Naturalift Facial by Chi Yu Wellness Centre

Hello, I’m Mami Tsang, the owner of chi yu wellness centre and a complementary therapy practitioner. In this video, l’m going to introduce Naturalift Facial. Naturalift Facial massage uniquely combines the massage techniques of Japanese traditional massage called Anna, and Ayurveda, the ancient Indian healing method. It also incorporates complementary techniques from acupressure, lymphatic drainage and facial reflexology. This specially designed treatment uses a combination of techniques to improve the complexion, remove toxins from the skin, prevent and reduce facial wrinkles and age spots whilst balancing the life force energy holistically, helping to improve overall health. The treatment commences with a cleansing using organic skin care products followed by application of various massage techniques which treats the surface and deep facial tissues with highly refined, gentle hand and finger manipulation. These techniques can increase blood circulation, stimulate the nervous system, improve the lymphatic flow to transport toxins away from skin cells. It also repair and balance the condition of the skin. This facial treatment lasts for
60 minutes. We recommend a course of weekly sessions for optimal results. Over a period of time, your skin appears rejuvenated and looks more radiant.

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