People Mashup Their Favorite Fast Foods

– Do you like that sound? (chuckling) (whooshing)
(squeaking) (light music) – Uh, what am I eating again? I forgot. – I'm here to eat some sort
of international food snack. – [Man] What if I told you that's not what you're here to do? – I figured that was the case. – You're gonna ask me
to do some weird shit. I don't want to eat an insect. – I hope it's something
that's not gonna try to harm me violently. – I don't think we're allowed
to eat poop on camera, right? (upbeat music) I'm gonna cry, baby. – [Man] Now you've got to mash them up and turn them into one thing. – That's exactly what
I already wanted to do. – This is gonna completely ruin this for the rest of my life. – This is so mean. – This is maybe the most
exciting day of my life. – Double quarter pounder with cheese which is what I was gonna get
for lunch in like 15 minutes and a crunch wrap supreme. – Alright, this is a breakfast burrito from Jack in the Box. This is a two piece from Popeye's. – This is a mexi-melt,
sausage McMuffin with egg. – Taco Bell classic taco, In-N-Out cheeseburger,
animal style, protein style. You just want me to do it on this table? It's gonna be so gross. – This is just wonderful. – How do you want to
fit together, friends? – Feel like what I need
to do is empty it out into the sandwich. – [Man] Do you think it's gonna be good? – Yeah. – I feel like we can
just put this crunch wrap in the middle of this cheeseburger. – I could just put the taco in the burger. – And then do a little wrap around. – This is actually kind of beautiful. – I basically put a two piece and biscuit into an already breakfast burrito. – In-N-Out burger,
garden style with a taco right in the middle. – Oh my god, this is like Christmas. – I'll take my Lactaid pills first so I don't die. – Uhh, it looks gross. – Oh, it's gonna be so good. (upbeat music) This may be the most delicious thing I've ever eaten in my entire life. – Man, I don't think there's
a more distinct taste than that ground beef from Taco Bell. – Holy (bleep). – The sausage overpowers a lot of stuff. – It doesn't even taste like Taco Bell or McDonald's anymore, it's like a whole new thing. – They're way better separated. – They complement each other really well. I'm just a little faklempt at
how excited I am about this. I'm gonna cry. This is really good. – The sensory overload
would be the perfect way to explain this burrito. It's a little bit too many meats. – And you can always use
the tortilla as a napkin. – It's weird how one of my favorite things can ruin my over favorite thing. – This is definitely like an enjoying it in the privacy of your own home food. – I don't deserve this sandwich. – Maybe if I was really drunk. – This is all I can have now. I can't go to one of
these restaurants anymore. – I'm just so thankful that
I got to experience that. It's something I always wanted to do but I never really knew
that it was a possibility. – I would probably never do it again. – You learn something new everyday, and what I've learned is
that if you mix Taco Bell and In-N-Out, it's pretty good. – The meat sweats are happening already. (whooshing)

22 thoughts on “People Mashup Their Favorite Fast Foods

  1. Why were most of them so negative?!? Like you were given your fave foods together for a video, could be so much worse. More blue hair girl!

  2. If your watching this in 2018 the guy with the grey hair looks kinda like Vaughn from buzzfeed tasty (if you don’t know what i mean search this video) Video: WE TRIED TO REACREATE DUNKAROOS

  3. This is the most exiting thing in your life… that’s really sad 😞 you look like the real sadness so I can see why

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