Parkinson’s exercise tips for mild symptoms

If you have Parkinson’s focusing on exercise can be as important as your medication to help you take control and manage your symptoms Regular exercise can help improve your balance, posture, strength, flexibility and keep your heart and lungs healthy It also helps with sleep and tiredness your mood and mental health In fact, research shows that building up to at least two and a half hours of exercise a week can actually slow the progression of your symptoms Something no drug treatment can currently do There are specific exercise styles to focus on depending on how your Parkinson’s affects you If your symptoms are mild, more vigorous exercise is best Think of exercises that work the whole body with large actions This could be gym sessions, running, cycling, tennis or high energy Parkinson’s programmes You could also try circuit training or bootcamp style classes If you already play sport then keep it up and add some more vigorous exercises to your routine to build up to at least two and a half hours a week Research is starting to show that as well as being good for your heart lungs, muscles and bones more vigorous exercise might also help protect your brain Talk to a physiotherapist who
knows about Parkinson’s if you need more advice especially if you’re just getting started So, get your trainers on and get out

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  1. Please help me, for the last 3 years I have a tremor that happens at rest in my right hand and leg, right arm is stiff and slow also walk slow plus hunched over and have speech problems like a slight stammer and not being able to get words out. Had a normal MRI AND DATSCAN and keep being told it's not Parkinson's but down to depression! 😬😬 I don't agree with that even got asked by a friend's friend if I had Parkinson's as his grandmother has it and I looked exactly like how she is. If I do have it how long can it take to diagnose ? Sorry for long message

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