Phil’s Files (2003): “My Big Fat Attitude”

(intense music) You are dismissing these human beings because they weigh differently than you do. I mean, that seems to me to be incredibly mean-spirited. I’ve been grossed out by fat people whether they’re eating or not. I think that they’ve got really no one else to blame other than themselves. No one sat there and forced them to eat three chickens at a time. Fat might be fine for some people, but in this society, if you’re not tall and thin, you’re nothing. Yes I do get told off, most of the time it’s by overweight women. I hear them “skinny little bitch probably never eats.” When we’re at a buffet-style type restaurant, I really feel for the management when they’ve got these really really overweight people in, because they can clean them out, for a small price. They don’t even realize, they’re in the way, because they’re so caught up in their own little world, you know? It’s like, “excuse me,” and then they turn around and they look at you like “oh, am I in your way?” And then to be sitting in a restaurant close-proximity to someone who looks like and sounds like an animal eating, why don’t you just let us pour the grease right down your throat? If I’m in a restroom, a public restroom, and the door opens and it’s a huge woman, I’ll choose not to go in that stall. If her hands don’t reach her heinie, how can she keep herself clean? And who wants to sit where she just sat? When my husband and I go out shopping, I’ll pick a woman in the store that’s got the biggest butt that I can find, and I’ll joke with him and I’ll point to her and I’ll say, “Honey, I’m gonna do that for you.” As in, pork myself out. And he looks at me and he goes, “if you do, you’re gone.” What really irks me is when you find them trying to park in a handicap and walk five feet to the front of the store. They don’t even have parking for pregnant mothers, so why should they have parking for overweight people? There is no way possible these people that are 400+ pounds can be happy. Well, Cindy. Yes. Those are all your statements and things that you think and feel. Yes. Do you think that’s reasonable? To a degree. Really? You think that’s reasonable? It depends on the situation. Because I mean, situation whatever, I just watched what it said, and I have to say, Sally and Marianne, I disagree with a whole lot of what ya’ll said before and I’m gonna tell you when and where, and why, but I want to be real careful that in saying that, I don’t get aligned with your position. Because I don’t think you just have a position, I just think you are rude. (applause) Well I don’t say that because- Well I’m sorry, I do. I agree. I think that is rude, and I think it’s judgmental, and I think it’s arrogant, and I think it’s condescending, and I cannot imagine that an intelligent person would actually articulate those feelings to themselves or any one else. But I want to give you a chance to say what you want to say about it. Well, I would never say those things to someone in public, because I, yes I know it was just all on the T.V., (laughter) and everybody got to see it, so I guess I did just say it all in public. But you feel it. You walk around, and that’s exactly what you guys are talking about. And what you’re doing is, you’re dismissing these human beings because they weigh differently than you do. I mean, that seems to me to be incredibly mean-spirited. Do you feel mean? In what you’re thinking? No, actually, I don’t. It’s just that I was asked questions and I answered the questions honestly. Yeah And sometimes, yes, I do feel that way, but I don’t live my life that way. I have a lot of overweight friends. I bet you don’t anymore. I mean, really, that’s a mean spirit to have. I mean, playing a game where let’s see if we can find the biggest butt out here? And I know that you might do that with your husband and stuff, but does it affect you to know that these guys feel that? Yes, it does. They feel the prickliness, they feel the judgment, they feel the put down? Yes. (intense music)

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