Parsley Health – What is Functional Medicine?

Hi, I’m Dr. Robin Berzin and I’m the
founder of Parsley Health, the first modern and affordable functional
medicine practice and Wellness Center. A lot of people are new to the concept
of functional medicine so I’m taking a minute to explain what it is. Functional
medicine is an approach to health and wellness where we focus on getting to
the root cause of your problem instead of just treating the symptom. For example
you aren’t having trouble sleeping because you have an ambien deficiency,
you’re having trouble sleeping because of a number of factors from things like
staying up too late and looking at computer screens for too long before bed
to deeper issues like sleep apnea anxiety and hormone imbalances instead
of giving you a sleeping pill with risks and side effects we hope you solve the
real cause of your insomnia so you can sleep better in a safer more natural and
sustainable way. In functional medicine we look at the body as an intelligent
organism that can heal itself given the right support which includes optimizing
the kind of food you eat identifying simple ways to change your
lifestyle and using proven plant-based supplements that both help you feel
better now and can help prevent disease down the road we also do testing that
other doctors don’t do including looking at things like nutritional deficiencies
and hormone imbalances because we are looking at how your body is functioning
today instead of waiting for you to get sick. And diagnosing you that we
prescribe drugs refer to specialists order tests as needed but we also look
at your whole life and teach you how to eat move and live better so that you are
equipped to live your healthiest life possible. This approach has been embraced
by the Cleveland Clinic, the number-one hospital in the United States where they
recently opened a functional medicine center and we’re like us they believe
that functional medicine is the future of health care. Functional medicine is
for everyone whether you’re healthy but just want to maybe lose weight have more
energy or prevent disease down the line. Or you’re dealing with a chronic disease
and want a more holistic natural and sustainable approach to getting well. Functional medicine is evidence-based and rational. We can’t go on eating
terrible food living sedentary lives depending on medications to clean up the
mess and wondering why our nation is getting sicker and sicker. Functional
medicine is revolutionary because it teaches you to be the best guide for
your health and wellness you can be. Showing you how to eat and live in a way
that makes sense for your body instead of leaving you out of the loop while the
doctor makes decisions for you. At Parsley Health we believe functional medicine is
the future of health and wellness and we are proud to be the first Center
offering it in a modern affordable and accessible way.

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