Physical Escalation (With Example Exercises To Practise)

What I have always found, which I find
really strange, is whenever people see me up-front or anyone in the pick-up
industry they think that this guy is the best in the world. By no means am I or
anyone that you see online, is the best in the world and that’s why I surround myself,
always, with people who are better than you. If you’re in a company, for example,
if I took a company on my hands and I surrounded everyone around
me as people who are worse than me I would never grow, the company
wouldn’t grow and I would just basically be lying to myself, lying to people
and it would never happen. That’s why whenever I have instructors
the instructors who work with me in the US are much, much, much better
than me they come on board as assistants, they spend a lot of time but they are all
much better than me. Their “dance floor game” is crazy,
their “day game” is crazy and everything. Luke, I brought Luke on board
because he has… Has anyone seen
his eye-contact when he actually looks at you? At the end when you find him… Just go up to him and be like
“do your eye-contact to me” ‘cause you almost
feel like you’ve just been raped. As soon as Luke looks at you, in the eyes,
you just feel like “wow, like that was really intense”
Alright, I do want to get into “escalation” today. I want to explain to you guys why it’s important. So, the whole opener that Luke showed you
to get someone is great but a lot of people, what they struggle with, who her has done
“the hand of god” in clubs, not the salsa way
but at least some sort of version of the “hand of god” where you put out a girl and you
put your hand up? Now, hands up, those same guys
who’ve done that and they’ve got the girl and
they’ve held her hand a little bit and then she
was like “ok” and then she just kind of didn’t
really like feel it very much. Anyone here? Ok, I love the wave, enthusiastic like
“me, definitely happened to me”. What I do want to say is that there’s a
huge difference between “escalating” on a girl
and just talking to a girl. What most people don’t understand is
for example, for me, I’m not a huge fan of
“dance floor game” but to make myself uncomfortable,
to learn all these things I forced myself to be
out on the dance floor just so that I can do these things, just so that I can get into
the zone of it and then learn all these tricks. Everything that I’m learning now, everything
that I’m doing is always, always learning no matter what. That’s why I said I surround myself with
people who are better than me because those people are
going to teach me the most important lessons that are
out there. When it comes to talking to a girl, I’ve
noticed this a lot, with so many guys that I see
especially the guys who come on the boot camp, everyone comes on as a little bit of a nice
guy and I talk about this a lot, just because
me, myself, I am a little bit of a nice guy
and whenever I go up to a girl I’ll talk to her I’ll spend…actually could you come
up for a second? I’m sure you’ve had this at bars
or something when some guy comes and talks to you
and they just talk and talk and talk and they’re kind of like here or maybe their hands are
in their pockets talking, talking, talking and
then eventually you’re just thinking this was
a bit of, you know, a nice conversation. He entertained me for the rest of the night
now I can go and speak to some-one else
who’s more interesting, right? That’s exactly what you felt but if someone
was to… here’s the difference: That guy is a guy
that you don’t see as a sexual partner in the future,
you see him as “aah, nice guy” right? Yeah he’s a friend but then when a guy
comes and talks to you in a bar and he does what Luke said and he starts talking to you,
pulls you in closer, starts talking like this or whatever, even if you’re not interested,
you still have in your mind that “this guy isn’t just a friend he’s someone
who is sexual partner potential or I don’t want
him” So, you have two options: you either carry
on the interaction or you eject right? You either stay with him if you’re attracted
to him and if you’re not attracted to him you kind of move away but you make
your intensions clear but the guy who’s talking
from this distance and talking, talking, talking, you don’t know what he wants. You just think “aah this guy is that little
friendly guy”. Ok, have a seat I’ll call you back in a
minute. So, what I want to carry on about saying is:
here’s the thing. A lot of guys think that you
can’t escalate for example in “day game”. Day game is actually a point where,
you know how a lot of guys would say… sorry, come back. Alright, so, you know a lot of guys,
when you guy do “day game” I’m sure the first opener you do is you
say “hi”, your name and then you shake her hand, right, that’s everyone’s opener. What I like to do, just out of curiosity,
