Physical Therapist Assistant Program Spotlight

LCCC’s Physical Therapist Assistant students have to push it to the limit to earn a degree. We learn a lot of things, we do things hands on. I’ve learned more in this program than I ever did in any other class. The accredited PTA program is in its fourth year of existence. One of the interesting things about physical therapy is that there is a huge variety of interventions and treatments that we perform. The human body’s just something that’s always intrigued me so I thought this would be a good profession. PTAs are needed in the state and normally start out making upwards of $30,000 a year. Most students, once they’re out for a year or so, are making much more than that. Really for the money it costs for a two-year education … what they get out of it is I think a pretty good opportunity. A PTA must work under a physical therapist. However, students who have gone through the PTA program at LCCC are on the right track if they want to go beyond being the assistant. If they come to the PTA program they have credits that will actually transfer towards a bachelor’s degree and so they can eventually become that doctor of physical therapy at some point without having to go back and start all over again. This program is unique to Wyoming because it’s the only training offered in the state. It also exposes students to the other health programs at the college. A new thing in health care is to try to do more education that’s collaborative in nature. They have access to different things that most places don’t. To the different modalities, the ultrasound, the e-stem machines, everything we’ve done here is just great. There are only 20 spots available at a time, and students must meet the demands of an application process, which includes at least at 2.5 GPA but it takes more than just book smarts to be successful in this career. You have to be good with people, you have to be able to know how to work with them and explain things on their level and just be able to communicate is a big thing. If you’re compassionate towards them they’re gonna respect you more and wanna help get themselves better. I’m Lisa Murphy with this Laramie County Community College Spotlight.

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