Physical Maps

My name is Doug McCune today we’re going to be talking about some
maps but before I get started I want to take a trip back in time I’ll be going over seven different projects but to start, this is a photo of me when i was about seven or eight years old I’m holding up a drawing that
I had made, this is of Yosemite hard to see the actual photo, but we had taken a family trip to Yosemite and I was drawing basically everything I saw When I was a kid I loved to draw. I was drawing all the time. I grew up in a very artistic household, my mother was a painter, she would do watercolors and so as I was growing up art was always in our house and art was a real passion of mine for a
long time, from when I was a little kid all the way up through high school. And then when I went off to college the process of creating art sort of
started slipping away from me. Not really intentionally it just sort of got displaced In college I discovered computer
programming I had been sort of dabbling in programming before that but
really realized that this was a passion of mine and that sort of took its place. But back when I was a kid when I was eight years old I was asked in elementary school to write down where I thought I would be and what i would be doing when I grew
up and I wrote that I was going to be living in Hawaii and I was going to be an artist We all know that the dreams of an eight year old rarely turn into reality, otherwise we’d all know a whole bunch of astronauts But I did end up living near a beach I didn’t make it to Hawaii my beach is quite cold I live in San Francisco. And I’ve become a bit obsessed with with my city you’ll see a lot of maps of san
francisco and it’s interesting, I don’t really feel like I ever picked san francisco.
San Francisco just sort of happened to me. And that’s the case for a lot of things in my life – the things
that I’ve become passionate about they were never intentional decisions
really, I just kind of stumbled into something, or got pulled into something. And san francisco’s similar. I was in the bay area for college and after college and after college ended up just sort of feeling this gravitational pull towards the city and ended up there. While I was in San Francisco I also stumbled into another passion of mine, which is mapping. This is the first mapping application I ever
created. I was working a software consulting
company and just randomly got assigned to a consulting gig that was a map app. This just a little dinky thing. This is for trying to maps photos that you take along a
hike. After this project I ended up, again, completely randomly, being involved in a
couple other mapping projects and I started feeling that same sort of gravitational pull that was sucking me in. And I got
fairly obsessed with maps. After a couple consulting gigs, we realized
that there was really something here and I helped start a mapping start-up company called SpatialKey This is what I do today this is sort of my day job We take large amounts of geo data and do interesting things with it weather that’s showing a heatmap, or looking at Hurricane Sandy approaching
the east coast or in this case this is crime data in san
francisco and so i started just becoming
completely obsessed again – with mapping. And this is what I’ve been doing for the past five years. I’m sort of just a programmer
who loves working with maps. But I started getting really bored and not bored with maps, and not bored with even the work or my job but I started getting bored just with this screen. We do all of our work on these screens and we sit in front of these computers and we look at screens all day long. It started feeling like I was constrained I was stuck. I was locked within the screen. And whether it’s this screen or it’s the screen on our phone or the screen on a tablet it just felt so constricting. I felt the need to break out of that. I wanted to create something real again, something that wasn’t just pixels on a screen. And then more fundamentally I wanted to be this kid again. if you look at this the smile on my face here that’s not a smile of
amusement or jori this is just a small i’m incredibly proud but what high was
creating with my own hands and so i wanted to get back and so i don’t know i want to make
things but to make something re-elected old something tangible the good news is that now it’s a fantastic time uh… the history of the world to see
meeker there are credible offshoots uh… it seems like you know every repugnant
recruiter coming out there are services that you can use if
you don’t one investment hardware uh… chief received no pillar to
services used to be printing this mostly supported and of course there is you know all the
machines that you can do abatement soul on twenty focusing on just a couple abusing some choot your services and then uh… i have and that was a pretty printer uh… i have if he had but there’s so many options in hawaii rage a price points if you’re at all
interested in some dabbling in the stuff packed tightly recommends taking the plunge in and by three
printer is these are small pic tickets on the desk but if you look carefully
unions and uh… it’s been incredible i’m on the phone and so with the exception of one of the
pieces that about show everything else uh… in this position is meeting somewhere services it’s also work with with the first
projects which relates to submit it to work who work with me uh… software let’s companies respond to that absolutely that’s perfect way or flooding or wildfires or obviously for organs we want to talk for a few years and last
year was a very busy year for us that certainly sandy was proteins tells and i was the
california and i was watching this event and i was leslie on the edge of my cv was on the domestic side says that’s her often forecasting updated and so i watch these forecasts coming blowed up all the media so it was what storm as it more and i was watching so closely that the
shape of this thing just started being ingrained in my headings like it entered my
