31 thoughts on “Orange Duck Recipe – Duck Breast a l'Orange

  1. A crosshatch is the tick tack toe symbol and was originally used to indicate that a number followed I suspect.

  2. Sorry, this is not a winner for me, because It didn't taste much like duck though I left some pink and the juices were running out. I couldn't eat the skin though it had a nice crisp on it, because it was like chewing on a rubber band. Though I didn't make my orange sauce the way you did, it was the highlight of this boring and tasteless dish, though I salted the duck good like you did, chef John. But I haven't given up since I have 3 duck breasts left. I'm going to change the way I cook the duck breast.

  3. Chewing away at my ruined duck breast as I watch this. Going to try chef johns method tonight and see if I can get a tender duck breast

  4. That doesn't look at all disgusting as the abomination my one-time housemate brought home once. His, like himself, was greasy af. I might try Orange Duck after all!

  5. I cooked this last night and yummo, how delicious it turned out, there was a sale on whole ducks at the supermarket, so I took the breasts off for this recipe and saved the legs and thighs for confit, then made a roasted duck stock with the wings and carcass.

  6. Never put oil or butter in the pan for the duck brest!!! Let the pan dry and cold. Still, i love your recepies. Respect!

  7. You can use Cointreau instead of Grand Marnier. Also, I wouldn't use orange marmelade, just a couple of candied orange peels or orange peels caramelized in sugar. Make your sauce more flavorful by putting in the juice of 2 oranges. Some people also put the juice of 1 lemon, but I never do. You can also improve the flavor with a mirepoix (carrot + onion + celery, cut in julienne), gently sauteed in butter and deglazed with duck stock (just sieve that preparation, pressing the ingredients to extract the flavors) and add it to your sauce.

  8. I'm making this for my Xmas dinner. The rest of the family don't eat duck. They can have turkey. I'm having this!

  9. I had 400g duck breasts and no way those were going to cook in 10 minute total … they were below 30 degree internal at that point. So just threw them in the oven for 15 more minutes or so till internal temp was 57 degrees, luckily I had simple sides which I was just going to do while it was resting.

  10. listen.

    i love your videos.. this recipe is amazing.. i love your AllClad stainless pan.. and your sing-songy narrationss..♪

    i just wanted to say thaat..♪

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