I’ll hold her hand for just a few seconds longer
‘cause I want to see how long she’s comfortable with my handshake. If I hold her hand and then
she pulls away then I realise “ok, this girl’s…”
especially when it comes to “day game” because it’s a bit scary “ok this girl’s
not comfortable with this I’ll take a little step back
but I won’t leave. I’ll stay, talking, talking, talking”
maybe see if she can get more comfortable. When I come back and I’ll do like a laugh,
because she was uncomfortable, my escalation isn’t going to be crazy,
my escalation’s going to be “oh that was really funny”
or something. I’ll just make sure that I keep contact
but I just want to see how comfortable she is
and you can, this goes back to what Luke was talking about, he was talking about eye
contact. If I’m looking into her eyes and you can,
‘cause you can tell everything from the eyes,
if I look into her eyes and I see that there’s discomfort I’ll say “you know
what, one step back, carry on talking and then
try two steps forward again”. One step back two steps forward,
always one step back two steps forward. So, if a guy is coming closer and closer
and closer and I see in her eyes “No” one step back, carry on talking. In “day game” you always want to do “handshake”,
“hold a little bit longer than comfortable” and then, just so see what happens. You know what’s the best thing as well,
is if you lightly, obviously not crazy, don’t break her hand, if you lightly squeeze
a girl’s hand and she squeezes back, that’s a good
sign right?. I think that’s very, very clear but a lot
of guys are too scared to take risks. Risks are huge. If you take a risk with someone like…
let’s say you meet this girl in the street and
you take a risk where you actually squeeze her
hand like a tiny bit, that’s something that’s usually
uncomfortable to do because the potential is she
might just do that and that’s it but if you try it and
she squeezes back you’ll see that’s she’s a warm,
you know, girl who is into it. Especially when you “open” a girl in the
daytime and she smiles at you and she has that eye
open… when you like…yeah like that. That kind of face… That kind of face means “alright I’m comfortable”. So if she’s comfortable I know I can do
a little bit more. Now in “day game” you don’t
want to be able to “escalate” obviously on the streets. All the guys are like “oh, you can just
make out in the streets”. No, if you’re going out
with a girl and you meet her on the streets you always want to take her to a date. Stay here. Date. This takes me on to my date
escalation points. I want to talk about this as well
‘cause a lot of guys make a lot, a lot of mistakes. Whenever you go to a restaurant
how are you usually sitting down, right? This is the kind of awkwardness. My point about this
is if we’re having a dinner date or if I take her for lunch or something I’m
always going to be too far for contact and if I
spend two hours of my time like this, when we get up, this is suddenly weird
because I just spent two hours not touching her right? So, if you sit down again. If I position just,
if you sit down, If I just position my seat just a little bit to the side and I’m talking
I have this hand completely free to, like, put my
hand on her knee, see is she’s comfortable with that,
put my hand on her arm, see if she’s comfortable with that, hold her hand a little bit, just
to feel the vibe. A lot of guys waste so much
time and they… I’ve actually had boot camp students who…
from the very, very beginner guys who would go out
on a date and they would spend three hours’ time
like this and in the end they wouldn’t go for the kiss. Now, if we spent three hours distanced,
at the end of the night if I went for the kiss it would be a bit strange but if
I spent three hours the whole time holding you,
touching you, keeping you like, escalating slowly, slowly, slowly
more and more and more like holding your hand and stuff, If I went for the kiss you would
be like you were expecting it because you knew
what happened. Now, I’m a sexual partner. This and just staying away is what we
we’re saying about meeting a guy in a bar where he is just a friendly guy right? You don’t want to be the friendly guy. At all times two steps forward, and if you
make a mistake, one step back. There’s three things that
I talk about is when you’re talking to a girl or
whenever you’re doing something which is like
escalation you always get either a positive, a negative or a neutral kind of reaction ok. So, I’ll show you all three of those now. So if I hug a girl, here’s an example:
Whenever I meet a girl in a bar my most normal thing is I’ll say, especially since
I’m abroad, I would say “are you from…” and I always make a mistake because I’m
always one city behind so, like now I’m saying
“are you from Unic?” and I always [email protected]#$k that up so, now I say “are you from Vienna?”