self-conscious was sort of like a a rorschach test of a walked right by third season the uh… excesses ccs everywhere elizabeth taylor life when my hands red italian place and so problem although steam table clock instances that qualify and out of the peacekeepers something’s
photo but for her uh… heroes like one of those places lucy’s jesus santos they were everywhere you use the
internet once the season was so press in my mind anything just in our homes and so i figured what better way to get
him to create something that was done always says if you michael as well so i created some set of toasters these are made out of uh… two different except in blue and i do stuff about bill which is uh…
the service upload a design stable use their laser printers and put
it all out and you can cut these out the re-ignited about a plastic all sorts of apu materials so these are all too stale company that i mean brought sale and sort of all instantly for the next century compare copy for instance if he was a really what’s
foremost thousand miles wide prepared for me and you can see if you do sort of a big
difference there this is one of the uh… designs that i did send off such
as an example of what you do to you create laser cut designs the blue lines syndicate intel polices all week and then you also have different levels
of the greetings of the panthers delays between grave and i want to get back in the mail uh… wants to send that off yet we’ve
got the weeks and you get this package and nervous on the twenty cent if it’s pgp sicker on all their packages and i went on a bit of of the three
products free uh… it seems like every week or so i had a new package
showing up was that restricted cited witnesses the replied i how twenty sitting on my doorstep it
was like christmas every week as the start of the senate processes extracted installed please but forks um… away about possible someone planning to
do two different types of him got elected in the dark shape and then by putting off that about can tell so uh… court another tool that you can you can use and uh… that was the basic
sense of it all together uses sharpy’s sitting on my coffee table close-up of ups one suspect resources of
the the development missus start working standing which is
probably the most familiar and people’s minds and so i really liked the idea of taking something massive something salty we’re talking mister battles and pilots across here tinsley soapy engage shrinking it down uh… sort of like a giant leap for
ancient unix right bring it down to disposed of steel immunotherapy cindy was that’s a force of nature right falls miles wide you know it’s cap left two hundred eighty five it was this huge his forces in asia and you know we we charge so much papa
understand these things we we watch them on the new speed you look
at all of the and think that we what this really means for them there’s no way that we can really rapper
head around that and so you do this idea that this massive their difficult to understand it is now
the brought down to his trainee sort of lightweight scale
there sort of a desi uh… cognitive dissonance matt that i i really like you don’t want to be the second project here which is psalm along with similar university rafters i mentioned also work with
hurricane or start earthquake data performer wakes of the one of the more recent uh… once in in people’s pets can be
there earthquake a_t_t_’s of nineteen seventy january twenty n this was a huge event um… you know
everyone remembers watching on the news i’m sure uh… estimates of anywhere from callous to talk with three hundred thousand
people uh… it’s kind of crazy that you use
many years later no one really knows real death toll from the system this is the u_s_ g_s_ map dances at the center report prints and sharper member ccs images on the
news as we watch trying to dig out this is the data before but she can’t exist and so before repeated said weaver called for lines heavies shaking was at different
locations so i was sitting on it you know it’s looking at at this image
in particular i was struck by are sort of the pattern here state where the format stress the role
of the day alastair cook’s association a commitment
right now as well this is the what just like the release of a tree and i don’t want to trivialize behavior tens of thousands if not hundreds of
thousands of lives were lost but there is something bobby fascinating about thinking about this this one as far as a consequence sort this
perfectly into southern africa universally you think of ads beautiful sissy life on this planet lvd both of those are just make sure
exports and university beautiful thinking about that that that we have something and something beautiful but deep down there’s sort of the same natural process so wanted creek something that’s like that since the designed the picture dot profound it’s just the raw data uh… i didn’t
mean to change the data it’s exactly the data that i got for the reply and this is the the piece that created so this is not my wall that’s made out of two different types of would against you can see uh… solely also uh… airports all the great and so i was trying to do it you you know when you get when looking
at actually trump but seemed sort of process that’s fault here conceited cuts ingredient so this is you know my wallet to be a certain as a reminder it’s a reminder that sometimes there’s not that much
difference between something horrible and something beautiful knew deep down to seem natural processes
that were responsible for four a massive loss of life construction v as well as the growth explaining your for better or worse those things are completely outside of
our and smita sir a certain sense of duty shift gears stuff one park right next project and kept on
reprinted but few years ago i created so that
that’s uh… for san francisco crime types in the density of those
times in the city and i by treating models of census data shows uh… mountain peaks where the crime was the greatest and took a step further and i turned up the issue uh… fridge magnet use three cities service such a place
