Oilers prospect Lavoie cuts down on McDonald's in diet overhaul

you know I want to get stronger I want to get faster I want more skills and I want to be a better overall player I changed my diet at the summer you know I'm going on a nutrition plan helped me gain some weight and help me feel better and have more energy – on a daily basis and that's helping a lot different is your diet now I mean less McDonald's is that a big adjustment no it's all right with that you're guilty like how much like how much do you enjoy that like you're a young guy right you know teenager coming up just was that your guilty pleasure McDonald's sometimes yeah what's your go-to me old area kind of McNuggets guy or a hamburger yeah McNuggets – fries are good – yeah McNugget jr chicken fries McFlurry oh that's tough so what are you eating now what is something new things that have been added to your diet you know a lot more chicken rice and more vegetable and all that stuff that's good for you feeling it are you feeling any difference yeah I do I do feel better you have more energy you feel like if you feel better in the morning you're less tired and you know it's it's just an overall you feel you know I want to be more explosive especially on yeah I want to be able to be stronger on my legs get faster be more supposed to be on the ice so that it's gonna help my game what would it mean to you to be at the World Juniors it would be a tremendous honor you know I was at the camp last year I unfortunately got caught and you know I want to be there I want to be on this team I want to represent my country and I'll work for it you

12 thoughts on “Oilers prospect Lavoie cuts down on McDonald's in diet overhaul

  1. I can't believe that in this day and age, these young athletes continue to poison their bodies with crap from McDonald's… I would've thought they'd all be on nutrition plans from the time they became a teenager

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