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welcome to diet.com video i'm sarah do so and today i'm with kathy from pop pilates and she's here today to show all of you at home how to tone up your muffin top and your love handles so this is an oblique workout and so Cassie what what are the three moves that we're gonna do today okay we're gonna do the candlestick which is killer and then we're gonna move into side plank in side plank dips okay you guys ready are you ready I'm ready okay let's go now candlestick is really awesome because it starts out real easy then it just kills you so pick any side that you like go ahead and flatten your foot all the way out okay make sure your hips are forward your chest is square I'm gonna reach those arms nice and long shoulders down and pretend you have like a long stick against your back you're just holding like two pails of water and you're just gonna dip down and bring it right back up okay so pretty easy you're gonna inhale down exhale up okay good we're just gonna do a few more of these just to warm me up because the next one is really intense and just give me one more all right that was nothing now bring the hands together like you're praying and then shoot those arms right up to the ceiling okay this is gonna be hard now come down as low as you can hold it and then exhale all the way up oh my goodness going down and reaching up okay now you want to go at your own pace if this is a little bit too quick for you don't worry about keeping up with us do what works for you go to your own potential go as low as you can okay but you don't want to power through these you really want to take your time and you should already be feeling that upper oblique do you feel it Sarah I do yes we're gonna do three more three and two and we're gonna hold that last one because I always like to hold the last one so we're gonna hold for five four reach those arms long three two and one and bring the hands down oh I love that one that's always the killer okay side plank time now I'm sure you guys are familiar with this we're gonna start the side plank and then go into something pretty cool cycling dip so for those of you that are intermediate or beginner you really want to just start on your knees make sure that the knees and the palm are in line with the edge of your mat okay and you really want to make sure those hips are forward okay you're like a nice right triangle for those of you who are a little bit more advanced go ahead and take the legs out can you this split your stance just like I have right here or go ahead and stack the feet it doesn't matter what matters is that your arm is right underneath your shoulder okay you're looking forward everything is up and we're just gonna hold it right here okay try to push your hip up a little bit and really engage your obliques down here okay excellent work just keep breathing inhale through the nose exhale through the mouth a little bit long real cool for five more seconds how about five four three two and one now go ahead and bring it all the way down bend your knees in if they're not already bent okay hands on the hip now roll out that wrist if you feel like it's kind of hurting because that tends to happen if it does hurt you want to create a nice fist Paul like a fist position here or if that's still hurting you you can actually just stay on your elbow okay so any position you like we're gonna go into hip dips you're gonna lift it up just like this and I want you to just go ahead and sit down onto your hip okay just literally sit down now using all of your might pick yourself right back up okay so the reason why I had you come all the way down first and then pick yourself up because I don't want you to half it and just go like this you're gonna come all the way down come all the way back up okay we are really killing those muffin tops Oh vanishing them away and inhale down exhale up good work let's give me three more and then take it up one more notch okay I'm gonna turn this into a hip dip on the feet all right hold it all the way up hold it and bring it down finally in the progression we're gonna bring the legs long just like you did with the side plank okay again roll out the rest if it hurts you and we're gonna bring ourselves all the way up challenge yourself okay if you're on the knees before just give it like two times you don't like it come on to the knees now you are literally just going to bring your hip all the way down and squeeze all the way up these are significantly harder than the ones on the knees okay so there's your – you can go back your knees if you want or continue to power through with Sarah and I and let's just do five more these are killer try to bring those hips all the way down four more and last three come on let's banish that love handle last one here we go and up and bring it all the way down whoo that was killer okay go ahead and roll up that wrist now you want to repeat that same thing on the other side and like I always say do as many as you can until you're starting to lose form because we want everything to be with perfect Pilates posture and if your body is anything like mine my shoulder was dying in that last move so if you at home are struggling you're not alone I my obliques could do that last move but my shoulder really was funny a little challenging so if you're at home don't worry take it easy step by step and so thank you Cassidy for sure I need these awesome moves and hopefully you guys learned something new as well and don't forget to check out the rest of Cassie's Pilates videos here on diet help we'll see you soon five five

36 thoughts on “Oblique Pilates Routine – Diet.com Video

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  2. Hey do u know about this diet and that diet?i know u are only trying to help, but it gets s liiitiiitttlllleeee bit annoying sometimes….i know it might be working like magic for u, but still….whatever!!!

  3. This works. I really sculpted my obliques. Plus, my love handles are non existent now. For all of those who worry about losing those curves and being left with a straight body shape, don't worry–it'll sculpt it perfectly so you have a cinched waist =)

  4. @jayp0etwins it hurts my arms too. you need to bend to the side as hard as you can. As soon as you feel burn push harder.

  5. I love what you guys do, and especially this great series with Cassey.

    However, these exercises are going to help tone the obliques NOT get rid of muffin tops, which is primarily an issue with excess fat. This is explained better on the video but the blurb is misleading IMHO. It is a myth that you can target fat loss to one spot.

    Sorry to have to make a negative comment – I do really support what you do and enjoy watching all your videos!

  6. @robin2967 you know when you zip up your jeans, and a little bit of your tummy sticks out over the rim? . well that's a muffin top. You know because it looks the same as how a muffin sticks out over the rim of the wrapper 🙂

  7. This is a great work out and the instructor presented an excellent example. But the person in the back had TERRIBLE form and should really keep to the more beginner level. She is a perfect example of how sacrificing form to go to an advanced level too soon is bad for your posture.

  8. Cassie has such a small waist! you can tell this really works! Poor Sarah, if you were dying, then im gonna die for sure when i finish trying this lol.

    This is what I needed to shape my obliques better.

  9. I love how upbeat and enthusiastic you are, Cassey, especially during those more difficult exercises. I always try to smile through really challenging work-outs, because it teaches my brain that I'm having fun and doing something that's great for my body. I can't wait to try these moves! Thank you for sharing them with us!

  10. These really are GREAT moves to tone your obliques and sides! Thanks for the upload, hope you enjoyed your holiday weekend!


  11. I love these Pilates exercises! Not only does it work, but you don't need excessive amounts of equipment!

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