where you upload your model and then they printed out seabright printers that really did stop you can print out plastic tubing products’ ceramics um… metal all sorts of interest of cheap ways as a a great job it’s a fantastic service the quality is
much better than in the day went into printing sup problem you can check with you extensive go fast they charge simply based on boiling so the figure model more expensive trying to print large spins gets really prohibitively expensive into
parts of the testified if you also don’t know what isn’t not quite right uh…
and so it’s parked just west of hundreds of dollars on you know sort of a model that’s a reasonable size and so i took the plunge and i’ve bought my own reprints of this
is the one that i had this one prosecuting two dollars of but
there are other are so many option it sounded really just like the ones
from out of the options are range in price and
request five hundred bucks to moves around twenty five hundred general range for for the home printers now that i have my own three printer i
want to see the initial assessment just stop by and what what so the plastic ones to use force each roll call from thirty-five box and
steve national option uh… srry into plastic and so far a the first night accepted
with zte person models and despite a sort of he decides on this is my first attempt just seeing you
know what would happen quite i’ve checked with the scenes larger but uh… the printer that out the builder is justified by five point
five king that’s worth max’s eyes of the borders of parker site its but the one that i hadn’t thought
about it uh… and so what i want to see what
happens which that one this year and this is this is one of those results
uh… these what i’m caught my slide by crime labs over obvious reasons this is a narcotics france in san francisco peace peeps to try to stretch them justice for site odds essentially five inches high
because that’s the high second-guess and the result is this applied hence the email from like ah… database perspective or a accuracy
respectively dot best practice from sort of emotional artistic
perspective i really like but what that that ended up coming out of this this is uh… prosecution prosecutions
interesting in san francisco at least prosecute wraps their there have been
concentrated just along a couple streaks consensus decision like that was sort of these always have a nice fobel’s jutting out
here i thought about trying to bring some
cute snaps here but i don’t think i would get this
through security it’s actually pretty dangerous is his soul and so the stars there’s a lot of places and services
that you get mugged crimes are artech words first although you see wrists relative peace that’s the thing going incensed about the way just in case you’re you’re visiting in
the future you know where that you get on guard newspeople not vehicle thefts just everywhere right like for instance solely all
throughout the city elizalde burned out it’s sort of so be it it looks like appearance this
underground ki the sort of a head-on shot at this point at this crime in san francisco and here’s a full shot uh… all four parts answer because i had this um… mathematician bus the printer because they now have the
skills which three pretty capability of the importance of experiment exports and one of these individual maps that too expensive for me to death sort of justify my printing using shading works but now that i could print and and and you know my criticism
i just got home and so i i would’ve morning i go to work and often slightly offering some of
these people some classic balance between hours uh… to print buser kicking off a letter run
throughout the day it’s it’s always a fun way to end the day to see see what ends up now if you would probably not since i
don’t know where i can in my house the peaks are actually really really
shocked applied reunified mount them on the wall which
was to be mine that from over but you can’t help themselves we certainly don’t want the desk until
themselves on the but that’s what we’re going to have a
problem horrible things like uh… like jacket
and pants prostitution drives lanston lighter salim cuter this is my son whose kids’ health feast
of the body of the couple always gets fall my wife is out of the shopping for
combat stocks and willing sometimes uh… i get it jealous um… another which included at that articles for one-and-a-half xiamen she came back one day in chicago
destroyed which is starbuck cork board match style of nazi and so this mapping put on your kids wall and then used keynesian placed in surrounding teach them about talking about that hearing your families from hearing panel so i thought this through probably jealous uh… he won’t like it
difficult for them and i have so i went on with my own abortion but of course in some obsessive services so i wanted to san
francisco for or not this is the design that i somehow laser-guided split up into two pieces for one of the
big mouth one of the rules was my map at bigger than my sons and so i wanted a really big board were
collected but they put up on my wall so i i said that often and this is the the result not on my wall operate put together governor general outline engraved in their hearts reversible
five-person of streets senses fail so that warranted and sab yes or no where to place things disturbed flow systems dream house and sources of the first thing i did not
fight brought this up on the wall was sort of
placing somethings n_p_r_’s funny i sort of work with maps all digitally writes a lot of placed tons of digital hands on digital maps but i actually haven’t had experience working with real maps in place and we will be that’s the said that ends up making its way onto our streets multiple
markers that that they dropped on digital maps and see that sort actually created with and so that the first mapping date was
influenced by my son this is the locations of all the public
libraries san francisco uh… my son because they’re all time and i think it’s a sort of cool way to
