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Hello busy people! In life, we all come across
some life changing moments. Recently, I came across one. I’m out of breath after climbing
just one flight of stairs. I really need to get fit.
I will. Hi!
– Finally, you’ve arrived. Why are you this late? Look at me and you’ll know why I’m late.
– You’ve been to the parlor? Right in the morning? Hell, no! I went to the gym.
– Oh! To drop your brother at the gym? Not to drop him, but to drop my weight.
– Since when have you been? It’s been three days and I already lost two kilos.
– Two kilos! Yeah! Keep watching. I’ll lose more.
– I hope we don’t lose you in the process. Pass me some water, Jahnavi. Isn’t this water?
– It is cucumber infused water. I prepare it the previous night.
It feels so fresh. It helps in weight loss and also,
look at my skin, it is glowing. You know what, I say we drop cucumbers
in the office’s water dispenser. We all will be fit that way. We’ll think over it if it works for you.
Gautami, pass me some water. Plain water, I mean.
– It is plain water. – Whatever! Hey, Jahnavi! – Hi!
– I guess you slimmed down. – I have, haven’t I! I told you! I’m working out.
– That’s remarkable. Yes, I’m here for the marker. You heard him?
– He saw you after long. He must’ve felt so. You guys see me daily, that’s why you didn’t feel so.
Shit! It is already 1PM. It is lunch time. I’m following this 6 meal diet.
So, let’s go have lunch. Not for me, thank you.
– Why not? – I’m having salad. One should begin his meal with salad.
Salad alone isn’t meal. Have some. I already had a lot today. You know I’m on a diet.
– ‘Oh my God! How irritating.’ Just a little is left, have it.
– No! I said no! Why do you force me? Also, remember, you are what you eat?
You’re eating so much carbs. Jahnavi, you seriously don’t feel like eating this?
How are you controlling yourself? Do you have any sense?
This is around 350, and this around 400 and this surely will be around 1000.
An adult diet per day shouldn’t exceed 2000 but you’re eating so much just for lunch.
– Not at all. This is Rs. 200 and this is Rs. 70. And this sweet is free as I used a coupon.
So, it didn’t even cost me more than Rs. 300. She is talking about calories, dumbo.
– Oh! Anyways, have some. Consider it a cheat day. I might cheat you people
but I can never cheat myself. Why change so drastically?
Don’t you feel like eating any of these? I’d have eaten this biryani
had it been made with brown rice cold pressed oil, Himalayan Pink salt
and green leafy vegetables instead of meat. Whatever that dish is,
it sure isn’t biryani. Here is the remarkable marker.
– Only if you did this an hour earlier. So, guys, what day is today.
– Leg day, sir. My trainer made me work out like hell. I can’t even feel my legs. It isn’t easy.
– Hey, there.. I’m sorry about that.
– Not just in the gym, work here too. I am, sir.
– So, our target this month is.. – 10 kilos. If we’re to reach our targets,
we’ve to stretch ourselves. What say, Jahnavi? Stretching alone won’t do. Squats, lunges,
plunges, crunches and so many more. What am I talking about and what are you saying?
– Sir, I really can’t stretch my office hours. Why not?
– I need to walk for an hour in the evening. So, I’m planning on doing that by reaching home early.
– Why not do the walking here? Why not do the working there?
– In the walking track? – No, at home. Alright. But if I don’t see results soon,
I might even fire you. Health is more important. If not this job,
then some other job. And by the way you too must lose weight.
Look at the side fat you’ve got. It isn’t healthy at all.
I’m working hard and so should you. Along with my work sheet, I’ll send you
my workout sheet too. Just follow that blindly. I’d appreciate it had you been
this concerned about work. Now get going. I was only trying to be helpful. I too should begin working out. My head was aching, but I feel
peaceful now that I had green tea. You’re having green tea.
I never get how people have green tea. You’re having coffee?
It is so unhealthy. Give this a try. This is the real shit.
– True. This is shit. This is the problem with us.
We find everything that is good as shit and everything shit as good. What the.. What are you doing?
– Adding some sugar. – This guy is dead. It isn’t good for you health.
Try focusing a little on your health. Sugar is the reason you’ll face a lot of problems.
This is not sugar, this is poison. If I’m made the CM,
the first thing I’ll do is ban sugar. What are you doing now?
– I need atleast two sachets of sugar. You’ll know when you get a heart stroke.
– Why do you want to be so health conscious? Because YOLO! You only live once.
Body and mind are our only gifts. Always keep them healthy. I’ve a few more
motivational quotes which I’ll share later. I can’t change this world. Why do we have to stretch?
This job isn’t our life. Are we getting paid for OT? I asked you to add two spoons of sugar.
This is so bland! You told me you’ve switched to green tea.
– Is this the time to have green tea? The boss is asking us to work all night
and how can I stay up without having coffee? Why is she so angry?
– I’m actually hungry. Guys, I marked all that we’ve to do..
– Would you stop it? What have you done in this episode
apart from carrying that marker and saying remarkable? First, order some food. After that,
we’ll go through everything you’ve marked out. She’ll only eat salad, right?
– Of course! – Salad, my foot! Anything but salad! Order chicken biryani, tandoori chicken
and mayonnaise dip. Or cheese dip. Or both. And order an ice cream too to deal with mood swings.
– You want to share it with her too? Did I tell you I’ll share it with her?
I want it all for myself. I’ve a large appetite and I’m planning on eating it all by myself.
If I can’t, I’ll take the left overs home. Why do you care? Maybe it is her cheat day.
– Don’t even. Shut up and eat up. Since you’re working out, it shouldn’t be a problem.
– I thought the same too. But, apparently, it is 80% diet
and 20% workout. If I workout for 3 hours how can I not eat?
How can I stick to my diet with so much stress at work
and at home? Balancing all this dieting is impossible! You know what, I don’t care about this anymore.
YOLO! I want to live my life to the fullest. I’ll eat whatever I want and how much ever I want.
Our life is our biggest gift. Food is our biggest gift. Did you place the order?
– I am. – Hurry up! Sugar! Now, I feel a lot better.
But I feel my trouser very tight. I need to start dieting from tomorrow again. These life changing moments are like a cycle.
They keep coming and they keep going. So, to catch up with this cycle,
is like an act of juggling. I’m juggling right now and let me know
if you too have such juggler friends. If you liked this video, give it a like,
share with friends and do subscribe. Bye!

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  1. Hi dear. I also relat it with me , the moment i realize i have lost 2kgs i give party to myself and again the same weight or even more. Hey dont feel bad , i am not judging you. I love your personality very much if u would loose some healthy weight u would look wonderful it will give you lots of confidence. And u know what after 30 you have to put twice or thrice effort to loose weight.

  2. Aunakka nijamgaane bakkagainavu….. aina cute ga kanipisthunnav…. lots of love akka….. i am a big fan of uuu…. mee anni videos chusthanu nenu🥰♥️♥️😍😎

  3. Actually i am studying 7th class but I will be watching from the starting of Mahatalli!
    I ❤ Mahatalli i will be doing tik tok also akka please follow me on tik tok USHI_6369

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  6. Of course I'm a fitness freak 😂 I never miss going to ground and playing basketball whatever the situation may be! Even I do suggest 😝 people think that's annoying 😡 and by the way I never diet 🙈

  7. I like this mahatalli videos and i am interested to see all this videos really these videos are very enjoyable to see. In real life what we all do you are doing in this videos. I subscribed too. Do still videos for watching. I actually sey that these are very interesting

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