Narrated – National Wellness Week: Focus on Social Wellness!

This National
Wellness Week, make social wellness
a priority! Focusing on social wellness can
benefit individuals with mental and/or substance
use disorders, including those with
serious mental illness or opioid use
disorder. Social Wellness is defined as
developing a sense of connection, belonging, and a
well-developed support system. Social wellness involves
having healthy relationships with friends, family,
and the community. Take a moment today to
improve your social wellness! Has it been awhile since you’ve
talked with friends or family? Make a list of positive
supporters in your life. Write down their: Names,
Contact information, Strength as a friend. Take a
few moments to call and chat. Or send them a quick
text to check in. It only takes a moment! For more information about
National Wellness Week and tips to maintain
your wellness, visit the SAMHSA
webpage at

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