teach them about about city about work but it’s worth
because some he’s a little bit don’t you know what i’m talking about and i
think it’s all maps but i think it’s never too young to search those in come to this type of stuff the next map right it was was a lot of
support that uh… and this is the locations of all
the public elementary schools in the city if you ask me parents in san francisco they will tell you that the public school system it’s the maps of the system they’re difficult not to be completely decided uh… it sort of a lottery system never really know where your kids than getting begins with it’s cooler bats floor the
reaction across the city to a different school and so this is something that we’re going to be
doing as my son and this was sort of my way beginning to
wrap my head around this complicated system norms housing numbers out of something more
interesting but the more interesting visual treatment might be too here and sting so i’m not i came across this method vocal on a
triangulation this map it connects all points together and creates triangles between all appoint softened used for electric ballroom
purposes to regeneration i want to take that seat map it applies development to score points and so that the results amala dot through the cracks or are bought uh… when about meetings process of connecting everybody and this is the the result of that and this is the really any more about you want to stay in the system states
just sort of a generative art exhorted represents the anyway uh… what’s the system wud of inside that plagues all parents in san
francisco um… that came out of it this is just of scale in a couple close-ups here to see uh… yaar you can almost feel the tactile nature united instead so much fun working with
digital maps you know and drawing polygons drawing lines points on that but it was for it fleet was something like that although statements like digitally but in a physical this just one last shot of uh…
speaking this apart diplomat you want your hands just because that was really struck by
three nastiness of which i really enjoy it sticking with with public schools for a second com uh… and non-profit that’s or assault
schools in california picked it up this office what about that and most official test scores a uh… further called preschools liggett
schools for us of one ten twenty back then and so you know as parents this machine want to know whether for the school here is a good or not so plentiful data options as well mobile homes you such a sports home and i want to try to sort
understand that falling aspect schools novel cited on cynicism basically seven-mile by seven miles square such a very small
city and theirs comparable sins rubino supper square obviously but president dot assets by seven and so i took that second by second
squared by uh… into great uh… distasteful but full reaches a
hundred forty four celsius and then i once said to try to keep
sellers or bomb which store on what sort he was always or but i produced a song on the highest for support yourself and
also the price for school uh… sort of a general concept in that its full influence um… surrounding area as well and so this is the retrieval probably the collars lighter that arson or the orders for explore sports don’t have any problems so once do something with this one a physical i sold on bob would not want so one of the home depot and abortion
what no i don’t know anything about work what what sawa speedway at might think it’s so also lost all still install wallows develop uh… and uh… workshop horribly inexperience romantic notion that saw and all this work the general hospital i was going to be one piece of wood for red square uh… so obvious it’s romantic notion that a person basilica of the senate issued a notice
like that so on enjoyed my time and asked her twelve hundred forty-four
spots for bike that’s not bad along it turns out that’s four hundred forty-four visa
would buy it this incredible pain the ass but not recommend almost broke down
about powersoft up properly but but but made it all the way through saw everybody uh… that’s not sitting on some mishaps will not work and not solve the info vote would come up and satins that
different filesystem sizes and so the next step with pain so this is why workshop in the back backyard whereas about the uh… studio spray-painted uh… everything primary colors the general consequences to turn back some of the aesthetic all these twins voice and so this is for example book one row in that great and i just need everything
together the ones i told him to wants at multiple rows of certain assembling this this map so this is the final uh… sitting in my living room spare on units for the period that stand out this is more got hurt her seven bucks swear it generally election overall quality of the public schools in
our city the red and orange orders for the price for c_n_n_ did in the white springs for the los
feliz and so this sort of got me uh… a piece that that price equality aspect of the school system just slightly different people here’s a close-up shot and see the
amazing woodworking uh… skills on display now because thing about this skis by fall uh… have brought up upstairs my son wants it points including the sack and stuff so it’s not everything dot michael stipe pockets works sakta loves and so the text was poisoned and he said that and saxena on top of this matter and so it’s turned into that which i think it’s really and you know as it grows older uh… yet deal with allergies for situation right away into one document red areas and knocked out through the
lower uh… peaks but will sort of have to wait and see well association now when i say unto schools looks the first thing that that comes to mind sex offenders maybe my mom has a lot of thought but if your parents uh… in a c you’ve all done that’s right paul bonnie love life where whereas policy princess for part of it burning disinformation like what he did nothing but your parents and regarding and beyond look at this very much john’s was that the map evolves expansions in
