62 thoughts on “Physical Model DIAGRAM with Vray and Photoshop

  1. Um cupom de desconto pra esse segundo pack seria uma maravilha!! Tá fácil não bancar IOF com salário de estagiária 😂

  2. this is so well done, thank you
    please do more vray tutorials, it's hard to understand but you have explained it so well

  3. Caraca irmão, sei que tu é brasileiro, e MUITO obrigado mesmo por esse videos. Vão me ajudar muito no TCC. Parabéns

  4. Amazing work you are doing with this channel! I would love to see your take on a section through a site in a landscape. I always struggle on this one and don't know where to begin.

  5. This is amazing – I didn't know you can imitate a physical model so well from a render! How did you learn to work with this variety of software (and in such depth) – was it on your own, tutorials, courses, over time?
    Thank you!

  6. I'm not a SketchUp user ;( I only use Revit, but I love your videos and I'm not sure if it's possible to make the same things that you do here on Revit 🙁

  7. Are you able to do this in Revit as well as sketchup? Or do you have to move Revit files into sketchup for this to work?

  8. Descobri teu canal faz umas duas semanas e esta me ajudando muito. Nao achei canal melhor que o seu ainda no Youtube. Parabens. So descobri que voce e brasileiro atraves do ultimo video da competicao em Toronto. Sucesso e um abraco.

  9. Haven’t explored this as a presentation method before, either with an actual physical model or a rendered model which looks like a physical model. Really like it! Thank you 👍

  10. Hi! Can I ask how did you do the other render images you put in Photoshop? The ones you use to lighten the glass materials and others? Thank you so much! 🙂

  11. If you’re still looking for what to do to celebrate I think maybe a full project tutorial would be nice! Like in parts

  12. thanks for the video!,
    I have a question, when you get to export the images from v-ray, you get lots of diferent ones with diferent content. And when i do it i just get the alpha channel and the render, do you know what might be happening? adn how can i get all the images that you get?

    thank you very much!

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