NIA Fitness & Exercise Lessons : Nia Dance Arts for Fitness & Healing

Hi! My name is Helen Terry and on behalf of
Expert Village I am going to be giving you some beginners tips on the Nia technique,
it is a revolutionary fitness and personal growth program. The Nia technique is a blend
of nine different movement forms. They are from the areas of martial arts, dance arts
and healing arts. So in the martial arts we have tai chi the slow dance of martial arts.
We also have Tai Kwon do, which is where you have your dance of precision like blocks and
punches and even kicks. Then aikido is a spherical harmonious movement aware of 360 degrees around
you. So you see with those three martial arts is likely we have three different flavors
from the martial arts field. Then, in the dance arts I have Jazz dance, which is showmanship,
the performer, isolation shimmy a whole lot of fun, we also have Duncan dance, which is
from Isadora Duncan, it is honest free spirited movements, so in Nia that’s why we will
have more community dancing, releve, imagination, creative play and then finally modern dance,
which is the expressive shapes in space sensing the spaces as if it is your canvas and your
body like it is the paint and using your body as a work of art.

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