Ottawa Public Health: Real people who really care

(Upbeat Music) Hi, I’m Kevin.
And I’m Diana and we’re apart of the team at Ottawa Public Health. You know public health is a mystery to some people. But it doesn’t have to be.
It’s about improving, promoting and protecting the health and well-being
of the people in our city. What does that mean? Come with us and we’ll show you! With nearly 10,000 restaurant inspections done in 2018 our public health inspectors are working to make sure
that after you’ve had your lunch you don’t lose your lunch. 160! Perfect! (Bell ring) Our dental hygienists provide free dental screenings This past year we looked at over 33,000 smiles. (Bell chime) Oh! That’s refreshing. But you know what isn’t refreshing? Gastro-intestinal illness. That’s why Ottawa Public Health is out every single day during the summer time
testing the water quality of the city’s beaches for the presence of E.coli bacteria. But when it comes to having fun, whether on land or in…the water early childhood is a critical time to ensure children can grow up healthy. We offer home visits to expectant mothers and families with young children who need more support. Man: Come on, Diago! including coaching, education and referrals to health and social services. You know, sex is a great form of physical activity. When done right. What is that supposed to…. But sexually transmitted and blood-born infections are something
everyone needs to be mindful of. We want our community to sex it smart. That’s why free condoms are available at over 55 locations across Ottawa. Or online at Obviously, we couldn’t fit all the things Ottawa Public Health does into this short video No! Things like: programming for healthy growth and development, Oh! school-aged health and healthy ageing, delivering immunization clinics, mental health programs As well as tobacco prevention, and substance-use programming. And let’s not forget to mention the work that we do to prevent injuries,
infectious diseases and responding to emergencies. But perhaps the most important things we want you to know about Ottawa Public Health is?
That it’s about real people who really care.

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