Pediatric Physical Therapy for Babies #31: Standing Balance

Hello! My name is Amy Sturkey. I am here with Colton who is fascinated by
this wire,. Anyway, I am going to teach you an idea for
standing. I am going to put him up standing. I am going to let him have his lion, if he
is interested in it. You want it or not? No! Okay. Fine. I want to see how low I can support and him
maintain standing. Right now I am holding at middle trunk. I am going to try a little bit lower. I am at lower trunk. He is ready to go. And…Whoa, Momma! I am going to hold at hips. Oh my!. My shoe? How about that? You want that? Okay. Thank you. Whoa! I think I can hold at hips, but I would not
feel safe a lot lower. When a child is about walk, I can support
all the way down at ankles on both sides. He is not anywhere near ready for that right
now, but it is a way to work on standing balance. See how low you can hold and him still maintain
that standing. Colton says, “I want that food!” This means we are done. We are going to take a food break!

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