lot of foods, but my cheeks got bigger at that time. In the last year of my senior high school I become so fat than before. And I decided to have a diet for the first time in my life I heard about “Mayo Diet” at that time Perhaps some of you guys heard about this diet before Mayo Diet gave you 14 Days of diet menu recipes which is very insufficient foods without salt, sugar, and oil. My weight lost about 2-3 kgs and become 41 to 42kg when I continued my study to Taiwan I was very satisfied with my weight at that time. However, it’s very normal that you curious to try any kind of foods in a country Taiwan has a very big portion of meal literary. I should share a portion of meal with my friend. Normally, Taiwan foods contain high fat and full with carbohydrates It’s hard to avoid gain weight when you stay in Taiwan for the first time But not every person were willing to share one portion of meal with me Then I started to feel uncomfortable to dine-out I’d rather to buy some snacks from school’s minimarket I’d rather eat snacks than I wasted foods which was taste so much good and I didn’t need to waste foods too much But I didn’t know that those foods are processed foods which has high calories and fat. I became fatter gradually and I started to feel insecure about my weight I was approximately 48 to 49 kgs at that time (gained 6-7 kgs) My cheeks became very chubby my arms and thighs grew so much bigger as well Then, my first winter in Taiwan started which low temperature weather induce me to eat more Until three months before I went back to Indonesia I was afraid that my family and friends would be very shocked to see my transformation Then I decided to have a diet, again. I avoided snacks and junk foods then I started to eat proper meal I reduced my carbs intake and never skipped meal One month before I went back to Indonesia I had lost so much weight and my weight became 42 to 43 at that time I started to feel good wear tank top and mini dress Before flied back to Indonesia, I stopped by Hongkong with my Hongkong’s roommate I ate a lot of good foods while I was in Hongkong As I didn’t expected that my stomach got bigger again As I arrived in Indonesia I gained some weight again about 2 to 3 kgs My family said that I became fatter than before I was going to Taiwan The next day, me and my family flied to China for holiday I felt so tired at that time I slept a lot all day long while in China Because we Because of the result of my unhealthy diet before, my weight was easily to gain back. In my graduation day, I felt that my cheeks was bloating due to previous gala dinner and unhealthy eating habit. And the summer holiday came again, Because I was accepted to continue my master, after the end of summer holiday, I started classes again with new school, new friends, and new environment. I wanted to look prettier in the first day of school, so I decided to have a diet again during the summer. I ate overnight oat for lunch, and MAYO diet menu for dinner. I applied a part-time job during summer holiday and I was accepted in Giordano (clothing) The end of the summer holiday, I lost weight and became 41-42 kgs. My diet was successful, But I thought my tummy isn’t that flat, and I didn’t have any energy that time due to lack of food intake. A few months after the school stated, I had a boyfriend. Because my bf had been fitness for at least 2 years He encouraged me to start gym as well. But I didn’t want to go to gym because Women do not look good in muscular shape. Then because I started to eat proper meal again and few times I ate unhealthy foods as well, The winter came and my cheeks became so chubby, again. Then finally I decided to follow my bf’s advice, I started to go to gym. My bf teach me few simple workouts and I followed him step by step. My bf told me that protein is the most important for muscle building. And I started to eat a lot of protein sources. After few months of fitness, I gained some weight to become 46 kgs. But I didn’t understand what happen to my body I thought that was temporary result of gym, I thought it because my muscle mass was increase but my fat mass had not decrease yet. But I realized that my eating habit wasn’t correct. I felt that the muscle in my was increase, but my body became so bulky including my arms and my thigh. Until the winter holiday came, I went back to Indonesia for holiday. I didn’t have many activities during my holiday, so I decided to hire personal training. I was too focus on the scale at that time and I wanted to see the result faster. As I join the personal training program, I only ate apples. I ate some apples in a day and I lost some weight. After I was back to Taiwan, I started to learn about macro nutrient. to differ healthy and unhealthy foods Every morning, I searched on Youtube about related sources. i gained some knowledge about the important nutrition; which foods contain high nutrient, and how to apply to my body for burning body fat. Then I started to go to gym frequently I would find time to go to gym 3-4 times a week and in anytime anywhere. After class, during holiday, and in my busiest time I had try many gym in Taipei literally. And finally I saw the result. I felt fit than ever since and I felt that my fat percentage was decrease. My weight was back to 42 to 43 kgs And my cheeks wasn’t chubby as before anymore. I felt happy on what I ate everyday and how I looked my body at that time. I also let my body to have cheat meal 1 or 2 times in a week. I didn’t stop to look for sources from internet I keep myself to gain knowledge about fitness and healthy eating. My body finally didn’t follow YOYO diet anymore, because I eat properly with high nutrition. I realized YOYO diet is the result of unhealthy eating, and that’s why you will gain weight after finish your unhealthy diet. I was very grateful that I could reach this point. I’m happy when I’m doing workout, I’m happy when I’m eating as well. and I never skipped meal anymore. I’ll make sure that I eat enough nutrition which make me do not easily hungry. This fitness story isn’t the ending of the my story, but everyday is a brand new to to start learning and gain knowledge I want to share this story to women and people who want to get an ideal body that you don’t need to starve yourself to get that dream body. The most important things to do is Eat right and workout routine And It’s not how people define your body, but only YOU can describe your ideal body. I hope you like this video and I hope this video will motivate you guys If you like this video, don’t forget to give me thumbs up And you are welcome if you’d like to share this video to motivate your best friends as well. If you have any questions, or you want to share your experiences with me or you just want to say hi to me, just comment below. I will be very happy to hear the feedback from you guys. And the last thing, don’t forget to subscribe my Youtube Channel Because I need your support to be consistent in this youtube channel. I will upload video once in a week so stay tune guys! You can comment or request videos below Alright guys, until next time. My name is Shiely. Bye bye!

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  2. subscribed. thaks for sharing. btw, 152cm with weight 48kg still consider as a normal weight, and sorry but I don't think that you ever get fat, just lil bit chubby. however, you really got me inspired. cz well i'm 151cm, 45kg with 24% body fat. really want to get 43kg like yours, so fit and beutiful. GBU <3

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