One Planet, One Chance- Health and Wellbeing

Following a detailed materiality review
of Cundall in 2017 we’ve identified six impacts as being of most significance to
our business and have established priority objectives for these Health and Wellbeing Health and wellbeing really is central to who we are as the company, our staff are of the utmost importance to us and hence we pride ourselves on
providing healthy comfortable and engaging environments where everybody
can flourish. In all our global offices we will be monitoring indoor air
quality and also surveying our staff to enable us to maintain and improve our
spaces. In addition we understand that mental health is just as important as
physical health and we’re going to be creating support networks across the
organization So as we spend probably 90% of our lives in buildings I think it’s important that we not only look at the impact of the buildings on the
environment in which they’re sat, but also the impact they have on the occupants on
the internal environment Health and well-being impact is crucial in the Middle East and in particularly in the Gulf area where we see a detrimental
effect that’s happening across the population because of our changing
lifestyle I believe health and well-being does, and a focus on health and well-being is it brings sustainability to very much a personal
level, you understand the impact of it you live the impact of it and because
you sense and feel very positively the impact of it you’re far more likely to
spread that work We’re a lucky place because for being using our office as a lab, so in recent years there’s lots we’ve learnt from that and I think it’s
delivered great results in terms of morale of the staff in the business. So
now we’re looking at how we can cascade those into my projects and how we can
share that knowledge across the business across the industry sorry as well We’ve been able to introduce health and well-being, and not just as a philosophy but as a building standard through our own office, to be the first in Qatar that is able to say we have designed indoor space that is able to promote this to our staff, to our visitors and also to improve other building occupants experience The British Airways headquarters at Heathrow that was a building design for 5,000 people but one of the fundamentals was that every
occupant, no matter where they sat in the building, should have a connection in a view to the parkland outside because it’s well-established that when people can see nature, they feel much more relaxed and work much better that was achieved on the British Airways project I applied my health and wellbeing knowledge to our London offices, which has been awarded the first WELL building certification in Europe and in London. I’m also involved in the Crossworks Porto Building which was the first Core and Shell certified offices in Europe and currently working on future projects, future WELL projects, which will be duly announced so watch this space Being what we’re currently doing is we’re increasing awareness and talking to a lot of ministries, a lot of organisations, and a lot of communities, to raise the awareness in this industry and as well as in the wider community. In the future, we see our role playing out to be even more important by showcasing the financial returns not just on an organizational level but on a government and health sector level to show how we’ve been able to track that return, the financial return in investing the minimal uplift cost for us to design and build healthy spaces

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