and she says “yes” and I’m like “I love you, you’re adorable. I love people from Vienna.” And a hug. Just for fun but if I hug
her and she’s squeezing back I’m like “ok, this is good. I can keep escalating”
If she’s doing nothing… so, if I hug her and she’s squeezing back that’s positive,
if she’s investing into the situation, that’s good. If I hug her
and she’s not doing anything she’s ok with it that
means she’s comfortable with it. Still, it means I can
keep going but if I hug her and she pulls away, like if I hug her and she’s
kind of pulling away, I can feel that, I’m like
“ok” all that means… and if she stays standing
there and talking to me that means
“what you did was kind of uncomfortable but I’ll let you get away with it just let’s
see how this goes” so, if she pushes away I’ll take one step back. Remember how Luke said you have your one foot
forward, one hand back you see, like that. I’ll take one
step back and I’ll talk to her and I realise this, which it very important,
whenever you’re talking to a girl it’s always good to
get her to escalate on you so, especially when you’re
at a bar or a club and you’ve pushed too far take one step back carry on talking
but talk at a little bit of a quieter tone ‘cause then she’ll come back to answer
you. So, when I’m speaking to you and you’ll
come back to answer me I’ll almost look like she’s
chasing me and I’m trying to get away from her, almost
right? And if there’s a bar behind you or a wall
I’ll lean against the wall and I’ll put my foot
like that, which is just kind of saying like “you can keep talking to me”. Ok, no Camille,
I wish every girl did that. Uhm, but that
will feel, right, that will feel so comfortable ‘cause I’m the one sitting back and I
actually had a boot camp student in Amsterdam who did
this: He was talking to a girl, he, like the vibe
was going well. The wall was behind her, he just
switched places, put the wall behind him leaned back
and then she was doing all the approaching, she was
escalating more and more on him and at this point
if we’re talking and she’s coming closer to me
I have more possibility to play around with her hands
or something and just feel them around. Another thing that I actually learned from
Luke was, by the way, another thing when we’re trying
to go in for a…wow ok…another thing I learned
from Luke which is crazy is usually what I used
to do is I’ll be talking to a girl and I’ll just mess around, I’ll always say
one thing which always gives me a chance to see her hands,
I’ll say “your hands are so much smaller than mine”
and immediately she’ll like look at her hands
and I’m like “see, look.” and I’ll already be clenched
in like that or I’ll say “your hands are much
bigger than mine” ‘cause I’m small, every girl’s hands are bigger than mine
right, everyone. It’s not funny. It’s actually kind of sad. Yeah but
your hands, yeah, my [email protected]$%k would look huge in these hands. It’s like this big and it would
still look huge. I’m kidding. Alright so, I’ll get the
chance to say “your hands are smaller or bigger than mine”. So, what I’ll do is I’ll always
experiment with it, this position for me is my favourite
position to be with a girl. If a girl’s comfortable
with having her hands like this there’s so much chance
for you to go for a kiss. Now this is
what I was talking about going for a kiss earlier:
when you have your hands like this, this is what
I learned from Luke. If you squeeze once and she
squeezes, did you notice that?, she squeezes a little back,
you want to try to go for one or two or even three squeezes. If you squeeze a little
and she squeezes back that means you can have… basically it means she’s ready for a kiss. So, what I’ll do is I’ll play around and
I’ll just look at her hands and I’ll try to stretch
out her arms to try to get her closer and closer, so, I you see, If I’m here
and she’s pulling back then I know “ok, just keep it going.” Maybe even push her
hands away just joke around and then try again later
but if I’m like this, sorry, If I’m like this
and she’s still there and her eye-contact is strong
and she’s still smiling I can go for a kiss. This is the kind of point you want to get
to at a point…with a girl…This is the point
you want to get to with a girl where if she’s here and she’s smiling, all you have to
do is open your arms a little bit more and you can
just go in for the kiss like that. Alright? Sorry, need to tie up my hair it’s getting
warm. Give her a round of applause. Alright uhm, a few more ones that I found
interesting is when I girls hand is down and you want
to kind of get to it, a really good one to do is you just put your hand like that
and when you’re up here you kind of go for it. It’s just small little tricks that you learn. You can even do this with your brother just
to practice and learns these tricks. So, even if you just want to learn this stuff
is basically stuff that I figured out over time. If you just put your hand down an you can
just put it up and down and catch it in your grasp,
you’ve got it. Same thing with this. you can
pull her in, pull her back you don’t even need
to hold two hands, but you have one hand held so,
you know you can control her movement. Again, if she’s comfortable, take a step
back keep on talking, try again. Don’t try again
