Nose Or Mouth Breathing During Exercise

so for recreational athletes you don’t
have to exercise with your much open you will be able to attain a good work rate
which are much closed and efficient competitive athletes I would suggest is
to alternate between mouth and nose breathing you don’t want to do all of
your exercise which are marked closed because it’s going to impose two or much
of a restriction so high intensity training you need that to prevent muscle
deconditioning and you can’t have them out open during this time so you do
high-intensity training with the mouth closed but also do high-intensity
training with the mouth open mouth breathing is going to enable you to push
all out maximum intensity you get muscle conditioning nose breathing is
conditioning the breathing so you’re gonna do nose breathing mouth breathing
so that’s why when we were looking at yesterday with the Wallabies they’re
doing some of their training now your Australian rugby national rugby team
some of their training now is done with their mouths taped up so if your Google
Ash Wallabies mouth taping you’ll see they only released it about two months
ago so for less than maximum intensity training and at all other times nose
breathing shall be employed we need to be asking athletes
how are you breathing during your sleep are you waking up at a dry mouth in the
morning how are you breathing during the day how is your everyday breathing
affecting you we need to measure their boat score we need to measure the
maximum upper tolerance or breathlessness and we need to improve it
so des Vosges so this is competitive during competition there’s no need to
intentionally change your breathing competition isn’t the time to change
your breathing to time to have your breathing good it’s pre competition so
you work in your everyday breathing so then when competition comes it’s optimal

3 thoughts on “Nose Or Mouth Breathing During Exercise

  1. Great, thanks for sharing! I've been nose breathing 99% of the time during EZ runs. That along with simulating high altitude with breathwork, I've added ~10 seconds to my BOLT score (now at 30-35 seconds) in the last ~4 to 5 weeks.

  2. I've been running through my nose my entire life. For 99% time of my life, I trained football and figured out it wasn't for me. I started running and 2 months I ran through my nose and breathing through my mouth. When I ran and breathe through nose and out of mouth, I got tired every training at around 4000-4500 meters. Then coach suggested I try breathing through my MOUTH only. So mouth in, mouth out. 2 steps in, 2 steps out and that's what I did.

    I ran 8000 meters without problems and I didn't feel tired at all, however one strange thing happened. Never in my life, had I experienced pain in legs while doing this. Today was 3rd day of breathing through mouth only and again amazing results, but 3rd day in a row my legs hurt. So I can't run anymore, not because I am tired, but because my legs give away.. Can the reason be my legs are weak? I'm kind of strong upper body and have strong chest and arms, but my legs are tiny and I've been struggling with them all life. Trained football and ran my whole life, but weak legs. Any suggestions on how to stop this? Or is this just temporary?

  3. Im actually nose breathing,, every single day while im exercising,, its my 7th day today!!,, I runned 10km without no tiring at all??!! just by nose breathing with complete relaxation? is it bad or is it good?

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