cisco political statement wants to do something with it talks but the line trying bullhorn away which he said create falling on twelve points this is a unique holding on for each
single point and what is happening we do uh… that’s not the case the points that are close together uh… you as a personal polygons because
ought not malignant and then has appointed spread out man and so invented sex offender this is the resulting map you start seeing some areas uh… where the police personal all-points very close together whereas
in the first the polly pocket larger that needs of the points that have
spread out densities i think that’s all for laser cut and this list white acrylic about it floating above the black backgrounds here and so this is the this is going on all my wallet you know i find it like a a web over the city you consistency investors are worth a cheap shot so
small item behind them together uh… so that i did not weezer and so you start seeing spots of white
org the i sense areas are stopped site preacher stopped now floating above the backgrounds and this one one final shot here turned out um… the best part solving that perhaps some of what sort of like at
least abstract art for the best part episode will be just walked around with itself in a while how that’s that’s cool that was that my kids always say editing a sex offender which is sort of a fun thing to be able
to do in them on a little sticking with with some nasa topics as per second so we’ve got the last welfare on if this is world murders are instances so since two years of murders twenty
eleven went well and you know again you always pay attention you know there’s a there’s a murder in
the news people don’t yes but i was don’t look at the maps of where the car and so i want to take this data and stanford something notes for transforming ok uh…
artistically so i think that the same process them you can see you know where the they’re very small you’ve got four stars of person for that spread out more about on departure just looking at this and visual of sorts to be reminded me a call stained glass the sort of this book of useful fit together and so wanted to try to to replicate uh… and answer and the lake some of that state sent off to designs for laser cutting
once the but out of black plastic wanted but part of multiple colors pass a sort of so much forward this is uh… in the process of putting that
together as a couple of the colors about uh… orange and so i started this costs or assembly
this then stunned i want to look at it whose together i’m naive approach despicable possible blue turns out that normal glued destroy acrylic it uh… has a chemical reaction chips in it league you know comes on to the rescue is magic that is made just four crew julia collectible dwelled on sixteen so
with this new tooling and i was able to to assemble one of the the result of pieces here so you can see through the the different
colors the the mosaic fitting together uh… and again there is a the small issues small schools less holler that that’s
where other of the most murders used for self c see how the colors for the fit together
them though the colored forces are that sometime retreat that steve let’s look appears it it looks hopeless but for one light shine through it so this is a shot
of between live from the back light rain through new really certain
i’ll give you the colors jump out and um… you start getting nasty blasts well so here’s another shot of so want to take this but but i want to
be something a little bit spike had all these uh… i had four
sheets of different colors here so i i was of at least use portions of of after one of these panels
and so i don’t know that this is a way of something else seems to get into a box so the boxes and
a half the senate side but uh… four different sides person and what we again who want to the rescue if you can search for like how to make a
loser approx visible abt that hope generate the design files that they sourceoecd doll does peace efforts together this is sort of what i call my pretty little murder box each side against these sitemap so that they react steps but certainly different configurations
was on its side withdrew from one side you see the other side we’re going to sixteen last thoughts
were good looks list always work so want tickets just one separate on the bomb of the box up creating a home to meet you uh… using delightful uh… and then now to this part of what this is a idea was to try to have light shine so this is a reversal intellectual force out and and really
fills up the room sort of explorers or or up on the walls on the
ceiling chrissy different shots each of the
different at the different sites supports and what looks like the capture of your
photos is really what it does seem like i said the walls works properties colors beautiful ludwig or red colors itzel returns the rooms like this like which is sort of million general uh… this pieces taking something again sweetie something pants process of previous always prudent
probably about the last five months there are four greed at this conference uh… this conference was catalyst kittyhawk massive use this creature and on i’m planning on continuing service for
his life uh… whose incredibly fulfilling to work on these things and i really hope that this is a certain
beginning the rediscover my artistic side because really i’m jesse locate my
strong on trial with paper anymore hydraulic i want to try to recapture the product that was in the statistics so it’s been a privilege being up here people to share this work with you guys uh… i definitely think
john coale and like i said all these things were
created simply because this fall but it’s it’s is motivating factor so thank you very much for inviting me
here and you know most of all it’s one thing
for them knowing that no one ever ask questions
but they will have the yes it’s been spotted of distance off response to doing something i guess

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