after like ten seconds. Try again after
like a few minutes so, you can see where she is. One that I learned from a few friends of mine
from Pick-up Evolution, they are these crazy guys from Poland who are like crazy good
with “dance floor game”. I just want to show them. I’ll show you guys one of the moves that
they but you should check them out on YouTube. When they “open” a girl on the dance floor
they’ll spin her around and then jut for excitement they’ll put that arm over her
head and lift her up and just spin, just so that she can get a little like fun like laughter
all right. If the girl’s taller than you, good luck. All girls are taller than me. So, other ones they’ll
do is they’ll hold her hand and as soon as they
say it they might spin but then as soon as her
hand’s up they just put it there, one hand behind your neck, one hand on her waist,
she’s comfortable, dance a little bit, have your
hands around her body and kind of try to escalate as much as you can and see where you can go
with it. Again, uncomfortable, step back. If she’s comfortable, if her hand stays
there… It’s funny enough when, sometimes,
you’re talking to a girl in a club and it’s really loud,
just so she can talk to you she’ll put her hand
behind your neck just so that she can tell you in your ear. So, she’ll do that to whisper in our ear. A lot of times guys don’t realise that’s
a good sign. I don’t know who was out with me last night
but yeah, you did that, a girl was talking to you
on the dance floor and she, just to speak to him,
she put her hand around your neck and she was like this. At this point it’s pretty obvious
what you need to do. If she’s holding you like this… you were really good last night ‘cause you
were escalating pretty well. Your hands were
all over the place and the girls were on it. Sorry to pick you out from the crowd. But yeah at this point you can just be like
“you know what, I can’t hear you let’s go
away from your friends” ‘cause she was with
all her friends. At that point you want to isolate her. Another thing I want to say is very, very
important is if you’re with five friends it’s very
awkward if a guy comes and does all that stuff to you
in front of all your friends, right? Sometimes it might
be work friends, sometimes it might be family members, you don’t want to show
them this side of yourself right? ‘cause a lot of girls are a little bit shy
with showing this side of themselves. So, you would probably
rather appreciate if the guy, if you did this at a
point or at an area where your friends couldn’t notice that right? Depends how open your
friends are. Some girls are more open about it,
some girls aren’t. The shyer girls are not going
to be ok with that. The shy girls are going to
want to be like “uh I’m not comfortable in
front of my friends”. I remember going up with
one girl. I was doing everything right and I tried
to kiss her, she moved back so I said “ok, talk, talk, talk, talk” Tried to
kiss her, she moved back. I tried to kiss her six
times but over time, it wasn’t like… I tried to kiss her six times and each time
she wasn’t ok with it. I just took her to the
bar like three metres away and she was all over me and she was kissing me. And I asked her I said “listen, that was
a bit strange. I tried to kiss you six time and you,
every single time you said no” and she said “yeah but I was with my friends and I didn’t
want to come off as that type of girl because I don’t want my friends to judge me.” You’re a random strange guy, she cares more
about her friends’ opinion about her rather than your opinion. She’d rather just lose you,
even if she’s really attracted to you, than have her friends say “no, I can’t
believe this girl did that, she doesn’t even know
him” ‘cause girls love to judge other girls and
a lot of guys [inaudible] guys, will love to
judge girls so, you’ll see a lot of guys go
“uh whore” they are just saying that because they can’t get with her and they’re trying
to make themselves feel better and the girls
aren’t getting that same excitement so, they just want to judge someone. I think labelling is the stupidest thing that
we do but in that situation you have no choice,
you’re not going to teach them why you shouldn’t label people, just move her away from her
friends. Try to get her as far away as possible
from her friends. What I do want everyone
to do is, which is going to be a bit weird because everyone here is men, if you’re
sitting next to a girl, great. I want you all to
practice the “Luke opener” and then as soon
as you have this do a spin and then put it around your neck. So here and then have her hand on your waist
and talk but at the same time you want to be
at a point where you can almost lean a little bit back just to see where she is and if
she’s interested you can go in for a kiss. Don’t kiss each other guys. Alright so, everyone up. Arm out. Alright, yeah go practice with him. I mean you’ve already done this. No, no, no, no, spin, arm around my neck,
around my neck here. Distance. This is too uncomfortable, you don’t know
her yet.

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    10:39 Your hands are so much smaller than mine. Grasp them 1-3x squeze then pull them apart
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