Orion Partnership Student Wellbeing Ambassadors Day

We’re just going through a happy walk, so what we are doing is writing down what makes us happy. I’ve written baby animals, friends slash family, and food. Friends, family and life. Having people who care about me. What makes me happy is my family and friends. We’re doing a rock and water activity and
master Jack is just teaching us about rock and water, and how rock is defensive and water is being calm. The last game was a tough game and we had to push our partner while sitting back to back. We had to push to the other wall. So we are doing rock and water and we are doing Chinese boxing… yeah. And if you knock the person over and they
move their feet then you get a point. The purpose is to know how to plant your feet when someone is coming at you. We’re making up a mission to improve the wellbeing. We’re brainstorming on what our mission is. Our mission is to work together and to improve student wellbeing by assessing wellbeing data
within the Orion partnership to improve students’ happiness as we move to high school. We’ll gather and share ideas and ask other students on what their opinion is on
wellbeing… like student wellbeing So we’re discussing the happiness results
of the year 6, 7 students and trying to work out how to change it so it’s more green…
so there is more green than what there is at this moment. And that its majority green,
instead of some yellow and red. So we’ve been looking at a graph and this
graph told us that most kids are more happy in life than sad.
We have um… 5 out of 7 schools are 50 % more happy. We’ve written recommendations of what we should do and what we think about and what we feel about it. We’re about to do Zumba. We’re about to
take them through 3 routines. It’s going to be super fun.
Yep, just join in. Friends definitely friends they cheer you up and make you happy. If you’re down they cheer you up. When I dance. When I eat. I love eating too. I like to have friends and family around and help me out when I need it. Doing activities. Um friends and when you achieve a goal. Reading books. When my dad kisses me and cuddles me. Maybe just mindfulness. When I hug my mum. Left alone. When people walk up to me and they say I can play with them that makes me feel happy. Friends and teachers. friends and sometimes teachers they can come
over to you and just ask you what’s happening and yeah they can ask you. And you know that whatever you say will be okay. When I… When I…When I eat sandwiches. The rock and water, and the brainstorming. Hmm… Playing with my toys. My favourite part has been writing the sentence about what what we think is wellbeing. So far like all the activities. The rock and water activity was definitely my best thing
that we’ve done so far. The best thing is we have a wellbeing hub, so for kids who feel down they can go to the wellbeing hub for ten minutes and relax. Everyone there’s nice and they don’t bully and it’s just a nice community where people don’t be mean to each other. That’s the same thing. The best thing about my school is that we have something called play is the way so
when… so all the class comes together and we speak about things that we are angry or sad about and we play a game and we play different mental games. The day has been really good so far. The kids have loved it, yeah. Yeah, its pretty good and its showing everyone basically what all these are like optimism
worries. Its letting them know how people feel and that they should change or be able
to help others. It’s going good so far. Any positives? Yeah, I mean the Zumba routine went well
and so far it was fun. Any negatives? No. Ok what about you, how was your day so far? The day’s going well so far like all the kids are participating so that’s a good
thing. Explain further? It’s improving as we go along and we’re all learning from each other.

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