Old men in fitness prank | F&B Acrobatics | English Subtitles

50 Years later… What happens if you don’t save money for old age in youth? It surprises you over night. To show why save for pension, We made Filip and Blaž older for 50 years. 6 hours of makeup. Because they didn’t save for pension in youth, they have to work all the time even in older years. ‘evening. Good day young lady. We came here to train. What is not so simple at this age. It sais here ‘if you feel any pain, stop immediately!’ Then I am not even allowed to start! Will you sit down? Lift me by my feet and lets go up. Can I help you? Do you want to start with an easier exercise? We used to do this with no problems. Its not going so well now, right? Let’s go to the bikes, it’s going to be easier. He said he can lift this. This?!? This is kinda heavy sir.. Its ok, its ok. This is heavy. Its 50 kilograms! He can lift this. Are you sure sir? Yes yes. Are you completely sure? Of course. We used to do this in the army. Ill stand in the back, just in case. Watch your head! Thank you so much young lady. This is not for me. That old age doesn’t surpise you, take care of your pension today. Let’s do something. What? Something good! What will you do in 40 years? Ill probably Ill travel.. Ill probably still work I hope ill be enjoying myself on the seaside in 30-40 years from now. Are you thinking about pension? Im not thinking about pension for now since I am still young No, sadly I am not thinking about pension Currently I am not thinking about my pension.. Are you saving for your pension? Not yet. No. Not yet. How big do you think your pension will be? I hope it will be big. I hope as high as possible. I hope that it will be big as possible. In the next years the average life expectancy is rising. More elder retired population and less and young active population. On longer periods this means more of work time and less pension. For safe pension, start saving in your youth. Don’t be scared by age! #watchforward

100 thoughts on “Old men in fitness prank | F&B Acrobatics | English Subtitles

  1. Great Videp… That was sooo much fun to watch, This is how Youtuberes should do videos and not like shit digger pranks and pick up pussies lines .

  2. these stupid pranks with young guys dressed up as old guys are pathetic. It is so obvious those are rubber faces

  3. Slovenian? Heard it for the first time. I know Russian. Many words are similar your language and Russian 🙂 I could pick up

  4. Bring me the guy who put the subtitle and let me kill him how can someone catch up and read. Its so fast

  5. I speak Belarusan that's mu native language and I can understand what you boys and gals are saying. I think it's Czech or Serbian, I'm not sure. But other viewers don't.
    So don't name your title in English, it makes no sense at all. Name it your language then.

  6. There are soo many people doing old man fitness prank. From now if I find any old man doing something like this I will pull their hair first and then mask

  7. Roses are red violets are blue the title is in english y arnt gillette making another toxic masculinity video about you. Just joking 😬 i want out

  8. Then they found out the truth, that those guys are fucking liars! Old age is going to be a bitch, children.

    It's funny how all those nitwits said, "Wow, those old men were in really good shape! So, hey, it just proves that if you take care of yourself, you can be in great shape!"

    Then the nitwits are told the truth and said, "Goddam mother fuckers!"

  9. Turned out to be a government propaganda spot about your old age pension and how you better save and not expect too much.

  10. Hahaha … ovo je najbolji video iz Slo … svaka cast za ekipu, bravo !!!! Pozdrav iz Novog Sada 👍👍👍

  11. http://vfeedz.com/2019/07/beginner-biceps-workout/
    This Worked Out so well. You guys must give this a reading.

  12. Mewa nam karima kari wada huththo. ubalata nikan inna bari nam koththuwak kala nidaganin huththo puka denne nathuwa

  13. videos like this are no fun unless you take off the face stuff and show who you reallly are to the people yo uare pranking

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