Nutrition For Hockey Players – What should I Eat Before And After a Game or Practice

hey guys Chris from hockey tutorial here and today we're going to be taking a look at a subject that I feel really strongly about because of how important it is to everyone especially hockey players and that's going to be nutrition when we're looking at hockey outside the professional leagues nutrition is one of those subjects that I feel doesn't get anywhere near as much as if attention as it should especially because of how important it is for us the reason it's so important is that it governs and directly controls and contributes to things like our energy levels on the ice our cognitive response and translating that into hockey tones that's our ability to be able to read the game read the place to be able to make quick and instant decisions on what's going to happen on the ice it also controls our mood and our ability to be able to put on a news fat or muscle so it's a very crucial subject the hockey players should familiarize themselves with if you're trying to become the best hockey player that you can be so to kick off this nutritional series we're going to be taking a look at things that you can eat before games and practices and also after games and practices you'd normally be expecting me to give you a meal plan right about now but the reason that I'm not going to be doing that is because different people respond to different foods and meals completely differently so it's something that we're going to give you the foundation or tips that you can follow and tweak and develop them so they can suit you much better a quick side note is nutrition is a really complex subject so what we're going to be doing in this video is simplifying it to make sure that everyone gets a good understanding of what they need to be able to do before and after games so now I'm gonna be handing over to Matt from elite therapy & turtle athlete development so as you guys know from our previous videos is a strength and conditioning coach there's going to be some links down below if you want to see some of the other fitness stuff that we've done so the first thing we're gonna cover today is the importance of new tunes within hockey you just give you that energy to perform and the one we're gonna break down today are carbohydrates proteins fats and hydration so the water that you intake the main ones that you're going to look for to perform well in hockey it's going to be carbohydrates because that's what your body uses to produce energy we need to carbohydrates a very underrated people don't eat carbohydrates that don't like them so we need to get over the importance of how important carbohydrates are in the sport of ice hockey that's what your body uses its gonna that's how you're gonna produce energy that's how you're going to last into that third period proteins are again gonna be so important after a little bit before but mainly after accident it replenishes you muscle it allows your muscle to grow to recover hydration is probably going to be your next biggest factor without hydration you can't function cognitively you can't function your muscle needs water it was made up of water so that's what you need okay first they're gonna have their importance later on not specifically in the actual performance but later on in a generalized nutrition of of your daily intake one thing we need to get across is the practicing game should be treated in the same way you'd hope to practice in at the same intensity that you play for an effective practice so you want to be loading up on carbohydrates before practice so you pregame me with your pre practice Miller should should be carbohydrate-based I'd say ratios of 4 to 1 I wouldn't worry about measuring anything out just get it generalized so 3 to 4 hours before a practice or game I'd have a high carbohydrate meal upset anything from pastas you bread you rice three to four hours before with a little bit of protein and fats in there two to three hours before a game again I'd still have a carbohydrate beta meal just have a smaller portion so your body can then break that down a little bit quicker and then straight before the games are 20-30 minutes before I'd have more of your simple carbohydrates sugary grains yeah you sweets even some raisins fruits that all gets broken down real quickly before a game it's all carbohydrates your body can use it proteins are going to have most importance after the game so that's when your body needs to recover and refuel that's when you want protein in your body you want some simple carbohydrates in there as well dominantly protein in that in that postgame meal anywhere up to an hour after a game I'd like you to be eating fats again after a game they're not ideal because it slows down the digestion so you want that those simple carbohydrates and the protein to have quick absorption into your muscle in your body and fats are just going to slow that down a little bit so fats come in more of your whole day approach if you're just looking at pre-imposed fat aren't too important because they do lay down that digestion hydration you know when you're thirsty as a simple rule your body will tell you and if you're thirsty you're already dehydrated so you need to stay on top regular regular interval to just drink and get every five minutes if the water should stand up in hockey you sweat a lot because of the nature of the sport and the pattern so hydration is absolutely key to how your thought process how you work how you respond hydration is going to be so important so just stay on top of that in an ideal world we'd always be hydrated we'd be drinking constantly in reality that's not the case I'd start focusing on hydration four to five hours before a games and making sure you're not thirsty at any point always have regular drinks five to six hours before start drinking a pint of water every hour ish would be all right after the game you want to sort of weighs up see how much you've lost if you weigh yourself before and you're 180 pounds and after a game you're hundred and seventy-five pounds that's five pounds of water that you've lost you're not gonna burn fat or anything in in a game period so that's all water that you've lost so five pounds of water equates to a lot of a lot of water that you need to put back in your body if you don't put all that water back in your body you've lost it and you dehydrate it so a great thing to do it where you saw before practice after practice replace whatever you've lost okay so after a game something that the I would use for people would be a handful of raisins for you simple carbohydrates immediately after the game the problem we find is is people don't want to eat straight after exercise see your easiest solution it's not ideal that would be a carbohydrate based drink so you protein shakes with a fair bit of carbohydrates in that you can buy from anywhere so a carbohydrate based protein drink if you don't want that a good meal to have which is ideal would be a small jacket potato handful of raisins and some tuna any sort of protein based is gonna be fine protein it's protein in my opinion so you can have you you meats you fish you read me it's tend to be in fact so I'd avoid that is straight after again again your oily fishes too he summons eMac rules they're going to be probably avoided after a gank they're quite high and fast so I'd leave those it's a little bit of a little bit later in the evening so good meal pasta and it's going to be a sort of a slower absorb it's still going to be good fruit it's going to be great after a game for carbohydrates crackers and thing like that something that's immediately absorbed so crackit rice cakes with jump it'd be perfect like that so that sums up our nutrition pre and post game or practice little things to remember to take away so carbohydrates before a game dominantly sort of complex carbs slow release three to four hours before more simple carbs just before you practice that your sugary carbohydrates even sweets are good after a game you want to be loading up on protein and simple carbohydrates get your body recovered replenished and hydration is absolutely key throughout free and all of post so remember nutrition is what's going to make you a good hockey player and nutrition is key to performance hi guys i'm matt i'm here with a quick tip for hockey tutorials and today it's about nutrition after late-night practice so subject that i know is quite difficult for people when you finish in practice at eleven twelve one morning so it's difficult

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  1. Thank you very much. Ive broken my leg last season and recovered by the time it was over, i needed this to get back to better than my old self. I hope to put in work and a good diet and make the NHL and college hockey

  2. This is a great video you've got a guy on here who really seems like he knows what he's talking about. Thanks for all your videos

  3. I found it interesting that all the proteins listed were animal based. There are much cleaner forms of protein found in vegetables, legumes, grains, etc.

  4. I would say that Fats are most important macro nutrient for hockey and not just for hockey, fats are much better source of energy + their are healthier and has most benefits. Then comes protein then carbs and after hydration. 

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